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    Quote Originally Posted by Tommy Thunder View Post
    This IMO clearly tells us that Hogan's comments about Roode were keyfabe in order to set up a Roode/Storm feud over the title.

    Very happy for James Storm.
    my opinion also

    The real Bryan Danielson chant ...


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    Quote Originally Posted by The Sneakiness View Post
    Sorry 'bout your damn luck.
    That's what Storm is going to tell Roode, and Angle.

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    Quote Originally Posted by CGBigMan View Post

    not sure if its a credible site
    bt the pic looks real
    You really must be naive to even question the authenticity of the picture.

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    so what,who cares,a homegrown is Champion.Anytime this happens,who cares how and when it happens.

    On free TV,so what,imagine having to pay to watch Mark Henry win a world title,what a waste of money.

    And by the way,PPV's are free in TNA/WWE's overseas markets,so having a good TV show with title changes here and there is not a bad thing.
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    what must Braden Walker be thinking?I would love to know.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Juvenile Junkie View Post
    what must Braden Walker be thinking?I would love to know.
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    Quote Originally Posted by THEKEVINBRAND View Post
    Christopher Harris.

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    Im not sure if you guys have mentioned this but, what about this:

    Quote Originally Posted by iMPACT SPOILERS
    Dixie tells Sting that he was right all along and she apologizes to him and mentions that this will not happen again (...) and that she wants him to be responsible for all of the day to day decisions when it comes to Impact.
    There's something here that I cant put my hands on
    I know, that's TNA...
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    Quote Originally Posted by The Brown One View Post
    Best damn thread PERIOD. Nice one ELNIO.
    Quote Originally Posted by steveorton View Post
    @ELNIOJR love the signature dude

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    This is why TNA pisses me off so much. Although I'm happy that Storm won the title, it doesn't make any sense. You have your biggest PPV of the year where a guy (who's been built as the "next big thing" for like what, 4 months?) gets screwed out of his opportunity to win the title and doesn't get a rematch. And to top it all off they have his tag team partner win it on FREE TV.

    The only good thing about it is that it is obviously setting up Storm vs Roode.
    Quote Originally Posted by Bodom View Post
    You fucking legend.
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    I'm fine with a title change happening on TV every once in a while. I think it gives it the sense of "anything can happen" and would give people a reason to be excited to watch. Especially when it was something you don't see coming like Storm winning the title.
    Quote Originally Posted by KJ PUNK View Post
    I'll third that. Angelina looks like a heroin addict. Her skin is more leathery than Hogans.
    Quote Originally Posted by Poot-Hair View Post
    I've said it before and I'll say it again; Instead of Chyna concentrating on getting back into wrestling she needs to concentrate on getting that 8 inch she-bean that she has hanging between her legs removed...


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