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    JBW New Horizons Prediction Thread

    First, I want to apologise for this being so late, I've been really behind watching JBW, so didn't realise that New Horizons was... well on the horizons. Now, bad jokes aside, here it is. It's out of 405, enjoy.

    Win is 15 points, Interference is 5, as are bonus questions. Interference only counts if it is typed.

    Tad Locust Vs Alpha Dog
    Winner - Locust/Alpha Dog
    Interference - Yes/No

    Connor Chaos Vs Nightwolf
    Winner - Chaos/Nightwolf
    Interference - Yes/No

    Tag Gauntlet (Serra and JMan, 'air-'bu, ICM and RJ, The Nasty Crew, Gods Grace, Two of a Kind.) for the WARFare tag titles.
    Winner - Serra&JMan/'air-'bu/Lost Souls/Nasty Crew/God's Grace/ToaK
    Interference - Yes/No

    HolyJose Vs Malcolm Cage (TV title match? I don't know, I'm still about a week behind)
    Winner - Jose/Cage
    Interference - Yes/No

    Lenny Ray Vs Black Tear (I don't even know who this is yet)
    Winner - LRB/Black Tear
    Interference - Yes/No

    Zeus Apollo Vs Prophecy (I Quit match)
    Winner - Prophecy/Apollo
    Interference - Yes/No

    Serra Vs JMan for the WARFare World Championship
    Winner - Serra/JMan
    Interference - Yes/No

    Caesar Vs RedruM (Love the name, took me a while to figure it out though)
    Winner - Caesar/RedruM
    Interference - Yes/No

    G-Scorp Vs Avidco (NWL Title?)
    Winner - G-Scorp/Advico
    Interference - Yes/No

    Sully and Broc Vs Ariel and Loki
    Winner - Sully & Broc/ Ariel & Loki
    Interference - Yes/No

    Daniel May Vs Shining Light for the Showdown Heavyweight Championship
    Winner - May/Light
    Interference - Yes/No

    R(ob) vs. Kevin Matthews
    Winner - R(ob)/Matthews
    Interference - Yes/No

    Sleeper Vs BodomInvader
    Winner - Sleeps/BI
    Interference - Yes/No

    AngrySamoan Vs Silva
    Winner - Samoan/Silva
    Interference - Yes/No

    Jackasses Vs Anomander Rake and Demonic
    Winner - Jackasses/Apostles
    Interference - Yes/No

    Nikki Belzova Vs Marie
    Winner - Nikki/Marie
    Interference - Yes/No

    Polly Vs ???
    Winner - Polly/???
    Interference - Yes/No
    Who is ???:

    Sandman Vs Daniel Truth for the Mayhem TV championship
    Winner - Sandman/Truth
    Interference - Yes/No

    Samson and Chainsaw Vs The Silver Bros for the Mayhem Tag-Team championship
    Winner - TDR/Silver Bros
    Interference - Yes/No

    KJam Vs Mass for the Mayhem World Championship
    Winner - K-Jam/Ma$$
    Interference - Yes/No
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