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    I didnt actualy watch Smackdown this week. However, I can guess that the Two can give a 5 star match without having any trouble or botches or whatever that makes the show bad. Cody right now is at the beginning of his rising to the main event and Randy Orton is allready dominating the Blue Brand so both men are benefiting from this fued and I like it so far
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    The match wasn't that great imo,
    they should have used some more weapons than that goddamn mask, It's a fucking street fight

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    I watched this match when I got home off of nights...I was surprised it was up first as I really believe this could have made a decent main event....

    However, I was massively impressed with both Cody and Orton - what a match....there may not have been trash cans and kendo sticks or whatever, but this was the PG era street fight at its best and I think it showed not only the athleticism of both men, but their wrestling skills and passion for the job. Orton is doing what people always accuse him of never doing...putting someone over and putting them over well!

    It would have been nice to see Cody get the win, but the build up to him finally being a contender for ME status in the company is being played out well.

    Cody has worked hard for this push....and unless he does something seriously wrong....I can see him being one of the superstars heading this company in the not too distant future.

    This match was only just short of 20 minutes....that's longer than anything I've seen from WWE of late and much more entertaining than opening every show with a promo. Good job on this match.

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    Have to agree with you. That was a damn good match... much better than the main event.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Daffy Duck's Finest View Post
    Yeah it was a good match. Rhodes as improved a lot since his debut.

    Saying this, I'm a little worried that he's getting Ortonfied.... just like what happened to Punk - putting on good matches only for Orton to win every time. Rhodes, I think, needs to win this feud to elevate him to true main event status.
    Thats what I am worried about too. Orton needs to lose sometimes- more so than he does now.

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    Thats two people Orton has put over, first Henry at Night of Champions and now Cody, and second of all I dont blame Orton for winning all the time, I blame the booking.
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    Just watching this now. Man!! It has a totall PPV vibe about it, hard to believe this is just the opening match! How the hell is the rest of Smackdown going to follow this?!
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