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    I think TNA will eventually pass up WWE. Look how far they've gotten in just a decade. Add to the fact their massively easier work schedule & giving wrestlers more freedom in matches & promos & you have a much better working enviornment than WWE. I think once TNA's salaries catch up to WWE's & their production values become respectable & they have tv shows on the road the majority of the time, then guys will lean to TNA. They are more likely not to get a crappy gimmick & be placed in a spot on the card that both creative & the wrestler can agree with. I think this will start happening once all the WWE loyal guys are pretty much dead & gone & WWE REALLY has to rely on their own development but it looks like they are once again going to ignore that & just pluck guys from RoH.

    There is change coming in the coming decades.

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    Quote Originally Posted by eboy View Post
    oh so the monday night wars wasn't good for Wrestling?????
    It was great for wrestling, but it will never happen again. There's no way that Dixie, or Spike TV, or even Bischov, would look to repeat that fight. They don't have someone like Turner backing them with endless funds. Whatever TNA do now, they would be foolish to try going to to toe with the WWE now.


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