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    Quote Originally Posted by Gangrel View Post
    Okay people, Robert Roode won the TNA Championship and turned heel in the process.

    Is everyone finally happy? He's now 1)Champion, like a lot of people wanted and 2)Heel, like a lot of people wanted him to be while champion
    Yup. 2 weeks late but considering i'm STILL waiting for a long Christian reign i'll let them off.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ruthless_Aggression View Post
    Going by the front pages early estimated buyrate of BFG, it seems to me that they are focusing more on TV ratings than PPV buyrates which could be why they postponed Roode's title win. May be a good move from a business standpoint tbh.
    Get your general TV audience interested before you worry about your PPV audience esp when there are less watching PPVs.....
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    This is so damned frustrating. A angle that could of been built up for months just blown right away. It's getting so damned hard to defend tna.
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