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    EWA Fury Episode 6

    EWA Fury Theme Song: Hollywood Undead “Young”


    HS: Hello and welcome to episode six of Fury! We're live from Manchester, England and tonight we deal with the aftermath of our New Year's Eve Supershow!

    RG: Well we've only just found out that Alex Kidd will be defending his World Title against none other than our freak of a GM, Christopher Jackson. And that match will be happening... right now!

    The world champ, boo this man

    HS: Here comes the Champion! One has got to be wondering what state his mind is in after the New Year's Eve...

    RG: Can we just get on with this? This match is gonna be a shambles!

    HS: Someone's in the middle of their menstrual cycle

    RG: Fuck you.]It’s Wacko Jacko! [/URL]

    HS: And here's the GM! Doesn't he look strong? He's definitely my favourite to win this match!

    RG: We all know this dick is gonna lose. Come on Kidd! Kick his arse!

    The bell rings

    Kidd tries a superkick

    CJ ducks

    Right hook from CJ!




    Rich: Nooooooooooooo!



    RG. Fuck.My.Life

    HS: And the crowd is going electric! Our GM is the new World Champion!

    *CJ wakes up in a Prison Cell and slowly gets to his feet. He looks around and sighs*

    CJ: What a dream...

    *His Cell Door opens and standing in front of him is a Police Officer*

    PO: Alright Jackson, your free to go

    CJ: Really? But I was told it would be at least two weeks before I was released!

    PO: Well someone paid your bail money... so we're just letting you go

    CJ: And this is never going to be mentioned again?

    PO: Well considering the fact that it would ruin the exciting story lines that Rob has planned for you *The Officer winks at CJ*, no it isn't going to be mentioned again

    CJ: Thank Christ! I thought my life was ruined! I'll see you later then

    PO: Before you leave... please tell me that isn't shit in the corner?

    CJ: I was too tired to walk to the toilet. Bye!

    *CJ walks out the Cell whistling "Always Look On The Bright Side Of Life"*
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