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    finally it happened spoiler alert

    spoiler alert by the way
    i just read the next smackdown results for friday and i read epico & hunico double teaming sin cara they were los aviadores in fcw and had a great tag team title feud with the usos with the usos as heels.
    my question is now that evan bourne is out.
    they could beat kofi kingston for the tag team titles.
    then get into a feud with the usos winning the tag team titles.
    this way barrett rhodes etc. can all stay singles wrestlers or stables and not fully be a team and in this way they can not fuck up the tag titles more by giving them to awesome truth and letting them lose it to the rock and cena (nothing wrong with the awesome truth but if they won the tag titles what then? no tag team is build up enough to beat them no real tag team same goes with zig-swag and rhodes/barrett).
    Damn I need a better catchphrase

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