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Thread: I Have To Know

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    Quote Originally Posted by Arius View Post
    (Hopefully this is good and in order)

    NAME: Arius
    -weight- 94 kg
    -height- 5 ft 8

    Nick Names
    * The Paragon of Intensity
    * Mr. Prestige
    * The Prodigy
    * The Voice of The Damned


    Theme Music:

    Entrance Motion:

    The Final Touch

    Devine Retribution

    Kingdom Come

    Walls of jericho, Shooting Star Press, Pop-up European uppercut

    -Common Moves-
    ButterFly DDT
    Top rope butterfly suplex
    Running knee to gut.
    Kimura Hold.
    Inverted armbar.
    One Inch Punch.
    Karate Jabs.
    High Kick to back
    Anaconda Vise
    shining wizard

    Heel/Face = Tweener

    Arius will often and frequently switch moods, along with that his allegiance is always in question. He'll just as surely be your friend as stab you in the back. He'll often take things to heart, thinking deep about the most simple comment.

    Born: December 21, 1990 (age 21, Hiroshima, Japan
    Resides: Blue Mountains, New South Wales, Australia

    Arius spent the first 5 years of his life living in the orphange until being adopted by Pastor Nathan and Rebecca Roberts, who lived in Australia.

    Arius found intrest in wrestling after going to a mates house and watching an Episode of Monday Night Raw. After seeing this he knew what he wanted to do after school

    Arius began training for a career in pro wrestling after graduating high school . He received his initial wrestling instruction from Greg Bownds at the AWF wrestling school where he met Alice becoming great friends and eventually starting a relationship. At the age of eighteen Arius travelled to Japan with Alice where they got engaged , finishing his wrestling training at the New Japan Dojo then working for a number of different promotions, including two matches for Pro Wrestling Noah before leaving the "Land of the Rising Sun" to try his luck on the US independent scene.
    __________________________________________________ __________________________

    (Arius manager/valet and Wrestler)



    ENTRANCE MOTION: Daffney TNA Entrance


    Decimator - Superkick to the jaw
    Seduction of the Innocent - Double Knee Facebreaker

    Falling From Grace - Moonsault


    Heel/Face = Tweener


    Alice grew up in a suburb right outside of Melbourne. Throughout her childhood and high school she competeted in gymnastics, hoping to one day make it to the Olympics..that is until an episode of WWE Smackdown caught her eye. Of course back then it was WWF..she The Hardy Boyz and Lita in a six man intergender tag match with The Dudley Boyz and Stacy Kiebler. From that night she vowed that she wwas going to one day do that.
    At the age of seventeen, Alice moved to NSW to train at AWF wrestling school where she meet Arius, Becoming great firends and eventually starting a relationship with Arius she went over to Japan where they got engaged
    She is as tough as they come and can lay out any Women or Man in seconds.
    Congregation of the Damned
    Theme: Congregation of the Damned by Atreyu

    A Once Mighty Stable now in shambles still has Arius and Alice searching for worthy disciples
    to join and rebuild the Congregation

    Badass character pal. I'd love to wrestle him 1 day for sure.
    Van Hooligan X
    4 time World Champion
    Only 2 time dual World Champion
    Won more awards than your best character has had #1 contender matches
    APW co-founder
    Hall of Famer

    Most successful wrestler of all time
    1 of the most successful managers of all time
    Member of the greatest faction of all time (The Clique)
    1/2 of the great tag team of all time (The Infection w/Carlos Alberto Ramon)
    The destroyer of EFeds (w/Dennis)

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