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    WWE's Fail PPV lately. + Sub questions see inside for more

    So we have new PPV's
    Elimination Chamber: Only like 2 matches?
    Wrestlemania: The only good PPV the WWE has decided to keep.
    Over The Limit: ... I can't believe PPV concepts like these were replaced with stuff like Backlash and Armegeddon.
    Fatal Four Way: Terrible concept. There weren't even that much Fatal Four Ways and the ones that were was pathetic.
    Money In The Bank: AGAIN only 2 matches and one of them were cashed in on the same week.
    Summerslam: This has no concept.
    Night of Champions: Matches are too short but like how ALL titles on the line.
    Hell in a Cell: There were only two hell in a cell matches and because of the PG era the cage is barely used.
    Bragging Rights: The name fails after every PPV the winner brags although I do like the Team Raw vs Team SD concept.

    Most of these PPVs replaced great ones like Armegeddon Backlash No Mercy etc. PPVs should not be PG it should be the only damn night of the month that there is blood. The concepts are quite pathetic.
    Do you agree or disagree with them? Your opinion.
    Sub Questions!
    If you could bring back ONE PPV what would it be.
    What is your dream match at a PPV
    If you could create a concept for a PPV what would it be?
    Best PPV you ever seen?


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