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    Quote Originally Posted by Rilla View Post
    Actually, I read about Mask vs Mask matches. You can't wear the lost mask or use that gimmick anymore, there, from what I read, was no ruling on ANY mask.
    That's good to hear.
    Now let's just hope WWE aren't stupid.....

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    The most popular types of wager are the mask of a masked wrestler or the hair of a non-masked wrestler, most commonly put against each other in Mask vs. Mask (in Spanish: Máscara contra Máscara), Mask vs. Hair (Máscara contra Cabellera), or Hair vs. Hair (Cabellera contra Cabellera) matches. Throughout Mexico, when a masked wrestler loses their mask, they are not allowed to compete under a mask with that same gimmick.[49] In addition to masks and hair, championships,[50] or careers[51]—as a form of retirement match—can be put up as the wager in any combination.
    So, in essence, if WWE ain't stupid(Or if they just go with the Colon's Tag-team), he can come back as Hunico.
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    11/9 Smackdown Spoilers

    Just read Hunico & Epico have now been joined by Primo. Good move.

    Looks like they're investing more into the DBD/Show/Henry storyline.

    Haha, looks like I was dead wrong about WWE using local guys. Sorry about that chief!

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    Very good move to see Primo join his cousin and Hunico. Great to see that the Usos were on Smackdown also. Sin Cara and The Usos vs Hunico, Epico and Primo could be an interesting match to see at SS.

    Good to see DBD featured in a high profile segment. As much as I would have loved for WWE to make more of the Tyson Kidd (Hart) vs DBD (HBK) thing, I think with DBD being Mr MITB, he should be featured around the WHC.

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    I'm shocked that they gave Barrett a win over Orton and by the sound of it a pretty, clean one to

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    They really are on a big push with Barrett, in the space of a week he's beaten Sheamus and Orton, as well as being named as Team captain for SS!! Lets see if they persist with this push! I'm happy as hell though!

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    Dark Match:

    1. Sheamus, Randy Orton, and Big Show beat Cody Rhodes, Christian, and Mark Henry with Booker T as special referee. Henry and Show battled to the back. Christian and Sheamus did the same, which left Rhodes to eat an RKO and take the pin.

    Booker T did a Spinnaroonie and Orton even attempted one. Funny stuff. Henry's music hit and he came back out. Then, believe it or not, Mark Henry attempted a Spinnaroonie brilliantly, and ate an RKO for his troubles. Orton then walked around greeting the fans and taking some pictures. He certainly seems a lot more fan friendly in that regard as opposed to Cena last night at Raw.
    Henry attempted a Spinaroonie? That's freaking bizarre!!!!

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    That was great that Barrett got the win over Orton!

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