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    Quote Originally Posted by Sully View Post
    I can see why you feel that way, but let me show you my point of view. I have a father in jail for 18-40 years, because the opposing side of a custody case decided to play the "rape" card. So with my dad in jail for something he didn't do, it makes me think other people who are on death row and completely innocent, get screwed.
    wow he went there ^^ this time 1000

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    Quote Originally Posted by KJ PUNK View Post
    Did y'all know that the guy who caught Sandusky with the child in the shower was a 28 year old who, oh by the way, is now a coach at PENN STATE? Sounds fishy to me and might be evidence of a potential cover-up by the university.
    Yeah, he was the grad student who reported it to Paterno. I believe all of the assistant coaches knew about it but bc the football team drew in an estimated 50 million dollars a year, they tried to sweep it under the rug. Sort of like the whole priest pedophile scandal.

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    I don't know what to say, I am ashamed of so many people. You read the grand jury's indictment and it is just mind blowing that this went on for so long. So many people to blame; Sandusky, Jo Pa, MacQuery, the authorities. This guy wasn't just accused but someone walked in on the act and he reported it to his superiors and not the authorities? What? Jo Pa publically admits that he should have done more because forbidding Sandusky to bring young boys on campus is clearly not enough for someone who was caught molesting a child.

    What kind of place is this that allows this to happen to children for the sake of football? This stuff all dates back to 1998 but doesn't come out until after Jo Pa breaks the record for most wins. A sad, sad day for America.

    And what is with these people going into an uproar over his firing to the point of tipping over a news van? I know it sounds cliché but what about the children? No, just no. While yes this man is being accused by 8 families, there is at least one case with an eyewitness to the crime, yet he was still able to open a boy’s summer camp five miles away from the school's campus?

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    The whole thing makes me sick. Like literally, Sandusky makes me nauseous


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    Quote Originally Posted by giddy22897 View Post
    The whole thing makes me sick. Like literally, Sandusky makes me nauseous
    Why just Sandusky? You act like he's the only person to have ever done this? What, just because he's famous you have to single him out? There are many, many people that have done things very similar to just, they just weren't as well known.


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