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    EWA: Elite Wrestling Alliance Show Thread

    Creative Team:
    COO, Fury Head Writer and Pain! Writer: Robareid
    Carnage Head Writer: PAU
    Pain! Head Writer: eyehatecena
    Fury Writer: Shining Light

    On Screen Owner: Mr. McGiven

    House Shows
    Hardcore Takeover
    Girls Night Out
    IC- In Character Tournament I

    Untamed Khaos
    Clash at the Colosseum

    New Years Eve Supershow
    How Jacko Became Wacko

    General Manager:
    Christopher Jackson
    Rich Goldsmith and Herbie Sampson
    Ashley Ion

    EWA World Champion:
    Alex Kidd
    TV Champion:
    Artemis Eclipse
    Fury Tag Champions:
    Panzer Division

    Alex Kidd
    Hanz Gruber
    Van Hooligan X
    Douglas Blake
    Artemis Eclipse
    Paul Conrad
    Kid Wonder
    Oli Panzer
    Karl Panzer
    Gerald Croft, Brutus Smith, Hanz Gruber- Croft Limited

    Rob Rage
    Michael “The Archangel”
    Jack Phenix
    Ali Kazam
    Luke Turne
    Rob Turne
    Uilose Pamich
    Roberto Pamich

    General Manager: Horus Black
    Commentators: Carter Davis and Harry Esel
    Interviewer: Faith LeFleur

    Pain World Champion: Thanatos
    TV Champion: Harry Richards

    Tobias Alexander
    Johnny Hot
    Holy Jose
    Doug Baker
    Tom Butcher
    Alpha Romao

    Mike Muir
    Ryan “The Freak” Wells
    Ryku O'Ryan
    Harry Richards
    Luc Ledesma
    Blaze Xedir
    El Enigmo
    El Diablo- Juan Torres
    Taco Torres
    Paco Torres

    Equivalent to WWECW, the developmental brand, the one where if you're new, you're more likely to be headed to.

    General Manager: Jim Bellamy
    Commentators: Howard Huggins and Bobby Watson
    Interviewer: Iva Hardy

    Carnage Championship: Mike Hawk

    Mike Hawk
    Carlos Alberto Ramon
    Kurt Warrech
    Clyde Amirez
    Zack Amirez
    Freddrick Detor
    Amadeus Frewin

    Jacob Cass
    Dingo Mac
    Ivanhoe Heskey
    Adrian Guerrero
    Devon Jones


    EWA Hell Cats Champion: Barbie Panzer

    Sasha Panzer
    Ette Tour
    Bertha Ray
    April Snow

    Barbie Panzer
    Iva Hardy
    Ashley Ion
    Faith LeFleur

    Point of Convergence

    PM VanHooliganX for details of how to be in an episode

    *If anyone sees an error in the roster list, please PM a creative member*
    This thread is only for the shows, please do not post in here, but feel free to post in the EWA - Official Discussion Thread
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    Travel Updates-

    Carnage Ep. 7 - Athens, Greece

    Fury Ep. 11 - Helsinki, Finland

    PAIN! Ep. 6 - Warsaw, Poland

    Clash at the Collessium

    Attached Images Attached Images
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    Rest in Peace Eva "Ezra"

    ah, Renee Young

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    Episode one

    GM Mike Richman: Hello to all. I would like to welcome everyone to Fury, Elite Wrestling Alliance’s first ever TV show. We have signed some of the best talent there is out there. We have some well known guys from other feds who hope to make their marks here, we also have some exciting new talent that have not been seen in the other big feds. We have also signed the best tag teams in this business. Tonight we will have a tournament to crown the winner for the Elite World
    Title. The tournament is simple, 12 members of the roster in total are taking part. One on one matches with the winners moving on to the semifinals, then the final- with the winner claiming the belt. Our announcers for Fury are Herbie Samson and Rich Goldsmith. Guys, let's start the show.

    Rich: I’m, Rich and this is my partner Herbie. I am excited to be here. Can’t wait to get this started.

    Herb: Its Herb, not Herbie. But yes, lets get this started. Our first man is coming to the ring right now:

    Rich: Yes Herbie and boy is this guy is massive- its Barry Busmer. They call him the “Big Bang” he makes Batista look like a baby.

    *He walks to the announcers table grabs a mic off of it.*

    Busner: I don’t care what any of you think about me. I’m genetically superior. I’m a man mountain. I’m better than all the
    wannabes on this roster. I’m going home with the title tonight, and there is nothing anybody can do about it.
    *Crowd boos, he drops the mic on the ground. Enters the ring*

    Herb: I actually believe that. Never seen him in action before, but damn this guy is big.

    Rich: Ok now his opponent is on his way out: G-Scorp. What do you know about him Herbie?

    Herb: Its Herb, not…never mind. I know he has made a name for himself in other feds. Lets see how he does here
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    Rest in Peace Eva "Ezra"

    ah, Renee Young

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    *G- Scorp walks to the announcer table, picks the mic off the floor.*

    G-Scorp: Management, you want to run a successful and highly rated show? You can’t do that without the G-Scorp stinging only the way G-Scorp can that’s absurd. You may as well just hand me the belt now so we can all go home.

    *G-Scorp enters the ring. Throws the mic out hitting almost hitting a crowd member.
    *Crowd boos, yells out Scorp sucks, Scorp sucks….*

    *Bell rings, match starts*

    Herb: That was one amazing match, those two guys brought their a-games. Too bad they both got counted out, I would have picked either one to be in the final tonight..

    Rich: Yeah me too Herbie wait our GM is telling me something over the headset….Ok since there was no winner, both are eliminated from the

    *Both G-Scorp and Big Bang go bezerk after hearing this until security finally and barely get them to the back. *

    Herb: Ok lets move on to another 1st round match, this one pits Alex Kidd against Jack Johnson. What do you think of this matchup Rich?

    Rich: Well Herbie, I have heard some pretty great stuff about Kidd and have been lucky enough to see him in action a few times. He reminds me
    of a shorter CM Punk, well a shorter mexican CM Punk minus the pepsi and the straightedge tatoos. Jack Johnson does have a very big win
    against one major superstar from the 90s the Ulimate Warrior- other than that, I do not know that much about him I do know most crowds
    love him though.

    Herb: Well that has been Johnsons only win throughout his career, at least he has that going for him. He better step it up here in the EWA

    Rest in Peace Eva "Ezra"

    ah, Renee Young

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    *Jack Johnson makes his way out to the ring stopping to say hello to Herb and Rich, and the time keeper. He then goes around ringside to say hello to some of the fans. He then enters the ring, says hello to the ref.*

    *some fans cheer for him, a few laugh at him*

    Rich: Wow, never really saw that before. Here comes Kidd.

    *Kidd enters the ring, the bell rings. Jackson offers his hand to him. Kidd shakes it but does not let go of his hand. Kidd knees him in the gut. Then hits some stiff kicks to Jacksons legs. Johnson goes down.*

    Herb: Johnson didn’t even have a chance, hopefully he learns from this.

    Rich: I really like this Kidd looks like he is all business. Jackson looks like he is more interested in being everyones friend. He needs to man up.

    Herb: Well lets move onto the next 1st match- this one pits Hanz Gruber against Carlos Alberto Ramon.

    Rich: Carlos represented Portugal in the olmypics and then trained in Mexico. EWA is very lucky to have him. I expect big things from this guy.

    Herb: Me too, seen his work before. Most people hate the guys atitude, but they have to respect his in ring work.
    *Carlos comes to the ring, looks at the crowd with disgust. Looks at Herb in disgust, grabs a mic from the table, states that the GM should just give him the belt right now, He then drops the mic in front of Herb, crowd boos, then gets in the ring.

    Herb: ahhh, umm...

    Rich: Don’t tell me you just shit yourself.

    Herb: Um I am ok. Ummm Here comes Hanz Gurber, he umm is from umm, I expect a good even match between ummm...
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    Rest in Peace Eva "Ezra"

    ah, Renee Young

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    Rich: Are you sure you are ok Herbie?

    *Hanz marches to the ring, stopping by the announcer table.*

    Hanz: Well look who is the the ring, Scott Hall, oh wait he got into the ring all by himself and does not have an IV hanging from his arm.
    Can’t be Hall, must be that carlos guy I've been hearing about.

    *some of the crowd laughs, some boo Hanz., Hanz drops the mic in front of Herb. Jumps into the ring.*

    Herb: Ummm, I uh...

    Rich: Relax Herbie, let's get this match started.

    Herb: I think I am ok now. Seeing them beat the crap out of each other actually relaxed me. Hanz goes on to the second round.

    Rich: Glad you’re ok now Herbie, didn’t really want to have to do therest of the show by myself

    Herb: Yeah, that would not be that fun.

    Rich: Joey Styles did it solo for years in ECW

    Herb: You’re no Joey Styles though. Ok lets move on to the next match pitting Douglas Blake against Michael “The Archangel”.

    Rich: Yeah, I do not know much about Blake, just heard this guy is very violent in the ring. He is not someone you really want to pick a
    fight with.

    Herb: I don’t ever plan on getting in his way. Michael “The Archangel” is someone I think will be the biggest star here one day. Look at his
    brothers careers, and look what The Archangel has done in his short career. He is a former ROH TV champ, not too shabby. I think he will
    make his brothers proud.

    Rich: Ok, here come Douglas Blake making his way to the ring and he does not look too happy. This guy is big....

    *Blake enters the ring and stares at the announcers table.

    Herb: I really wish he would look away- he uh kinda scares me.

    Rich: Relax Herbie.. ok Here comes Michael “The Archangel. Can’t wait to see this match up.

    *Archangel makes his way to the ring, crowd is chanting his name.

    Herb: Looks like he already has a following.* he stops by the table and picks up the mic

    Michael “The Archangel: Hello EWA I am Micahel the Archangel. I come from a great wrestling family and I am here to not only step out of their shadow but become better than my both my older brothers shadows. So here I am to be your very first EWA World Heavyweight Champion.
    *Archangel enters the ring
    *bell rings, match starts*

    *crowd cheers for The Archangel*

    Rich: I thought Blake had him there for a second, great comeback by Michael. This guy has that “it” factor. Blake is also gonna go a long
    way here- he’s a monster. Would like to see a 3 way match with G-Scorp, and Big Bang, just to see if any of those guys make it out alive.

    Herb: They would probally bring the house down, and I mean that literally. I don’t want to be in the arena if that ever happens.

    Rich: Ok, on to our next match then. First we have Rob Rage. Herb, what have you heard about Rage?

    *Rob Rage comes out, high fiving the fans, and finally enters the ring and hand shakes the ref's hand*

    Herb: Well, he loves his home country of England, loves and respects the wrestling business, may not look like a wrestler, but he is very good, don't be fooled. But I'm told in the report, and it's underlined, he has severe anger problems and will brawl with anyone who gets in the way

    Rest in Peace Eva "Ezra"

    ah, Renee Young

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    Rich: Geez, it must be serious then. But next we have Silva.

    *Silva enters the ring, scouting out, looking through the crowd while they are booing*

    Rich: Now from what I have hear, he had a bad childhood and is looking for his mother, thus the looking in the crowd, but seems determined and dangerous.

    Herb: What a match, back and forth the whole time but Rage gets the win and advances.

    Rich: Yes, what a great match, hopefully this next one will be just as good.

    Herb: I sure hope so, but first we have Ryku O'Ryan, a tough orphan from the Isle of Man, who was trained by HBK himself, wow!

    Rich: That is something, wow, not a lot can boast that, he must be good!

    *Ryan walks to the ring, wearing his native land's flag, to cheering*

    Herb: Now we have Ryan "The Freak" Wells, now you may remember him from the NFL, and his devastating neck injury, but he recovered and he is now here in wrestling to win and win for the fans.

    Rich: He is my pick to win this, look at him and his size! He is a monster, or a freak in this case.

    *Wells walks to the ring high fiving every fan to cheering*
    Herb: Here we go!

    Rich: Wow, what a....a brawl I guess you could say! Even though Wells won, I don't think he has any energy left for the next round, great fight for the both of them, both have great futures here!

    Herb: You took the words right out of my mouth Rich, what a match!
    *Commercial Break*

    Herb: Ok, now that we have got through the first round let’s talk to some of those advancing in the tournament before their matches. Lets send it to the lovely Ashley Ion in the backstage area.

    Ashley: Well thanks Herbie. I’m here with Michael the Archangel who will meet Hanz Gruber in the 1st semi final match. So Michael, what brought you here?

    Michael: As I stated earlier I came here to win the Elite World Title Ashley, and to prove that I do not live in my older brothers shadows. I proved myself against Blake- I know I can take Hanz.

    Rest in Peace Eva "Ezra"

    ah, Renee Young

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    *Michael marches to the ring

    *Hanz Gruber walks up to be interviewed*

    Ashley: So Hanz, you’re meeting Michael next. What are your thoughts?

    Hanz: Well Ashley, I came here to EWA to prove myself to be one ofthe best. I have to wrestle Michael to advance to closer to the title, it will just be another warm up match. I’ve seen his brothers in action elsewhere, and while they are great, Michael has not shown me that much at all. Sure he had his little TV title run in ROH but has not shown his stuff all around the world like I have. Some of his best matches were when he teamed up with his brothers, and in those, they
    did the most work. In fact, I heard the only reason he was signed was just because of who he is related too. He really needs to……

    *Two unknown people walk up behind Hanz, beat him with police batons.
    One takes out his brass knuckles and knocks him out before can even
    see who they were. They shove Ashley down and run off. Ashley gets up,
    checks on Hanz and calls out for help. EMTs bring him off.*

    Rich: What the hell? Who were those guys? Somebody needs to check on Ashley…umm I volunteer, be right back.

    Herb: I don’t know what’s going on but here comes our GM out for the second time tonight.

    GM Mike Richman: Well seems like we have a problem here. I hate to do this, but Archangel since you now have no opponent tonight, I am gonna have to eliminate you from the tournament.
    *crowd boos*

    GM: I’m really sorry, but you will have your shot soon. In fact, next week you and Hanz can have a match, with the winner getting a shot at the belt in the near future.

    *Michael leaves the ring, crowd chanting his name while he has a look of disappointment*

    GM: Rich, get the back to the announcing table, we got a show to run. Ashley, clean up, and take the rest of the night off...Ok, lets move on. Seeing that I already have The Archangel and Hanz booked for a match next week, and there are now only 3 guys left, we are gonna have a triple threat match for the title next! Rage, Wells and Kidd will fight for the title next!

    Herb: Ok, you heard the GM, it will be a triple threat match for the title next, I can't wait!

    Rich: Oh boy, I can't wait!

    *Commercial Break*

    *Comes back to show with Kidd, Rage and Wells in the ring, waiting to go*

    *Ref rings bell, and match starts*

    Rich: Oh my god!!! In an upset, Kidd wins the title, he wins the match! He stole the pin on Rage from Wells!

    Herb: What a match! Kidd is our EWA World Champion!

    Rich: What a great way to end our show, congrats to Kidd, but thank you for watching our first ever EWA show, hope to see you next week, thank you and have a great night!

    Rest in Peace Eva "Ezra"

    ah, Renee Young

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    Two manangers have been seen in the backstage area, sitting at different moniters scouting the matches. One has a very large body guard.

    Kid Wonder is also seen backstage talking to two large men, but its too dark to see who they are.

    Breaking news: the GM calls for a Elite Wrestling Global Championship tournament next week, along with the EWA World Tagteam belts tournament to be done over the next few shows

    Rest in Peace Eva "Ezra"

    ah, Renee Young

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    EWA Fury: Episode 2
    Fury opening theme song: Hollywood Undead “Young”

    **Pyro and fireworks commence** THE CROWD IS GOING CRAZY!

    Rich: Hello EWA fans! Welcome to a special Saturday edition of EWA Fury! We are LIVE in San Diego, California and with many questions burning from last week’s tournament we are dying to get some answers!

    **Alex Kidd’s theme song HITS! **

    -Alex Kidd comes out with his world championship in his hand-(taunting the crowd)

    Rich: Here we go! Our new world champion of the EWA Alex Kidd ladies and gentleman is making his way towards the ring.

    -Alex Kidd is obviously posing for the crowd on the top rope-

    **Alex Kidd walks slowly and fiercely, fans begin to boo**

    Herb: Let’s listen in on what Alex Kidd wants to say tonight.

    KIDD: Last week I became the World Heavyweight champion in a Triple Threat match something I am proud of doing

    -Kidd lifts the championship while boos fill the arena-

    KIDD: Boo me all you want because you pay to see a man you hate because I am the face of this company, I am the person who will lead this company to glory and the person who will sell out the arenas each and every week whether you like it or not it is true, I give you the best I have to offer to you and you won’t accept it

    -Crowd chants you suck while some fans begin to cheer-

    KIDD: I won this championship fair and square, it was time for Alex Kidd to get a championship match and I appreciate that this company knows my talent, I even got interviewed by pro wrestling illustrated, now imagine what I can do for the company the rest of my life for the fans, this championship rightfully represents me as the best in the world right now, and you should be celebrating with me not booing me
    --Fans continue to boo, while the cheers earlier become more noticeable—

    --Fans begin to chant “Rob Rage”

    KIDD: I would gladly give Rob Rage a title shot but the truth is he is in the back of the line at the moment and you can blame EWA Management because I do not call the shots it is them and I respect them , I respect the decisions they make even if the fans won´t like it. The truth is I like you guys and it looks like I am going to have to prove my innocence.

    --The boos become dim, and the cheering is frantic—

    -Kidd drops the mic and taunts the crowd with his championship-

    --Alex Kidd leaves the arena
    Rich: What a powerful promo by our World Heavyweight Champion Alex Kidd, he is proving his innocence to these bloodlust fans and he is doing a damn good job of it, don’t you think Herb?

    Herb: Absolutely Rich, with Alex Kidd holding the EWA Championship it only means good things for the EWA Universe, and I know the men behind the scenes are comfortable with Alex Kidd holding the championship.

    Rich: You bet! As for our show tonight we got a great one! Our main event is too parts tonight! A Royal Rumble to decide who will become our first EWA Global Champion! And just before that we have one hell of a match between Michael The Archangel and Hanz Gruber!

    Herb: The Royal Rumble is going to be a great match so many superstars can just run away with this title, and I promise you the winner of that match is destined for stardom.
    Rich: I can’t wait, but to kick off Fury we got some tag team action!

    Herb: Yes we do! We have Two of a Kind taking on Turnes and that’s coming your way NEXT!

    **Turnes theme song HITS!**

    **The two men walk towards the ring; electrifying the crowd**

    Rich: What an ovation from the crowd, Turnes is red-hot with the fans here in San Diego, California!

    **Two of a Kind’s theme song HITS!**

    **The two men taunt the crowd and the boos are heavy!”

    **Both men are at the ring staring at each other**

    **The Referee checks both teams for illegal weapons**
    **Boos fill the arena**

    Rich: OH MY GOD! Two of a Kind! Ref,Ref! Dirty antics from Two of A Kind!

    Herb: Disgusting actions from the team, the referee being occupied by an object in the arena, Two of a Kind pulls the chair quickly from underneath the ring and attacks Turnes. Horrible actions.

    Rich: Whether that happened or not, Two of a Kind gets the win and they are proving that they are a dominant force here in EWA. We are now send it to Ashley backstage who is with Killa and Jack Phoenix!

    Ashley: Thank you Rich! Hello EWA Fans I am joined by Killa and Jack Phoenix. Guys you both are competing for the Global Championship tonight, so let’s hear your mindset on tonight’s biggest match!

    Jack: Well first, hello to all the fans of EWA, I am EWA’s newest superstar Jack Phoenix, now you may not know me but I am striving for this moment, this moment right here. This moment of my life is possibly the biggest of my career to date. And tonight it is finally here and I am ready to relish it. I mean from starting in the business at such a young age, and now being able to get my first big shot so early in my tender career is almost to much to handle. Now tonight I enter the tournament to win the right to become EWA’s First Global Champion! Now I will come across some of the greatest competitors in the business today and it will be tough, but I won’t give in until I win this tournament for you fans. So all of you get ready because tonight is the start of a dynasty. The start of a legacy. The legacy of Jack Phoenix!


    Ashley: Thank you Jack for your words, we are now here with fellow competitor tonight Killa. Killa do you have any words before your match tonight?

    **Killa laughs in response to Jack’s words**

    Killa: First Of All Keep Your Eye Sight Down When your in My Presence, Don't Neva look a Top Dog in the eye
    When You Don't Have My Respect, Sticks and stones may Break Your Bones,But Bullets Would Kill You...
    You Ever been 2 Da Hood? (Noo, Noo ,Sir ,siir)
    Everything that I Have Ever had ,All Have been wanting to Take ,..That's how I became the Most Vicious and Most Ruthlessss
    Ask Bout Me..The Streets know How I Handle Mines, I've Stated Before ,I've stated it when I signed my EWa Contract
    The Ring is Now my Hood, And I'm Settin Up Shop, And Takin Over
    Not Little by Little ,But Completely shuttin shit down!!!
    I Been Battling All My LiFe so What's a Battle Royal to a KiLLA
    I Don't Stride no more, I Strike, Snypastyle ...
    To Gain Wealth,Fame, and Gold!.....
    Wealth my Luxorious Ewa Check Comin in.
    Fame When I Showcase myself Gon GLOBAL.
    Gold ,(smirks,and grabs mic ) The Championship Win!
    Your either With It or Not
    Shoutouts or Shootouts!
    Come See KiLLA!
    EWA Creative Writer

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