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    Quote Originally Posted by kersh View Post
    kerry katona in a bitch fight with Vickie G!
    my god
    Please do not give people ideas like that.
    It'll be in newspapers and mags for the next 4 months.

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    It seems to me that where they are from is pointless. It doesn't matter if they are billed from Wails, England. Ireland, USA, Bermuda, or BF Egypt. There is NO copying going on, NOBODY has a trademark on a little guy teaming with a big guy. Most of them suck anyway, so why debate it? You either like them or you don't, simple as that. It's gets old listening to wah - wah - wah, he's from this country, no he's from that country, Americans just don't get it, wah - wah - wah. I didn't know that they sucked so bad that people have to argue about where they are from because they don't want to claim them.

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