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    Last night's RAW episode.

    I did not like the opening segment. No I do not like Cena being with Nexus, however, sticking with the Cena/Nexus angle, Cena should not have been allowed to go out to the ring alone and should not be from now on. And he thought he had to be captain of the Team RAW just because he's John Cena? I don't think so. He answers to someone else now. When the Miz/Cena match was announced, I wanted Miz to win, which is something I don't want very often. I did like the Goldust/Dibiase segment which may give us an actual match for the Million Dollar title at some point. I liked how Otunga volunteered to face Orton because he finally gets to have his own RAW match. But when he forfeited the chance to Justin Gabriel my mood changed. I know the world thinks Orunga is green but I think he is a good talker and at least let him wrestle a damn match on the show. And I know Gabriel is this high flying kicker but he is a horrible talker. He does not need all this hype. I am tired of seeing Daniel Bryan constantly getting beat. You might as well just strip him of the damn U.S. title! I did not wanna see CM Punk on the show because there were so many new things he could have still done on SMACKDOWN, like feud with Kofi Kingston, MVP, then a healthy Christian, then Edge! Those would have all been fresh. I am glad that The Miz beat John Cena in that match. Cena needs to stick to the story and keep being Barrett's whipping boy, even though I don't like it.....still stick with it.


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