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    Matt Morgan's Cousin

    Michael Morgan Jr., the cousin of TNA star Matt Morgan, was shot and killed on Monday morning in New Jersey.

    Michael Morgan, a 32-year old police detective, was killed outside a nightclub as he was walking a dancer to her car. Morgan and the dancer were held up at gunpoint. The attack, which happened just after 3 a.m., ended with Morgan suffering a fatal gunshot wound to the torso.

    Matt Morgan acknowledged the death on his Twitter page on Tuesday.

    “Mike Morgan was a highly decorated cop, who was in (the) anti-gang division and Monday was to start SVU. Still can’t believe he got killed. Too young with HUGE career in front of him still.”

    “News said he’d gotten out of over 600 ‘guns drawn situations over his career in anti-gang without having to draw his own. That’s insanely impressive.”

    According to New Jersey’s, police are offering a $25,000 reward for information that leads to the arrest of the shooter.

    As if this news isn’t bad enough, Matt Morgan also tweeted that his father is hospitalized because his brain cancer is “spreading rapidly.”

    We wish our sincere condolences to the Morgan family during this very difficult time.
    New's source

    Now this being said, will Matt Morgan be focused enough to wrestle? Will it effect his in ring work? I mean I would really expect him to take a few weeks off. He is going through a hard time, and I feel bad for Matt Morgan.


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