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    Should TNA resign Team 3D

    Just seen the news that Team 3D's contracts are set to expire

    Should TNA resign the two?

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    ya they shouuld. they are a very talented tag team, they are good on the creative side too, and their academy is the only real farm system that they have

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    I think they should.

    on a side not I though Bubba was consideing retiring a year or to ago or am I mistaken?

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    About two years ago Team 3D where working date to date with TNA, they where working without contracts for about a year so I'm not sure either party will be too fussed, I think not being tied down to TNA allowed Team 3D to go to Japan and take some time out as well without the responsibilities TNA would have forced upon them.

    TNA are probably their only option anyway, Bubba has been far to outspoken in the past to get back to the WWE, that being said if Vince saw an opening for them then I'd imagine he would re-hire them but I just couldn't see it

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    I say no. Perhaps in a road agent or trainer capacity but it's time for them to put over or move over.

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    I think they've been putting over for a long time now, most of the feuds they are in now seem to be putting people over, jeez they even put the Nasty Boys over in what was an idiotic booking fiasco, neither of them are 40 yet and still have plenty ot offer

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    Maybe they wanna have one last WWE run. If I were them I'd wanna be in Wrestlemania one last time...

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    Yeah, they would be fools not to resign them

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    I think they can resign on a part time basis and focus on their wrestling school to train and produce stars. I know your gonna say Rob Terry is a graduate and so is Rosey Lotta Love, but they're sloppy and have no business in wrestling IMO.

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    Quote Originally Posted by hystrix View Post
    Maybe they wanna have one last WWE run. If I were them I'd wanna be in Wrestlemania one last time...
    I think if that where to happen then Bubba Ray would need to eat some humble pie, he made a few enemies from the E on his last departure and hasn't been to kind to them since anytime he has spoken about them, from what I've read Devon would be welcomed back but Bubba not so much, one without the other wouldn't work though, I'd like to see them back in the E and have them in a long four month feud with the Hart Dynasty, they could really put them over as the next big tag team


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