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    MNM - Mecury Nitro Melina

    Mecury was the Janetty of MNM but Morrison was the Janetty of Miz and Morrison.
    I'm jus sayin...

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    I'm sorry in advance for another JoMo Thread

    Okay so now there are reports the JoMo might resign with WWE to work a program for Wrestlemania with someone. If this rumor is true I wouldn't mind seeing a JoMo vs Zack Ryder feud for the US Title or JoMo vs Ziggler vs Swagger vs Ryder in a ladder match.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Peter Kaymakcian View Post
    Okay now it is widely rumored that when Morrison leaves WWE he wants to join TNA. Now I don't know what TNA's interest in Morrison is, but if were TNA to sign someone with as much star potential as Morrison would you like the signing?
    wait a second I thought the rumor was that TNA wanted to sign him not that he wanted to jump ship?
    One Of The Best To Do It.

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    It was reported on this site that Morrison might resign before Wrestlemania to get a big Mania pay check.

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    Since I have Booker in my sig currently.

    I'll say i'm gunna miss whatshisface...y'know....Dat Parkour Kid XD
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    And if JoMo doesn't go to TNA and returns to WWE,all the WWE fan boys will mark out and choke on their fruity pebbles.

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