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    random thoughts from smackdown

    Just to get the ball rolling with something good:
    In one year we have had the undertaker wrestle one match, yet the intro still features him as the centre piece of smackdown (like cena is for raw) despite reports suggesting he is basically retired, should.he be removed now?

    What is up with daniel bryan using ride of the valkyries again? it sucked then, it stoll does now

    With mark henrys recent promos, how has he not done more in the wwe until the end of his career?

    Who was putting their arm around the attractive ring announcer when henry went for the chair?

    Despite wwe ban on chair shots to the head for various reasons, why show punk hitting taker with a head shot in the "from the vault" match?

    Why am i always concentrating at my most extreme whenever kaitlyn and aj hit the screen?

    Why did cody have to take the week off tapings to sell street fight injuries despite orton taking more damage and not sell it the slightest?

    Why was the latter part of alicias entrance cut straight to match?

    What is rosas relevance?

    Why is dibiase promoted as a face despite having a theme that rubs his wealth in the face of people in a recession?

    Being that they resemble each other greatly, will epico and primo do basham/bella switcharoo gimmick down the line?

    Will charles robinson ever get a new hairstyle?


    Have randy ortons promos been nothing short of terrible lately?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Los Conquistador View Post
    What is rosas relevance?
    Didn't know she ever had any relevance personally.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Los Conquistador View Post
    Will charles robinson ever get a new hairstyle?


    Have randy ortons promos been nothing short of terrible lately?
    Lol, at Charles Robinson.

    And what do you mean lately? Randy's promos have always sucked

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    UNTIL sheamus wade d bryan win world title or Christian or the cruiserweight title returns ill read spoilers not watch
    Ur comment makes me think

    Not removing till alex riley is pushed
    Dean ambrose makes his debut
    Bray wyatt scares a kid on raw
    Aj lee wins divas title
    The miz turns face
    Mick foley goes in Hof
    Paige brings her sexiness to wwe

    Money in the bank-tied 19th

    I've been a miz fan since the real world

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    Was nice to see Barrett get the win over Orton.

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    Barrett is winning the Rumble, he's getting a push at the right time and he really needs it to get him cemented into the main event scene.
    Efed stuff that doesn't matter

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    I lied, it matters.

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    How about epico using the codebreaker

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    I'm still shocked Teddy Long didn't make a tag match in the opening segment

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    This week's Smackdown was great imo. I enjoyed the entire show.
    I'm jus sayin...


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