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    It's Finally Off!*contains Raw spoiler*

    Finally, Cody Rhodes has the mask off, and a new theme song, thank god! But I liked when he was "Dashing" Cody Rhodes more, without caring so much about his face. But what do you guys think? Reaction to the mask gimmick being behind Cody Rhodes already? And who do you think should fight for his title at the next PPV (After SS)?
    Ryan Wells:

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    Xavier Hightower:

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    The re-boot of Cody Rhodes was unnecessary. If it ain't broken, then don't fix it.
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    You can't just be posting a running commentary of Raw as you see/read it ok? Please keep these threads in the spoiler section where they belong as some people may be misled by the title and click on it to see what it's about when they might want to wait until Raw actually screens in their area before knowing what happens. It's a valid subject matter, but it still counts as a spoiler.


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