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    Quote Originally Posted by Juvenile Junkie View Post
    On today's ESPN Soccernet Press Pass,they said its only been England who have made an uproar about it.Apparently in continental Europe it hasn't made much headlines.Frank lebouef thinks it also has to do with England being bitter for losing out to Russia for 2018,plus other countries being scared of publishing negative news,or in france's case,posting negative comments about FIFA could hamr Platini's chances of replacing Sepp Blatter in 2067.

    Here in South Africa,Blatter was a God last year,now he is a villain.

    Interesting to note,for what its worth,some of the black people here reckon that since Evra plays for France,a European country,he can't have a claim against Suarez for racism.For what its worth,anyways.
    It doesn't surprise! We saw before how little reaction Luis Aragones' remarks about Henry received! That is beyond pathetic about Evra!! So does that also mean no black English players can complain?! The intelligence of people like that is the reason why racism is still so rife! You can never hope to educate people like that!!

    Well, well, well there's a surprise!! You've picked up on the comment Leboeuf made about it being English bitterness!! I find it hilarious that you still find some way to have a (albeit veiled) pop at England!!!! Especially in a thread about how disgusting racism is!!! You would think with you living in South Africa, you should know better about how repulsive racism can be but obviously not!!


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