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    Christian's heel turn

    Christian's heel turn

    I have been a fan of Christian for a long time.I was happy for him when he won his first World Title, and felt sorry for him because he didn't hold it for very long.We all knew he was going to turn heel soon after he lost the Title to Orton,I thought because he was going to turn heel it might have put him in the Title picture now and again.He has been in Title picture more since he turned heel but I would rather have him be the peep Christian,then this whiny bitch he is now.

    What are your thoughts about this?

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    Yeah I don't like the they are using Christian, but the possiblity of turning him are few, Sheamus and Orton are very over in SD

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    Christian used to play a great heel back during his first run with WWE, but his current heel run is poor. He gets a virtual non-reaction from the crowd due to them wanting to cheer for him.
    I'd prefer Orton to turn heel and have Sheamus and Christian as SD's main event faces, but I doubt we'll see that any time soon. And Orton and Shaeamus are very over right now, s turning either would be pointless. You also have Sin Cara and Daniel Bryan as upper mid-card talents that are very over too, so SD doesn't need any faces eight now.
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    idk why but id love to see him on a feud with cena or punk on raw
    smackdown doesnt offer him shiet
    + one more shot heel persona sucks
    he needs a better reason to be heel

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    He'll end up putting Sheamus over (even more) in the weeks to come, I'm not too keen on his current persona but it hasn't been bad n the last few weeks, aligning himself with Wade Barrett and he's come off less whiney ( but that was the whole point a few weeks back )

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    I think he would do great as a heel in a feud against Punk. It was awesome when they faced off on
    Smackdown a couple of weeks ago.

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    Yeah I don't care for it either they didn't even change his entrance music the music he has now still reminds me of a face entrance I think they should at least change that.

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    If you recall, after splitting with Edge and forming Team Canada (was that their name?), his heel persona in WWE was always pretty whiny. He was always bitching about something and complaining that he never got a fair chance etc.

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    I wouldn't say he's in the title picture. They've turned him into a joke. When you see Christian come out, you know he's going to act like a bitch, get punked by a face then be beaten down & finally lose a match later that night.

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    For some reason I loved the Heel Christian who tag teamed with Chris Jericho and had Tyson Tomko backing him up. I would do anything to have that Christian back. However, I would have loved for Christian to tap into his "cage" persona from TNA every once in awhile as well.
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