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    Happened back in 2006. You can find it on youtube

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    Quote Originally Posted by niafv1 View Post
    The match already happened at Lockdown 2006?
    Yeah but Sabu had a broken arm and everybody knew that he was about to go to WWE. But now Sabu is 100% (as 100% as Sabu can be) and if they would build a proper feud around these two it could be EPIC. Have Sabu go after Joe because he was/is Taz's protege, and just basically have a kickass hard hitting match.
    Out of all the EV2.0 guys that competed at Hardcore Justice, Sabu and Too Cold Scorpio impressed me the most. Both guys can still go. I think the springboard tornado DDT that Sabu hit was my "OH SH*&" moment of the night.

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