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    Carnage Episode 1

    HH: Hello wonderfull people of EWA, welcome to the 1st episode of Carnage. Howard Huggins here joined by Bobby Watson, and today we have a great show lined up tonight

    BW: That's right Howard, but my name's Robert Watson - Bobby Watson sounds funnier than Brodus Clay was on Raw.

    HH: Hey - Bobby sounds awesome. But that's not an argument we should be having. Let's talk about tonight. Carnage is a show where up and coming new wrestlers get to showcase their talents in the Best EFED around.

    BW: Great- I've been hired on the jobber show.

    HH: Their are no jobbers on Carnage - only top class wrestlers

    BW: Well we should have 2 top class commentators also - but EWA only got half of what they wanted

    HH: Oh fuck off - you've only met me a handfull of tim...

    BW: But I already have enough hatred in my body to last you a lifetime

    HH: That's only because your smaller than Hornswoggle.

    BW: That's not true - I'm 5ft 4

    HH: I rest my case - let's move on to the wrestling now.

    BW: Yes, we have a "wicked" show. Keeping up with the kids blad, maybe you should try it Howard

    HH: You think I can't keep it up with the kids - do you want to hear my rap

    BW: NO

    HH: Ohhhhhhhh, anyway let's talk about the 1st match on Carnage. It's the EWNCW Ignition Champion Daymein Bloodstone versus a relative newcomer - Johnny Hot.

    BW: Johnny Hot, I've really been impressed with his work recently, haven't you?

    HH: Well, he's done alright in other E-FEDS, but this is a whole new challenge in EWA

    BW: He can do it, anyone can beat a midget like him

    HH: Don't forget that he's taller than you, and he has done very well in EWNCW - not like I watch it.

    BW: Probably better than this jobberfest.

    HH: There is no pleasing you. You are as useless as your Dad's condom


    BW: Your as funny as John Laurnatis


    HH: We could do this all day, but we've got a show to call

    Here comes the champ

    HH: Hello Daymien - give me a shout out

    BW: Your a bigger twat than Michael Cole

    *Daymian walks out a holds up his EWNCW Inigition Title*

    DB: Hello EWA, those who don't know me let me introduce myself. I am a former BWA World Champion and the current EWNCW Ignition Champion. I am often called The Pint Size Rocker and The KamiKazi Warrior. I am Daymian Bloodstone!

    *Crowd goes crazy as Daymian walks down the ramp.*

    DB: I came here to EWA because I want to wrestle some of the best out there. Tonight I face Johnny Hot, uhhh who is he? No disrespect meant but I have never heard of him.

    *Daymian enters the ring*

    DB: It doesn't matter who I face because I will walk out your winner and prove that big things come in small packages!

    BW: Hate him

    HH: Love him

    BW: Somebody's got a crush

    HH: If you let Daymein here you, you would've been squashed

    Da Hot One

    BW: I love his walk - he reminds me of Cody Rhodes and The Miz

    HH: Of Course - two bad guys

    Hot: Everybody save your ticket stubs and take some pictures, today is the day EWA becomes #1! That's right, the greatest wrestler in the world has come to EWA!!!

    *Crowd Boos*

    Hot: Are you really booing your savior? The man who will single handedly bring EWA to the top? Oh, I get it... You guys are jealous! I've got the good looks, the body, women love me, I get payed quadruple your salaries, and I've got natural talent! Don't worry, I don't blame you. I expect dumb, average people like you to be scared of walking greatness like me.

    *Crowd Boos Louder*

    Hot: SSSHHH!!! The future World Champ is speaking! As I was saying, in my entire wrestling career, in EVERY company I've ever wrestled in, I have never lost. Not once! Not by DQ, countout, nothing! Do you people know why? Well I guess you obviously don't, since you're IQ is lower than the amount of girls who have every found any of you attractive- which is REALLY low- so I guess I'm just gonna have to spell it out for you. I'll say it reeeeaaaaal sssllloooow so you can understand. I am better than every current- scratch that- I am better than ANY other wrestler that has ever stepped foot into a wrestling ring.

    *Crowd Boos Mercilessly*

    Hot: SHUT UP!! You all know just as well as I do that NO wrestlers are in my league! Can't you hear it now? "The Winner of this Match, and the NEW WORLD CHAMPION, JOHNNY HOT!!" World Champ Johnny Hot... That just clicks!

    Hot: Now everyone get your cameras out because it's time for the match of the night! It is time for Johnny Hot to show you WHY he is the savior of EWA!

    *Hot drops the mic and lays across the turnbuckle, taunting the crowd, looking at his opponent*

    (Mysterio/Bloodstone) (Undertaker/Hot)

    4:55 - 10:57

    BW: Well done Hot, keep going

    HH: That was close, Bloodstone's doing well

    *Bloodstone goes to the top rope, and goes for a Diving Cross Body, but Hot catches it and hits a fallaway slam*

    BW: Fallaway Slam, I always loved that move, especially when Razor Ramon, and now Johnny Hot.

    HH: However much I hate to say it. That was awesome



    Foot on the ropes.

    BW: He's taking the easy way out here - not getting his shoulder up, just being lazy

    HH: What the hell are you talking about

    *Bloodstone slowly get's up, but Hot goes for a spear. Bloodstone reverses it into a sunset flip powerbomb*




    HH: And Daymein Bloodstone wins on his debut in EWA

    BW: It's not like he just beat the world champion

    HH: Yes, but as you said before the show, beating Johnny Hot is no easy task.

    BW: Could we just move on the show, bad guys for the win

    HH: Are you high

    BW: Bad Guy's rule

    HH: Genital Warts Rule

    BW: Oh, so your a Christian and Edge head are you

    HH: Could I play my Kazoo

    BW: No - talk about the main event

    HH: Yes, today, for a main event, we have a 6 man main event

    BW: Which includes four new jobbers debuting

    HH: Actually, there's the 2nd Olympic Gold Medalist in professional wrestling, a man who will defend America at any cost, and two English Northeners who are Bar Room Brawlers

    BW: What you mean, is that you've got a cheap Kurt Angle, another JBL, and a tag team from the most rubbish country in the world.

    HH: That country's not rubbish - it has raised people like Drew McIntyre, Frankie Boyle, and Robert Archibald

    BW: That's Scotland you retard

    HH: That's in the North of England - isn't it.

    BW: No

    HH: Anyway, the participants are Freddrick Detor and the Nothern Aggression - Tom Butcher - who we saw at the New Year's show versus Laurent, and our favourite Mexican tag team - Paco and Taco Torres.

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    HH: Let's get on to the next match. It's Zack Silver vs John Hail

    BW: Who's John Hail

    HH: I'm not sure, but he want's to make an impressive debut tonight - just like Daymein Bloodstone

    BW: And Johnny Hot - he was only beaten by quick thinking by Bloodstone - but that's all I'm giving him - and nothing more. It was pretty close an....

    HH: Stop travelling back in time - actually I wanna to meet the flintstones

    BW: Yeah - and I want to meet spongebob

    HH: Could we go next week - when we can take CJ with us.

    BW: Okay - but could we just get on with the match

    HH: Alright then

    It's the Siverfly

    HH: I like him - he almost beat Holy Jose in another unnamed promotion

    BW: Blah Blah - just get this over with

    ZS: Hey there, hey there all! I'm Zach Silver, known as SkyFly! Nice to be here and be in front of all of you, it's a pleasure! Tonight I'm gonna put on a show for all of you by beating John! No disrespect to you, but I will get you with my Meteor Strike! I am the next big thing you guys, just so you know, and you'll see that tonight! Enjoy!

    BW: Cock-Sucking to the crowd

    HH: He's just having fun - get over it

    A trendily dressed guy wearing sunglasses and a expensive looking leather jacket is in the back accompanied by Iva Hardy

    IH: Im in the back here with John Hail, a man set to debut tonight here on Carnage, your thoughts?

    John: My thoughs? My thoughts are what is wrong with the management here in EWA? Why oh why would an even mildly competant group of higher ups choose to debut their top talent on their C show? Its motherfucking rediculous. They have me talking to fags/slags like you and in a match against some Silver Bros rip off when I should be up against Alex Kidd challenging for the world title, and actually getting the job done unlike some outsider who recently entered the halls of EWA and failed miserably. So there, you wanted my thoughts, well you got them. Now as the saying goes time is money, and mines worth more than most, so unless you have any more intelligant questions Im going to go prepare to win my match

    *He pauses for a milisecond before continuing*

    No? Didnt think so

    *He then storms off*

    BW: Did you see Iva - now I have a...

    HH: Don't say it

    BW: re-adjustment of my pants

    HH: Not funny

    It Hails on Carnage

    BW: Wow - he's good

    HH: You just had to say that

    BW: Let's just get this match over with

    (British Bulldog/Silver) (Other Person/Hail)
    Ignore Intros

    HH: Easy win for Silver

    BW: A big build for nothing

    HH: I wouldn't say that - he got Silver over

    BW: On a C-Show

    HH: Okay - Calm down - let's hear from Northern Aggression

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    Those two “non PC” fuckers Doug Baker and Tom Butcher are sitting in their locker room smoking

    Tom: So then the man was like “Well I know how to make curtains, and regular blinds are easy, but what I really want to learn is how you make a Venetian Blind” to which his master replied “Well that’s easy, you just poke his eyes out”!!!

    *Both men burst into an extreme fit of laughter, and before long they’re both on the floor in utter hysterics*

    *After at least 30 seconds of nonstop guffawing, Doug Baker attempts to get back to his feet by pulling himself up on the camera man*

    Doug: *Still in hysterics* You poke his eyes out, classic! *He then notices that the cameraman is the one he’s pulling himself up on* Oh look Tom, we’ve got ourselves some company

    *Tom pulls himself back onto his seat and Doug sits next to him on the bench*

    Tom: I assume that it’s promo time? *After no objection is made by the cameraman he continues* Well, it’s going to be damn hard to follow that joke but we’ll give a goddamn try won’t we Doug

    Doug: Ain’t no bullshit there, that’s for sure. Let’s start at the beginning, because if we start chopping and changing I’ll get lost. So the beginning, and as far as I’m concerned, the beginning of EWA is where we debuted

    Tom: New Year’s Supershow wasn’t it?

    Doug: That it was mate that it was, and by god was it super. I mean, hell, it has us on it, how could it not

    Tom: Some true shit there boy. Although, it didn’t all go too well. I mean, it got off to a great start, Doug opened up the show and no surprise annihilated that skinny punk HORSE, and he started the trend of PAIN! superstars destroying their pussy Fury counterparts. Speaking of PAIN!, why the fuck after we lead their team to victory are we not on the show. I mean, I don’t pretend to be the sharpest tool in the whatchamacallit but even I know that that’s a pretty basic assumption, but for some reason we’re on some jackoff C show. What the hell is up with that?

    Doug: Calm it you fat shit, we get paid the same and the competition is ever so slightly worse, so we get paid quicker. And stop changing the subject, you’ll get me muddled

    Tom: Ah diddums… Well, next I took on this ex-football player, but not like proper football, more like Rugby

    Doug: I liked Rugby, it gave me a chance to take people down when I felt like it and not get arrested

    Tom: Yer, it’s a pretty good sport

    Doug: Maybe you should have done a bit more of it

    Tom: What’s that supposed to mean?

    Doug: You’re a fat shit

    Tom: … Meh, tell me something I don’t know. Anyway, I took on this football-rugby player and I’m dominating the match right, but he gets lucky enough to dodge out the way when I’m going to tackle him

    Doug: Probably all that practice at Rugby at his Football sessions

    Tom: That’ll be it. So he dodges and somehow I end up flying through the ropes and into you

    Doug: I remember that, that hurt like shit

    Tom: So then he got me back into the ring and I was all worried about you and shit and he managed to get a pin on me.

    Doug: What a wanker

    Tom: I know right

    Doug: But don’t worry, that’s not going to happen again tonight. No siree! You see, we’re taking on two Mexican jobbers

    Tom: And jobbers gonna job

    Doug: And an Olympic gold medallist

    Tom: Shit, we’re facing Kurt Angle?

    Doug: Nah man. It’s some guy who is a gold medallist in something completely stupid and nothing to do with wrestling. I think it’s water based

    Tom: Fishing?

    Doug: That’ll be it. And another thing, I think he’s call Lauren

    Tom: But that’s a bitches name

    Doug: I know! Maybe we’ll get some pussy if we promise to go easy on her

    Tom: Sounds like a plan! But wait, that’s three of them and there is only two of us

    Doug: I was just getting to that. We’re teaming with some Freddy guy. There might be a problem though, he’s an… wait, I wrote it down here somewhere *pulls a piece of paper out of his pocket and reads off of it* He’s an x-ee-no-fo-bi… no that’s not write… he’s an zeno... ah fuck it, he hates foreigners

    Tom: *pauses* Me too, all those fucking poles taking our jobs

    Doug: But he’s American

    Tom: Meh, nobody’s perfect

    Doug: I had a point there somewhere, but I’ve forgotten it

    Tom: Let’s go eat

    Doug: Typical you

    *They both get up and leave*

    And Here They Are

    BW: Butcher narrowly lost to Broc at the new year's show, so he should easily beat these fuckers

    HH: Oh - your going non - pg now are you

    BW: Let's just here from Freddrick Detor

    FD: Great - my EWA debut - and I'm against 3 foreign nutters. Let me get 1 thing straight - I HATE FOREIGNERS, I could go on about how much I hate them - but let me show you instead

    Speak of the Devil

    BW: He has really stepped up to defend the United States of America - hasn't he

    HH: This is the 1st time you've seen him

    BW: And

    HH: How do you know that

    BW: Because I've got mind-reading skills - you're thinking of CJ masterbating over 5 year olds

    HH: Um... No

    Who's the frenchman

    BW: He looks weird - probably because he's French

    HH: French people aren't weird

    BW: Well why won't they fight in a war then

    HH: Let's just hear from him

    L: Hello EWA, I am Laurent - THE Olympic Gold Medalist. I'm here making my debut, I bet you all are tired of all the talking you've had today, and you probably hate my accent, so I'll just leave the talking and show you what I can do

    BW: Bloody hell, can't he talk a little bit more

    HH: Wow, you actually want to hear a good guy talk

    BW: No, I just want to boo him

    HH: Typical you, that

    BW: I take that as a compliment - thank you

    HH: You probably shouldn't - but let's hear from the Mexican Tag Team whose name I can't prononce

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    Backstage interview with Iva Hardy

    IH: What's it like to be on the 1st episode of Carnage

    Paco: Me and me brother Taco are psyched to be here on Carnage. After our showing on the EWA New Years Supershow, we proved to management that we are the real thing in d ring. Teaming with Harry Richards was that extra little jumpstart we needed. He made me and me brother want to work even harder. He taught us some things. Me and me brother are from Mexico, and although we have wrestled many different types of wrestlers, me and me brother never wrestled outside of the great country of Mexico, except for that one time in Texas before a donkey sex show. But EWA saw something in us when they signed us. And we......

    Taco: Yeah that donkey show was sick, wish we would have never seen it. It gave me nightmares

    Paco: Are you finished?

    Taco: Si, I am sorry, continue.

    Paco: As I was saying, we are happy EWA signed us, we are greatful for the experience. And tonight we are tagging with Laurento and...

    Taco: Laurent

    Paco: Thats what I said. We are tagging with Lau... um, we are tagging with him and hopefully he will be as good as a partner as Harry Richards and hopefully we learn from him too. Soon we will be the best tagteam that EWA has to offer, but I know we have to prove ourselves . The more we wrestle, the more experience we get, the more gooder we get.

    Taco: Better we get

    Paco: Thats what I said. Well lets go Taco, we need loosen up before the match. Don't forget to grab that bag, it has our weed in it.

    Taco: Si, but I do not think you should have said that when the cameras were on.

    Paco: Oh yeah man. And who do we wrestle tonight?

    Taco: Some gringo named Detor, and a baker and a butcher.

    Paco: That reminds me, we need to get some munchies.

    Taco: Its already in the bag with the weed.

    Paco: Shhhhhhh

    BW: Great, now we've got 3 people who think they can come into this country and can't pay taxes

    HH: I'm pretty sure they do, I mean, do you really think they can get on national television and not get caught

    BW: Of course I do

    Fuegeos Artificiales in si house

    HH: I love that song, my son always marks out when he here's it

    BW: You have a son!!!!!!!! Ahhhh, Still in the closet then

    HH: How could I be, if I'm here, Once I was locked in there for a week though

    BW: You know what, I've got a game we can play after the show

    HH: It better not be the one my old neighbour used to play with me in his garden shed

    BW: No, of course not

    (Zack Ryder/Laurent - CM Punk/Paco - Daniel Bryan - Taco)
    (Alberto Del Rio/Detor - Dolph Ziggler - Butcher - Miz/Baker)
    Ignore Entrances

    Watch up until 5:47

    HH: What a back body drop over the top rope

    BW: Come on Detor - Get back up

    *Northern Agression runs in as do Paco and Taco*

    HH: Tag Teams going at it

    BW: Butcher and Baker are really taking it to him, as you Howard took it up the asshole by your neighbour

    HH: Actually only few times was in my bum hole, most of the time was in my mouth

    *Detor knocks down the referee, as Paco throws Butcher over the top rope as Taco throws Baker. Detor run's in and, gives a spinebuster to Taco and a low blow to Paco and Laurent*

    HH: Stop cheating - stop cheating

    BW: It's only cheating if the referee sees it

    HH: Speaking of which - the referee back up, as is Laurent - but Paco and Taco have been dragged out the ring by Northern Aggression

    *NA go over to the announce table, and both simultaneously suplex Paco and Taco through the table*

    BW: What a move there by Northern Aggression

    HH: But look at Laurent and Detor - they're trading kicks to the stomach

    Laurent kicks Detor

    Detor kicks Laurent







    *Laurent then knocks down Detor with a kick to the head. NA then grabs a foot each of Laurent's then Detor runs in with a roll up*


    HH: He's got the Tights


    BW: And his 2 feet on the rope


    HH: What a cheat, how did the referee not see that

    BW: It's only cheating if the referee sees it.

    *Paco and Taco runs into the ring and from behind hit's a double back suplex. They then run up the ramp to End the show*

    HH: Well done Paco, well done Taco - what a great way to end the show - good night everybody
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    Sorry Rob, I like Filling - I'm filling your fills

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    Was Carnage good - tell me in the discussion thread

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    *to the tune of the simpsons theme*

    Fill, Fill, Fill, Fill, Fill, Fill, Fill, Fill, Fill, Fill, Fill, Fill, Fill, Fill, Fill, Fill, Fill, Fill, Fill, Fill, Fill, Fill

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    Like - no
    It. Its
    Nice and makes me have a
    Good Feeling inside

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    Fury posted soon


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    Delete a filler for a filler - and bump up for you Rob

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