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Thread: JBW Magazine!

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    Jman: Last but not least…the originator of EWN efedding….EWNCW?

    Kash: I've recently worked with them, and without giving too much away, there was a couple of occasions when I was a bit frustrated, but, I'm not pissed off with them or anything. It was more a case of me not giving a hundred percent, but expecting better results. Although, I recieved less than I expected, I still think that I deserved better in our initial dealings, regardless of (a) who I am, or (b) if I never made my usual herculean efforts, but, we're gonna have another try. Now that I'm more aware of the playing field, I'm certain I'll have more fun.... What am I talking about? Well, those in the know would know, but, it's all rather secretive stuff that actually began with a conversation with my absolute bruva from anuva muva TBOZ (Ma$$Dinerownsyou>Poseidon'sPocketMouse) about NightWolf which ended with a promise and a deal.
    Apart from all that, I would say that I am either firm friends, friendly aquaintances, or someone who quietly respects almost everybody there. They are the originals, and, I guess JBW is just following the path they created... Well, we sort of ran past them ages ago and forged a new path for ourselves that they wouldn't dare follow. Lol, they're like the good ol' boys show, and we have become the eWN equivilant of a media juggernaught that is showing no signs of slowing down.
    I read their shows when I can, and am definitely a huge fan of some of the characters there. Their shows are a good read, although, I don't agree with some of their choice of champions, but that is a very minor quip, and I know for a fact that more than a few people have questioned MY choice's for some of JBW's champions. N-Dubs and S-Gee I'm talking about you, hahahaha!!
    The bottom line with my opinion of EWNCW is that I see them as our equals, as they have some talented and all round great people on their team. I'm way more than excited at the prospect of finally creating the JBW vs EWNCW with them someday.

    Jman: You can talk about specific people if you want, but in general, what does JBW’s future look like to you?

    Kash: Keep an eye on Manabu.... Once you have done that, it's time for people to realise, that at this very moment in time, JBW's future couldn't be brighter. It's full of uncertainty, and basically we're gonna get all Star Trek 'pon dem, and boldy go where no EFed has gone before. This magazine for a start is amazing. I mean where else are you gonna read something like this? I'm always up for incorporating everybodies ideas, and I have so many people that are talented around me, that I can let them do whatever they want knowing that they will come back with a nice little pot of gold. JBW's future is what the members of the JBW roster make it. We also have the womens division picking up a lot of steam, and for that we have Panda, Polly (who's first ever promo blew me away), Manabu, Straights, K-Jam and others to thank for that. I guess we'll be seeing a Womens Championship soon. TNA has the Knockouts, and WWE has the Divas, so if anyone can come up with a flashy tag for our womens wrestlers I'm all ears.

    Jman: Alright my friend, we’re done here. Here’s your chance though bruv, if there’s anything else you wanna say, go ahead…

    Kash: Thanks to DUBS for having faith.... Now... I've said more than enough, thanks for having me here. But before I go, I think I'd like to hear what you think of things right now in JBW.... If you don't mind.

    Jman: Like you bruv, I've been a part of this thing since the beginning and really...I think we're in the best position we've ever been in. Since DUBS left, it seems like everybody has stepped it up big time. On top of that, we have people like SG, Polly, broc, Sully, and the rest of the newer guys coming in and bringing something completely new to the game. The biggest thing for me right now is I feel like if Ma$$, George, Jman, Shuri', Proph, Zeus, Alpha, all those big names....If they "retired", it would still be a great product because guys like Lenny Ray, Cage, Jose, May, Kiddson, and G-Scorp could easily step in to the top tier right away and do a phenomenal job.

    That is it of the interview and that was quite insightful. We would like to extend our thanks to Kash again for giving time out of his busy schedule to speak with us and to Jman for conducting the awesome interview and that is it for the first issue of JBW Magazine. Thank you for reading and check out our next issue. We will try to be better prepared next time!
    Efed stuff...yeah...

    Luke Jameson

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    JBW Magazine Issue 2

    JBW Magazine

    The Second Issue


    It’s a long time coming but here’s the second issue of JBW Magazine. Sorry for the wait but there was some miscommunication. Now we’re back on track and ready to release an awesome new issue.

    We have an interview with Two of a Kind, Broc and Sleepy Loco talk football, Heelturn talks Batman Arkham City, Jman remembers some good old JBW times, HolyJose will talk about music (hopefully not about those boy bands. Sorry Holy but this is JBW not EWNCW), and Zap Alderman will give some of his views on one of the recent Supershows.

    So let’s get to it with some Profiles of our JBW Wrestlers, written by themselves.

    Shining Light (Current Showdown Heavyweight Champion)
    Age - 27
    D.O.B. – 25/3/1984
    Place of Birth – Corpus Christi, Texas
    Back story – Since he was born, Shining has always been interested in religious studies. His parents took him to Bible School from an early age, and he was soon getting involved in heated discussions with the Teachers. It was clear that he was beginning to mis - interpret the Bible and his Teachers soon picked up on it and informed his parents. Obviously it was something they decided to “let slide” and Shining soon was reading the Bible at every opportunity he got.

    During a normal Sunday mass, Shining’s Priest was delivering his sermon when he mentioned “trying to help everyone, even if they didn’t believe in God”. Shining took offence to this, walked up to the Alter and hit the Priest in the face. Everyone was shocked and Shining was thrown out by his parents. He had nothing except the clothes on his back and his Bible which was given to him by his Grandmother who taught him that if you weren’t Christian, you were worthless.
    Shining began to live on the street and became known as the “local weirdo”. He would stand on the corners of streets, preaching to the people who walked by. No one bothered to listen but Shining continued to talk. It was only when a local fight promoter walked and offered Shining a match at the local wrestling event did he ever consider a career in wrestling. He quickly rose to the top of the State rankings and it wasn’t long before he was offered a job in JBW.

    Did you know? – Shining has inserted a piece of steel after each “Book” in the Bible. That is why he has used it as a weapon many times, and why it has knocked out a few opponents many times.

    Leonard Ray Beauregard
    25 years old
    240 lbs.
    From: The Great State of Mississippi in the heart of the Confederate States of America

    Finisher: Dixie Drop (Devil Lock DDT), Trailer Hitch (A.T. Lock, it was the Gorilla Clutch but I think I like the A.T. Lock better)

    Regular Moves: Suplex variations, Springboard back elbow, guillotine leg drop, brawling, various submissions.

    Started off training in Memphis Championship Wrestling with the likes of Jerry Lawler and Bill Dundee. After learning the basics of the craft he decided to travel up to Canada to learn how to be the best from Lance Storm. After spending 2 years getting stretched 6 ways to Sunday he started traveling to perfect his game and get his name known. He went back to MCW where he was a multiple time Southern Heavyweight Champion. Lenny then got invited to wrestle in Japan where he had legendary battles with some of the best such as Prince Devitt, Kenny Omega, and Kota Ibushi. After touring Japan he decided to come back home to America where he traveled the indy circuit without much success. Finally he got a call from JBW that they wanted to give him a shot. Since then Lenny Ray has showcased himself as one of JBWs brightest young talents and a future champion in the company.

    JMan (Current Warfare World Champion)
    Backstory: Growing up in South Philadelphia in the early nineties, Jman fell In love with ECW and pro wrestling as a whole. After a year or two of going to ECW Arena for every show, Jman became a part of the family there. The knowledge he gained from guys like Tommy Dreamer, Jerry Lynn, Rob Van Dam, and even Paul Heyman served Jman well in his own career which took him on a very successful run up and down the eastern US. After nearly ten years working the indy circuit, Jman finally got his shot and arrived in EWNCW. However, the stage proved to be too big and Jman never really got off the ground there. Just when it seemed liked he was headed back to the indies, Jman got a job offer from WWTNA Mark to come to his new company called JBW. Jman took a chance and accepted.

    JBW Career: After joining JBW on February, 22nd, 2011 Jman went on to become one half of The Aristocrats, one of the greatest tag teams in JBW history and longtime JBW Tag Team Champions. The Aristocrats broke up in June and with that, Jman turned his sights to singles competition. After disposing of RamJam and VKM at Monarchy of Aggression and Rampage of the Titans respectively, Jman finally got his shot at the gold. After a seven week buildup, Jman defated Ryusuke “Shuriken” Serra (formerly Shuriken Blade) in his hometown of Philadelphia to become WARfare World Heavyweight Champion and (as of this writing) holds the championship.
    Efed stuff...yeah...

    Luke Jameson

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    AWF Interview with Two of a Kind by Straight Edge Zero

    Here is the first question:

    How is it that Two of a Kind came to be and why choose the AWF as the efed to make your grand debut in?

    Kid Wonder: Very good question im impressed well it all began when i wrestled back in the AWC (australian wrrestling council) and i was put in an impromptu tag team championship match with El Amoney. We lost that match but because of the pain that the champions at the time inflicted on me personally post match i decided to buy another shot with El Amoney which we won and held those titles for two and a half years until El Amoney got greedy and decided to ask for more money so i sackedhim and went recruiting and thats where Mad Dog comes in.

    Paul Conrad: I fought from a very young age as in my youth i was an orphan and wasnt very happy with this pedicament and got into trouble with the law for starting fights all the time so one of my good friends Matthew Capallo or wrestling name Macapallo got me into the PWAA (Professional Wrestling Association of Australia) which we had a quite successful run of things until it was announced that either Macappalo or myself would recieve a world title shot at the next PPV. I said to macappalo could have the shot as i owed him a lot only for him to brag and brag about how he deserved this and how no one could stop him so i waltzed down the ring and beat the shit out of him. Went to court and Kid Wonder promised to get me of all charges as long as i signed a lucrative contract to partner him which i took and after many successful amatuar indy title runs Kid got in contact with all the feds here and HolyJose was more then accomodating and so he should be.

    One your biggest successes in the AWF include being the inagural and reigning AWF Tag Team Champions, how has being champions let alone being the first ever AWF Tag Team Champions felt and what doe sTwo of a Kind plan for the future in AWF?

    Paul Conrad: our plan is to dominate the awf in not only tag team division but also in singles comps

    Kid Wonder: and to make our presence profitable

    Care to elaborate on what being profitable means to you?

    Kid Wonder: not really but seeing how you asked so nicely we are here to turn a profit and our name is synonymous with good quality tag team wrestling which these people pay to see and in return raises our stock prices so to speak or our bargaining power if you will

    Speaking of quality tag team wrestling, you are also part of the Blacklist Wrestling Alliance or BWA as many so frquently refer to it; how has being a part of BWA impacted the careers of the two of you as Two of a Kind?

    Paul Conrad: To Be honest it has been an aventure with many ups and some downs we haven't had championship glory due to Alex Hamilton always putting us in ridiculous title matches but we have had some big main event wins and are looking forward to wearing gold soon

    Kid Wonder: and if anyone watched todays show we just beat the AWF and his tag team partner in a title defense on BWA so we are definitely hitting our straps.

    If you were to gain gold in BWA while remaining the AWF Tag Team Champions, you would be recognized as the very first team the indy efed scene to be Undisputed Tag Team Champions a huge honor for any team but how big of an honor would it truly be for Two of a Kind?

    Kid Wonder: It will be an amazing honour for us to become undisputed champions. That would truly solidify us aa the greatest tag team that the indy scene has ever witnessed.

    Paul Conrad: And for me personally coming from the roots i have it would be the complete reversal of what every one had predicted id become and was becoming whic is a low life scum.

    Two Of A Kind: We will become undisputed tag team champions.

    All right my final question to you is: What does does the future hold for Two of a Kind and is there anything you would like to say to your fans out there?

    Kid Wonder: The future will be full of gold, gold gold gold gold gold.

    Paul Conrad: We want to dominate the tag team scene in this e-fed and be known as the greatest tag team in e-fedding history and to our fans.... Stay tuned because

    We are Two Of A Kind and we mean business.

    Now it’s time for some Fan Mail with our resident asshole, Simon Cole!

    Simon Cole here for Fan Mail. I can’t believe I’m having to do this shit again. Alright…let’s see what you dumbasses have to say. The first one is from Ballson Meface and he writes…

    JBW sucks you don't have Andy Amazing there. There for your show isn't amazing.

    Well, ok. Hey Zap, are you getting this? This guy thinks Andy Amazing is the only thing keeping JBW from being amazing. Get the guy on the roster now! While your at it, get Luke Jameson from HWA. Apparently mediocre wrestlers are the way to go nowadays.

    Mygoodies284 sends…

    Why doesn't RomanFlare get his deserved Title Shots?

    You know what? That question hounds me just as much as, “Why doesn’t RamJam get his deserved Title Shots? Why doesn’t Zap Alderman get his deserved Title Shots? How about Demonic? He’s been doing great. He should be the new face of the company.”

    Familyxxguyxxforever!xx writes…

    Those three imposters you have are not Peter, Quagmire, and Joe. You guys suck.

    That is to Peter, Quagmire, and Joe. How do they know so much about themselves if they weren’t?

    We also got a special piece of mail from the man who started the JBW Magazine. Rated R(ob)KO writes...

    This is the former captain of the JBW Magazine crew speaking and I just want to put out there that the crew did a fine job with the October issue. As many know, I had to step down due to personal reasons and due to me getting a promotion to one of the head writers of JBW. I thank you guys for really seeing this through. It means a lot and glad its being done. FOR THE CAUSE!

    Thank you Rob. This is what some of the publishers wanted to say...

    From HolyJose: It means a lot R(ob) you're one hell of a guy best of luck with your family!

    From SEZ: Thank you Rob, for bringing us together under a great purpouse and we will not let you and any Jabesters down =]

    From zapphoman: Thank you Rob and thank you for putting faith in us to get this magazine done. This wouldn’t be here if it weren’t for you!

    That’s it for fan mail. If you want your fan mail read and answered in the magazine, sent it to the douchebag with the name JBW Magazine Fan Mail. Until then and like always…Go Fuck Yourselves!
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    Efed stuff...yeah...

    Luke Jameson

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    Thanks Simon Cole Now onto Football with Broc and Sleepy Loco

    Ask Broc: NFL Expert

    AFC Top 3

    #3 Cincinnati Bengals- the Bengals are having a very surprising year so far this year, I honestly expected them to sink to the bottom of a competitive AFC North but they're are very well still alive, I honestly believe that there will be three teams from the AFC north that make the playoffs this year, also the Bengals are Currently at #3 but if they beat the Steelers this week I would call them #2

    #2 Pittsburgh Steelers- I HATE to call the Steelers the 2nd best team in the AFC, but at this point the Ravens have beaten them twice so I really have no choice but to call them #2 right now although of course I will still be expecting them to win the super bowl this year

    #1 Baltimore Ravens- I hate to say it but at this point the Ravens are the best team in the AFC, I hate them of course but I obviously respect them, the Ravens are looking very scary right now and after the last game with the Steelers I think they've proved that for now they are the best team in the AFC

    AFC Bottom 3

    #3 Cleveland Browns- I honestly thought the browns were going to be taking a step up this year and moving up to third in the AFC North but really they have just played terrible this year, Peyton Hillis is looking terrible, Colt McCoy is not standing out like he did last year and it just seems that nothing is going their way...... but what else is new

    #2 Miami Dolphins- the Miami Dolphins are definitely deserving of this spot, while I see this team with a lot of potential and a lot of fight they are going nowhere right now. I honestly do hope my man Bill Cowher comes back to coach this team next year because I really believe that he could bring out the potential that this team has shown

    #1 Indianapolis Colts- well the Colts obviously have an excuse for doing terrible this year but I honestly think they would still be bad with Peyton Manning playing, obviously not as bad but still bad none the less

    AFC Rookie of the Year

    my AFC Rookie of the Year thus far is Andy Dalton, the guy is leading a team that last year was what 5-11, into a playoff contender

    Mid Season AFC MVP

    Ben Roethlisberger- yes I know you will all call me biased but Ben has really earned it, look at his Offensive Line and how well he has been doing, he has been giving his team a better chance to win then any QB in the AFC so that is why I chose Ben for this.

    NFC TOP 3

    #3 - Detroit Lions (6-2) - This team started strong going 5-0, but after losing to the 49ers and the Falcons 2 weeks in a row they have dropped in the NFC standings. The Lions have it pretty easy in 2nd half of this season, but they still have to play the still perfect Green Bay Packers twice.

    #2 - San Francisco 49ers (7-1) - This team is looking like the 49ers of the 90's they are playing very well on both sides of the ball. Since Jim Harbaugh has taken over this is a brand new 49ers with the same players like Alex Smith, who after the pre-season most fans were mad at the owners for not cutting him. But this team is looking strong, expect this team to finish close to the top of the NFC. With a division like the NFC West, that has only won a combined 5 games, these guys have the easiest 2nd half of the season in the league.

    #1 - Green Bay Packers (8-0) - Sitting comfortably at a perfect 8-0, the Packers are looking unbeadtable thus far. Aaron Rodgers is looking better then he did last year when he was named the Superbowl mvp. Exept for playing Detroit twice and playing the Giants in New York, The Packers also have an easy rest of the season.

    Expect to see all three of these teams in the playoffs, with either Green Bay or San Francisco winning home field advantage throughout the playoffs.


    #3 - Seattle Seahawks (2-6) - Despite nothing looking good about this team they have managed to put together 2 wins. This team is looking worse than they did last, when they made it into the playoffs despite finishing with a 7-9 record.

    #2 - Minnesota Vikings (2-6) - After Donovan McNabb was benched for the 2nd time in as many seasons, they are left to "Ponder" about their future in the quarterback position.

    #1 - St. Louis Rams (1-7) - Las Vegas native, Steven Jackson is the best thing going on this team. They have just been getting demolished in the first half of this season. The Rams have only managed to scrape together 1 win this season, suprisingly against the New Orleans Saints.


    Cam Newton - This rookie has shown great potential to be a future top quarterback. You have to ignore the Panthers 2-6 record and look at this guy's stats. He is 6th in total passing yards so far this year, 2,393, beating out a SB mvp, Eli Manning, and 3X pro-bowler, Tony Romo. And he is tied 4th with only 9 interceptions. This guy has a bright future ahead of him in the NFL.


    There is only 1 man in the NFC that deserves this award and that is last yer's superbowl mvp, Aaron Rodgers. He is 4th in total passing yards, 2,619. And 2nd among starting quarterbacks in interceptions, with only throwing 3 to the opposing team. The way he and the Green Bay Packers are playing I can see them repeating as superbowl champions.

    The Sleeper's Pick for Super Bowl Champions
    Green Bay Packers

    If I was more into football, I would say I enjoyed that. Unfortunately I’m not but I imagine some of our readers did and that’s good enough for me! Now we are going on…Twitter Watch with HolyJose!!

    Hello all this is Twitter Watch. Here I suggest who in JBW is must see on twitter and out there in the ring. This month it is none other than former JBW Showdown Heavyweight Champion and the Internation Superstar Daniel May! Daniel May has been impressive since his debut and shows no signs of slowing down. No doubt that he can make it out of development in Showdown and make it to either WARFare or Mayhem and be a future world champion and is high interactive with his fans on twitter. Watch out world Daniel May is a hurricane (or is it Typhons in Australia ah whatever) and his wind is just picking up!

    Now it’s time for a video game break. We have a new reviewer of the joy stick and console overheating wonders and his name is HeelTurn and the game he is reviewing in this installment in the sequel to the smash hit Batman: Arkham Asylum. Arkham City has been getting rave reviews but let’s see what HeelTurn thinks of it…


    Hello Jabesters it is me, HT here with a review of what in my opinion is one of the finest games of the year so far, and without question a treat for all superhero and Batman fans alike, is it better than Arkham Asylum? Read on dear friends and I will reveal all (without spoilers of course haha).

    Story Overview: Arkham City sees millionaire playboy Bruce Wayne trapped inside a part of Gotham City closed off from the rest of society, and full of the most nefarious villains from the comic book series. Whilst inside he uncovers a sinister plan by the owner of Arkham City, Hugo Strange, and before long he is gliding, grappling and fighting his way through hostile territory in a quest to stop the villainous Hugo Strange and uncover his plan in full. However a city full with criminal masterminds soon provides the Caped Crusader with even more challenges, from rescuing Catwoman from Two-Face, to confronting old nemesis The Penguin, and coming face to face with his deadliest foe, The Joker, who has a sinister plan of his own for Gotham's Dark Knight.

    Gameplay: If you are familiar with the games predessesor, then you will know all about how the game works. For those who dont, heres a brief overview. The game is set in a large area, and is essentially a sandbox game. Batman must fight his way through the city completing missions to progress the story. The game offers a healthy blend of action, stealth and puzzle solving, and to aid you through the quest, Batman has a large array of gadgets from the returning Bat Claw and Batarang to the Freeze Bombs developed by Mr Freeze. Running through Arkham City punching and kicking thugs will end up with the game over screen soon following, the bad guys in this games use a variety of weapons of their own, so utilising Batman's gadgets and trademark steath and scare tactics is the way to go.

    Longevity: After you finish the main game (which in itself is a real dousy of a story, trust me) Arkham still has a lot to offer for those willing to put in the time. Making its welcome return from the original Arkham game are the Riddler trophy and riddles, only this time there are 400 to collect. In addition there is a variety of side missions ready to play, including tracking down a sinister serial killer and rescuing hostages from deadly SAW esque deathtraps. Moreover once the game has been finished you are able to play the story again, this time with all gadgets unlocked, but with the added pressure of tougher and smarter enemies, plus the counter alerts removed.
    Efed stuff...yeah...

    Luke Jameson

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    Pros and Cons: If you didnt like the original you probably wont like this, its essentially the same gameplay, just in a new area. The story and characters are great and the game offers villains and heroes for both hardcore fans and casual fans alike. Theres plenty to do which is a good thing, as the story shouldnt take you too many hours to complete. Now this game does have some difficult segments, some of the training missions can be fidly, and the sheer amount of challenges is a bit overwhelming. On the subject of challenges, all you Trophy/Achievement whores out there may be a bit put off by the amount and difficulty.

    So overall Im going to give this game a very respectable 9/10.

    I (zapphoman) have played Arkham City and I have to say, I agree with everything you said HeelTurn. It’s an awesome game that shouldn’t be missed by any Batman fan or self-respecting gamer. Now we are going to go from Video Games to music with HolyJose.

    Hello all and welcome back to another Music Corner! I'm HolyJose and I will be reviewing three albums for your reading pleasure and hopefully you'll go out and buy them. The three albums I'll review are Avenged Sevenfold's "Nightmare" Bullet For My Valentine's "Fever" and in the classic corner we have Guns N Roses legendary "Appetite for Destruction". Woah a lot of great songs here Let's get it started.

    Album: Nightmare
    Artist: Avenged Sevenfold
    Genre: Heavy Metal/Hard Rock
    This album is the first album to not feature their drummer Jimmy "The Rev" Sullivan after his untimly death on December 28th 2009. Filling in on drums for this album is the legendary Mike Portnoy formally of Dream Theater. The album starts off with the track Nightmare which is heavy from the get go. The song starts off with Synyster Gates and Zacky Vengeance in a heated guitar intro when M. Shadow's wails "NIGHTMARE!!!" The song shows great composition and deals heavily with the death of The Rev. The next track to watch out for is "Welcome to the Family" which has an impressive drum intro remincisnt of Dream Theater. The track is a welcoming song to Mike who really stepped up in their time of need. The third track that I say should be watched out for is "So Far Away" a ballaad very much like their song "Seize the Day" off City of Evil. The song is a clear tribute to The Rev who is far away but ever so near them in their hearts and in the fans hearts. Overall this album is fantastic the band pulled together after the tragic death of the Rev and released an album he would have been proud of.
    Overall Score out of 5: 4.5/5

    Album: Fever
    Artist: Bullet For My Valentine
    Genre: Heavy Metal
    Bullet For My Valentine is back with their 3rd full-length album Fever. This album is a lot heavier than that of their last effort "Scream, Aim, Fire." The album starts off with the song "Your Beatrayal" (entrance theme of none other than myself HolyJose) with a thunderous drum intro by Moose and goes into Matt Tuck's guitar intro. The song is full of anger and betrayal from a loved one. It then goes into the title tack "Fever" which is a sexually charged song and the fever obviously being their libido but a great song to listen to. Then it delves into "The Last Fight" a song that really gets one pumped and also a message of not fighting others but an internal battle amongst oneself. Up next is "A Place Where You Belong" a great ballad that really shows Mike Padgets guitar work with a spectacular solo. Those are some of the best tracks on the album along with another ballad "Bittersweet Memories" Overall this album was heavier than their last one but the work put into it was spectacular and Bullet For My Valentine show no signs of slowing down.
    Overall Score out of 5: 4/5

    Classic Corner
    Album: Appetite for Destruction
    Artist: Guns N Roses
    Genre: Straight up Rock n Roll
    The line up vocals Axl Rose, Lead Guitar: Slash, Drums: Steven Adler, Rhythm Guitar: Izzy Stradlin and Bass: Duff McKagen. These men in the late 1980s released one of if not the most influential Rock albums of all time, Appetite for Destruction. When asking anyone of Guns N Roses this is the album that put them on the map. The album starts off with the most recognizable riffs that Slash has ever done, Welcome to the Jungle. The song is about moving to Los Angeles to make it big in the music scene and this song did just that for the band. The song has forever gone down as one of the best Hard Rock songs of all time. Another stand out track is "Paradise City" "Take me down to the paradise city where the grass is green and the girls are pretty" damn give me a one way ticket there! The song shows Axl's vocal ability and that they can be fast and percise when playing and this song is perfect for them and again gone down as a classic by them. Lastly the standout song is "Sweet Child O'Mine" the most recognizable guitar riff of all time and one of the best ballads to ever be released. Guns N Roses showed their softer side with this song while keeping it mildly heavy and the result was this a beautiful masterpiece and a center part of GNR's set since it's inception.
    Overall score out of 5: 5/5

    There you have it folks 3 great Hard Rock albums for your listening pleasure. Be sure to check out next months issue where I review the one and on;y Young Sau's album. Thanks again for joing me here tonight!
    Efed stuff...yeah...

    Luke Jameson

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    Awesome reviews of three awesome records! Great stuff HolyJose! Now we are going to go back in time and see what was great in JBW!

    JBW Remembered with Jman

    (QUOTE=Bodom;77691]I give you 2 weeks until you give up.[/QUOTE]

    Quote Originally Posted by WWTNA Mark View Post
    Nope. I'll keep on building stars and kicking ass in the rating!
    Quote Originally Posted by Bodom View Post
    Two weeks.
    I’ll be honest, I thought Bodom was right. I didn’t think there was any way WWTNA Mark, who had proved to be nothing more than a giant pain in the ass to that point in his EWN tenure, could possibly compete with EWNCW. The ugly exit of THEKEVINBRAND looked like the beginning of the end but I think it actually showed Dubs that doing this was going to take some hard fookin' work. Work he was willing to put in.

    From day one, Dubs made all the right moves. He brought in guys like Kash, Sau, SES, and I to give JBW some credibility, he didn’t try to go head to head with Inferno, and he came up with some decent (albeit pedestrian by today’s standards) storylines for our first few weeks. Looking back now though, I see that Dubs had an ace up his sleeve that even his most ardent supporter couldn’t imagine he could pull off.

    The main storyline leading up to our first PPV, Blood Harvest, was the WARfare World Heavyweight Championship feud between IPITB (I Poop in the Bath) and current WARfare Tag Team Champion, Snair. The other main selling point of the show was the debut of a mystery man. Fearing Dubs was going to do something stupid, I PMed him a few days before the big PPV to see who this mystery man was. My worst fears (seemingly) came true. Dubs told me he was going to bring in, as a bot only, former EWN jackass “The Pike” and have him win the WARfare world title. After I told him, in no uncertain terms, how terrible an idea I thought that was, he agreed to “go in another direction.” Knowing what I know now about Dubs protection of secrets and kayfabe, I realize the whole Pike thing was a lie. As any JBW historian who knows his ass from a hole in the ground can tell you, TheDevilsAdvocate debuted at Blood Harvest. That move did three things.

    First, it started the EWNCW-JBW feud. (being that TDA was a big deal in EWNCW at the time he jumped ship.) Second, it gave the IPITB-Snair feud some much needed spice. Third, it established us as a serious company. TDA has never won a World title (although he sure as fuck should) but, in my opinion anyway, we wouldn’t be here without him.

    Or Dubs.

    I actually remember seeing that. I laughed when I first read it because it was a few months after JBW started that I joined JBW (this is zapphoman BTW) and JBW had become a powerhouse. Sorry Bodom but you were wrong. Now on from wonderful JBW stuff to wonderful HWA stuff with this shoot interview from Broc and conducted by Tommy Thunder!

    Broc Shoot Interview, Part 1
    TT: Well first of all broc, thanks very much for asking me to conduct this interview. I feel honored to have been chosen out of all the other guys here!

    Broc: well to tell the truth Tommy I think you were the only person in all of HWA that I thought could conduct this interview the way it should be conducted

    TT: Well that's great to hear, now let's get down to business. Now, you're the proud owner and founder of EWN's 3rd E-fed. First of all tell me why you decided to start up your own e-fed?

    Broc: well Tommy when I first came to EWN I had no clue about anything concerning e feds, I just came hear to talk about wrestling but when I posted my welcome thread you, Rich, and a few other people were asking me to join an e fed so I decided to check it out, at first I did and it didn't really excite me, after I posted that I probably didn't log in for about a month but I decided I would try this e fed thing, I saw JBW out there so I signed up, and after reading one of there shows I told myself "that is definitely something I want to do" so that is how HWA was formed

    TT: I see. Now, as a member of HWA from day one myself, I've seen the company grow and evolve. Going back to the origins, it started out as an 'ECW-esque' extreme E-fed. Why did you choose to go down that route?

    Broc: well first off HWA definitely has evolved for the bette, if I wrote a show today like the first one I wrote I wouldn't be able to live with myself but I have grown so much as a writer since doing this that it has really helped me and HWA for the better

    as far as the Hardcore gimmick, I knew that there were 2 big feds EWNCW and JBW, so I knew if I was going to get people to join I had to make myself stick out so I decided to go with a Hardcore gimmick

    TT: Well you're right there. In my opinion, HWA is on the verge of not being an 'indy' e-fed.
    Now, the hardcore gimmick isn't as prominent as it was at the beginning. Why did you decide to move away from that?

    Broc: well Tommy when I started getting people to join and had a decent sized roster I guess I thought that with a completely Hardcore style of matches it wouldn't be taken as seriously, I still like to consider HWA Hardcore though, maybe not as Hardcore as it should be, but every title match has a stipulation so that's a good start, but I think over the next few months we are going to start to see the H in HWA start to stick out more

    TT: Alright. Now speaking of expanding rosters, you are on the verge of debuting a new brand. This is a huge step forward for HWA is it not?

    Broc: oh ya it is a very huge step forward, I have my cousin Sully ready to write a good show which I think he could very well be better than me at, I'm sure you remember awhile back Tommy the very first fully typed match on HWA, Mark Dimensions vs. Azreal in a street fight don't you? Sully typed that whole thing in about 20 minutes, that would have taken me at least 2 hours and it probably wouldn't have been as detailed so Sully is the perfect guy for this job and I can't wait to be able to sit back and read an HWA show that I didn't write

    TT: Well it's great to hear we're in good hands going forward!
    Now I'm going to throw out some HWA related topics for you, and you can come back and say anything you want regarding them ok?

    Broc: this will be fun
    Efed stuff...yeah...

    Luke Jameson

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    TT: Ok, here we go.
    Straight to the top, the World title, and the fact that you've booked me to hold it from day one

    Broc: ah somebodies looking for an ego boost

    well on the first episode I had it decided that either you Mark Steel or Damien Icarus would be the world champion, until about 30 seconds before booking it I had Mark Steel set to win it,but then I thought that a great heel title run would be great for HWA so I then had to decide if I were going to give the title to you or Damien Icarus, and after looking through both of your bios and gimmicks I thought that you were the #1 choice for the world title

    now as to you still having the title, a lot has played into that especially DUBS stepping down from HWA, when his character Mark Steel was about to go into one of the best story lines I had planned out, until he did step down so who knows maybe had DUBS not left the belt would belong to someone else

    TT: In all seriousness, I just wanted to get that one out of the way as quickly as possible.

    How about the current Universal champion Luke Jameson and his reign?

    Broc: I absolutely love Luke as a champion, he sells babyface more than anyone else on the roster and I had it predetermined that when there was a mid card title he would be the one to win it

    TT: Alex Kidd.

    Broc: Alex Kidd.... does not deserve a push..... yet, Kidd has really been improving lately, at first when he came in I didn't see much potential by the way his promos were written, they were short and sloppy so I didn't see much i him but now he has really been stepping up to the plate and is starting to get the hang of things

    TT: Azreal.

    Broc: I was devastated when Azreal first left HWA, I had a lot in store for Azreal but HJ had his own fed to do which I completely understood, but the thing that he did that I loved was HJ left in the most respectable way he could, by finishing his story line, unlike 2 certain people that used to be on our roster not saying any names or anything but their names start with SEZ and CN

    as far as Azreal now, he is really impressing me with his promos and I have some great stuff in store for his feud with thejman

    TT: I'll be getting to those 'names' eventually!
    but since you mentioned him, thejman.

    Broc: well Jman was in the original HWA for like 2 weeks, but I'm glad to have him back even if it is only part time

    TT: On to another part timer; THEKEVINBRAND who plays kevin Matthews.

    Broc: let me correct you there Kev is no longer a part timer he is now full time on HWA

    now Kev is a really cool guys who I love talking to, I honestly feel bad for him though due to the immaturity by Straight Edge Zero, when Kev came into HWA I gave him the choice to feud with anyone on the roster and out of all of the roster he chose Jason Alexander, which he and Alexander were having a great feud until SEZ had to act like a little girl over someone disagreeing with him, but I've been able to get past that but I don't know how Kev feels about it, but now Kev has a new feud which hopefully can be twice as good as his old one

    TT: Well that's great to hear. xStraightxEdgexSaviorx.

    Broc: on JBW he's great, but on HWA he is terrible, I've had to write for him like 3 times, I mean I understand the guy is busy but he always gets his promos in late if at all

    however when he does get them in they're brilliant, I love the Icarus promos but SES is either extremely busy, or extremely lazy, actually probably both

    TT: Pumpkinhead/Hans Beerstein.

    Broc: I'll be honest at first I didn't like his gimmick, the perfect gentleman thing at first I thought it was stupid and pointless but after seeing his promos start to get better and better, I really started to like his gimmick more and even though he is now on Legacy I will still do my best to get Hans a good place in HWA

    TT: Sully.

    Broc: Sully is your best competition for the best promo guy in HWA, recently I think his promos have been lacking compared to his old ones but he is face now which could be why but he is still doing rock solid promos

    as far as Sully OOC, Sully is a cool guy he seems to be a dick to a lot of people for some reason (no idea why) but I'm glad that I showed him EWN and that he's around here

    TT: Ok, now let's move onto the more controversial names you alluded to earlier. First off, Straight Edge Zero. What exactly happened, and what are your thoughts of him now? Shoot!

    Broc: aw SEZ I've been waiting for this one

    you see I was trying to get some new members to creative and I was asking Sully who he thought should be on the team and his first option was SEZ, and I even told him that SEZ always gets pissed off for no reason but he insisted that we let him in so I thought "what the hell I'll give him a chance" well he took that chance and shoved it up his, even before he quit all he ever did was bitch and complain about every little thing, and every time we disagreed with him he would get pissed and say that "the only ideas I listen to are the ones from Sully" I listen and consider every idea even if it's not from someone on creative but he just had to think that because I disagreed with him that I wasn't listening to him.

    but all of that might not have even bothered me that much if he hadn't been a complete dick and left without finishing his story line, and then he even told us "not to use Jason Alexander" not even to write him off which was the most immature thing I have ever seen in my time here

    and TT you already said that you at EWNCW wouldn't let him into your home so everyone on JBW especially you Kash because I know you're interested in this guy, please make the right decision because as a member of the JBW roster I wouldn't want to work with someone like that

    TT: And I think you've already answered this, but you'd never consider working with him again?

    Broc: well actually I'm glad you mentioned that, I'm actually in a story line with Alexander on AWF, this was determined before he quit, but me and him are currently in a story line on AWF but believe me I'm not by ant means doing it for him I'm doing it for HJ, and not to mention it won't be your "regular" feud, and you'll see what I mean by that in the near future by tuning into AWF

    TT: Hmm, sounds interesting!
    Well let's move on to the other man you mentioned earlier; chunkkynutzzz, or Mark Dimension.What was the deal with him, and give us some of your thoughts on him now.

    Broc: well in Dimensions case it wasn't "as" bad, he really wasn't involved in a story line so I granted his release but then I hear him saying stuff behind my back in the EWNCW thread which pissed me off because if he wanted to say that he hates HWA I would have rather had him say it to my face then hiding from it, and after I called him out on it he sends me a fucking PM saying that "oh I wasn't really leaving HWA I was just setting up a story line so I could come back later" I really couldn't believe he tried to do a stunt like that without giving me any info on it at all so don't expect to see him back in HWA

    TT: Pretty stupid on his part then. You say he wouldn't be welcomed back in HWA, but would you consider working with him again in another fed if required?

    Broc: if required... I guess but I doubt I will have to

    TT: Alright. Now one interesting thing I need to ask you about HWA is the collapsed virtual idea. What in the world happened to that?

    Broc: well Tommy there was a lot of effort put into the virtual idea and it was a great idea that could have pulled through but Sully had an opinion and he voiced it, and he pointed out a lot of good facts about the virtual idea that could have ended up crumbling down, the virtual idea for HWA is not completely over once I see it in action with IHV on UWE I may ask him to bring it back to HWA but I also may not I'm not sure where we go from here on that subject

    TT: If I'm honest (and I think I've said this before), if the virtual idea had taken off and was successful, I honestly think that it could have catapulted HWA up to compete with EWNCW and JBW. Let's hope we do see it back.
    On the subject of the orchestrator of the idea though, what happened to ihearvoices? He isn't active in HWA any more, is there more to that than meets the eye?

    Broc: IHV is still on the roster but he hasn't posted there in awhile yes but that is not at all because of the virtual idea going down IHV is a busy guy with JBW, UWE, and now reviewing the feds which is great for him, but I say don't look to far into this as there isn't really much to look into

    TT: Great!
    Now let's move on to talk about the other e-feds. First of all, AWF.

    Broc: I love AWF, they put on quality shows and HJ runs a tight ship there and I'm proud to be over there

    TT: Ok. BWA.

    Broc: who? just kidding, I haven't read many BWA shows but the ones I have have impressed me for sure these guys no how to put on a good show

    TT: On to the big guns. EWNCW.

    Broc: now Tommy not meant to hurt you at all but I have read 1 EWNCW show in my life, I read Rage a few weeks back and it was good for sure, but you have my word that I will read Destiny's Calling this Sunday

    TT: No offense taken at all! With 5 e-feds here, it's hard to keep up with one, let alone all of them!
    But finally we come to your home from home, JBW. Now why did you decide to join up with the Jabe?

    Broc: I mostly joined JBW because me and DUBS were really cool he taught me all I know about fedding and I joined JBW, now even on JBW for the most part I only read showdown because that's the show I'm on other than that I rarely read Mayhem or Warfare
    Efed stuff...yeah...

    Luke Jameson

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    TT: How would you say the JBW style contrasts from HWA?

    Broc: well JBW and HWA aren't really that much alike, I know a lot of people call JBW a "talk show" but in all honesty if I could make a really long show like JBW does I would do it in a second, I don't even have half as many superstars JBW does but, but hopefully one day HWA will be right up there with JBW and EWNCW for the top spot

    TT: Well I think it's a good thing that the feds here are different since it offers different options for potential new members to choose from.
    What are your aspirations for your JBW career?

    Broc: I want to be a world champion in JBW, that's what I want and I won't stop until I've achieved it

    TT: Aiming for the top! I like it. Now back to HWA. What are your ambitions for the future of the company? Who are the stars we need to look out for?

    Broc: HWA is the same way, I want HWA to #1 and nothing less, as far as future stars go Rob Rage, and Andy Amazing definitely stick out to me as does, the HOS, and Hans Beerstein as well, we have plenty of talent for HWA and I love being here to manage them

    TT: Well I think we're just about done here. If there's anyone/anything else you want to comment/shoot on that I might have forgotten about, then I'm giving you a free platform to do so right now!

    Broc: alright well let me say thanks to DUBS because without him HWA would not exist, Tommy big thanks to you for taking time out of your busy day to do this interview and to pauadrian fuck off, and that's about it thank you Tommy and.. goodbye

    That was a great eye opener! Thanks broc! Now on to our final article. Zap Alderman recently became President of JBW and we asked for him to come to us and give some views of what’s going on with JBW right now. He’s wanted to talk about the Supershows so give it up for Zap with his views of the Supershow and JBW!

    Hello JBW fans, I’m JBW President Zap Alderman and I’m going to give you some of my views of one of JBW’s most recent Supershow. These Supershows have been a blast to make but a lot goes into them and I’m hoping to give you, the fans, a little bit of insight into how they happen. So let’s get started!

    Supershow II: Yep...Here We Go Again

    Ron Burgundy

    Ron Burgundy…this man has been amazing for Warfare and our Pay Per Views and he’s just as amazing for these Supershows. Ron truly embodies what JBW is. Ron is the man and JBW is where men come to compete. He’s kind of expensive (finding the kind of Scotch he wants is a pain in the ass) but JBW is more than capable to provide him with what he wants and I can’t think of anybody better to start off our shows. His parties are off the chain as well, that is at least from what I hear other people say. I’m to busy to be able to go to them.


    Now this has been another great part of the Supershows is seeing both Warfare and Mayhem commentaries interacting with each other. We all know and love (maybe except Dudley, dude can be a major prick at times) these guys and what I really love about them is their diversity. From Quagmire with his giggitiness to Pat with his mostly serious attitude, the differences in personality make for unpredictable commentating unlike that one company where a man is holding the fans hostage by being allowed to talk on both shows. Now Peter, Quagmire, and Joe were actually kind of hard to get a hold of. Quagmire and Joe were actually against doing the commentary for JBW. Joe is a fan but he knew how dangerous it was (let’s be honest, we have a lot of crazy people here) and Quagmire thought it was too much of a sausage fest (fucking perv) so we had to depend on Peter to convince them and that he did. It’s been a pleasure to have them.

    Felix Guerrero vs Artemis Eclipse vs Negro Feurte vs Infernio

    I’m loving how our Superfly Division is coming together. Thanks to Kash doing his thing, we have plenty of talented guys to compete for the title. This match was put together as not only a number one contenders match but also a nice little exhibition of what these new guys are capable of. It was a great match to start the show off with and I have a feeling these guys are going to be big in the Superfly division. Fuerte using the mist was a little uncalled for though. I’m going to have to keep my eye on him.

    K-Jammin waiter segment

    K-Jammin, K-Jammin… this guy has been an absolute terror and he proves it even more with this segment. That poor waiter didn’t stand a chance. K-Jam is a very talented wrestler and he always puts on epic matches but his attitude is just deplorable. I’ve seen some of the fan mail that comes to the magazine and K-Jammin is receiving death threats. The heat this man receives when he comes to the ring can only be matched by the sun. The attitude needs to change for his own good. Loved what this segment started though. Who would of thought that…wait a minute. Don’t need to spoil that gold filled nugget quite yet.
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    Efed stuff...yeah...

    Luke Jameson

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    The Alpha Dog and Selena

    And now Alpha is dipping the pen in the company ink. Now what the JBW wrestlers do behind closed doors and with the cameras off is none of our business but Alpha was told that his…side business would only be tolerated if it didn’t affect the JBW name and the other wrestlers here. Also I didn’t bring Selena, who used to be a high profile Knockout for one of the other companies, over to JBW to play as The Alpha Dogs cock cushion. I can’t do anything about this instance because I wasn’t president when it happened but I’m going to make sure he knows from now on.

    Other than that, I’m really hoping that Alpha takes his sessions with Kelly seriously. That situation with Fernandez was a close call.

    Two Of A Kind vs Il Cavitto

    I have a lot of hopes for Two Of A Kind. Paul and Kid are a powerhouse that screams future tag champs. I can’t wait to see what happens with the triple threat match at Expect the Unexpected. Don’t know how I feel about the cheap win though.

    Il Cavitto…a tag team that fight with each other? Wouldn’t that make it kind of hard to be successful in tag team wrestling? There’s no point to being a tag team if you’re going to fight with your partner. These two need to get their shit together, or I will see no point in them being a tag team.

    La Mafia Mejicana are making some waves here in JBW. Mr. Santiago has one of the worst attitudes I have ever seen and the way he treats Vanquero is freakin insulting. That crap may have been tolerated over at the other company but not here at JBW and I’m only going to give Santiago so many chances before I consider pushing Vanquero and make Santiago our toilet cleaner. They are also barking up a very dangerous tree messing with Two of a Kind.

    Brandon Smithson, Jay, and Paulie segment!

    Brandon singing Be Prepared from The Lion King…instant approval! I love that movie and I marked out when it happened.

    Paulie has a lot to lose at Expect the Unexpected. Really both teams do but the Paulie trio are going against one established name and two celebrities who have never been in the ring. Pressures on Paulie… you better hope you don’t choke on it.

    Selena vs Sasha
    In this match, Selena showed the world why I brought her to JBW. She is confident in her abilities and she can wrestle with the best of them. I really have high hopes for her. She just needs to prioritize and not let Alpha effect her focus on her career.

    Sasha lost the match but she did well in it. Both of these ladies put on an awesome match showing that our womens division is going to be something to behold.

    Tracey returning to JBW was unexpected and her going straight for Selena makes me believe it’s because of Alpha due to Alpha and Traceys somewhat short history. I also have to wonder how this is going to affect Fernandez, aka The Black Tear, as it was because of her departure that he shifted into what he is now.

    It was nice to see Ayako come out to the ring and help Selena. Who knows how Selena would of turned out if she didn’t.

    The tag match between these four ladies is going to be interesting. I can’t wait to see it.

    The Devil’s Rejects Segment

    I had a feeling this was going to happen but not at the degree it happened. As soon as TDA was out of the picture, TDR would crumble. I wasn’t going to allow them on Warfare anymore so Chainsaw instantly turns on his brother and violently forces Tad, Ram, Ice Cream, and Black Tear out of The Devil’s Rejects. Tad Locust was pretty hurt by this.

    Ma$$, Jan, and Siaki

    I wonder with how many times Ma$$ meets with that Jan lady on our shows if something will come out of it. Are they destined to meet ever week and admit that they are each others one? I wonder...nah.

    Ma$$ and Siaki are going to do wonders for the Tag Team division. The fans love them and their chemistry is top notch, the rap scene right here making it extremely obvious. I can’t wait to see what they do with it.

    The Silver Bros vs The Jackasses

    Yeah, more like Brick and Damian destruction moment. These guys showed those two teams who was the most dominate in the match and it certainly wasn’t the men who were actually involved in the match. I really should be getting on to the two gents over this but seeing how the crowd reacted to it, I’ll just give them a slap on the wrist for it.

    I wonder why they decided to have The Jackasses win. Are Brick and Damian singling out The Silver Bros? Do they feel threatened by them? From what we saw in this match, I really don’t think so.

    Rob Rage, NVON (his name is a bitch to remember) and the Polly Pablo situation

    It’s understandable Rob. Matt Haze got involved in the match and you’ve been having problems with him. Sure The Resistance lost the match but at the end of the night, The Resistance objective was completed. So don’t beat yourself up about it.

    Rashida has become quite a nuisance over here. What she did to Polly Pablo was uncalled for and there will be consequences for it. That’s why I’m not fining Nikki for attacking Rashida as she had every right to.

    These people with their anger problems. If The Alpha Dog and Rob Rage ever form a tag team…all I have to say is God help us all. Now yes, NVON did instigate Rob and NVON can be a very annoying asshole, but not even he deserved what Rage did to him. Rage has been fined and I’m going have to do something about all these attacks.

    The Alpha Dog and the official disbanding of The Resistance

    I really have no problem with The Alpha Dogs new entrance music. It fits him to a tee.

    What I do have a problem with is how he’s going about the Warfare World Championship. That title is one of the major trademarks of JBW and saying that he doesn’t want it is like saying you’re not wanting to beat a game you’ve been playing for a long time. I appreciate confidence as much as the next person but this was like spitting in the face of our most precious title and I won’t tolerate that. It seems like I have to talk to this man more and more. If he doesn’t get his act together, we may have to say goodbye to the guy.

    The Resistance weren’t together for long and it’s a shame they had to disband but since TDR is divided and no longer coming to Warfare, there just wasn’t really much reason to keep them together. Every member of that group has a very bright future ahead of them and I think separating them will make them see that.
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    Efed stuff...yeah...

    Luke Jameson

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    K-Flare segment

    Our tag team division is looking brighter and brighter every day. Brick and Damian, Ma$$ and Siaki, and these two guys. K-Jammin and RomanFlare are two of the most hated heels in JBW today. I mean the fans even hate these guys more than Chainsaw. To be honest, I’m surprised that their egos have allowed for them to remain a team but they have. I guess being a part of the same group helps out a lot.

    I’m loving how crazy K-Jam is getting because of these pranks. I wonder whose behind them.

    La Mafia Mejicana vs The Nasty Crew

    I would of really appreciated if Two of a Kind would of waited till after the match was over before interfering. I understand the whole pride thing and them feeling like they needed to get the last punch, but at least let the ref count the one two three before ruining what could have been an awesome match.

    Two of a Kind showed that they were a dominate tag team and I can’t wait till ETU to see the Triple Threat TLC match.

    HolyJose and I

    I had to do this. I had to go over the match with Holy, and with how late he got there, it didn’t give me enough time to go over it with him. So I decided to give Holy and Malcolm the rest of the night off.

    I really like HolyJose. He has shown time and time again that not only he deserved those titles he had but he also has future World Champion written all over him. The attitude is his problem right now. He continuously alienates people. I mean hell, he even broke his own brothers arm! The Alpha Dog and him were great friends as well and not only has that been broken, I’ve been hearing that them two are about to go from just talking shit to just getting down right violent. I’m going to have to keep my eyes on them two.

    Nightwolf Leaving The Devil’s Rejects

    Kharma is a bitch. The Devil’s Rejects lost not only the Horrorcore Champion but also a major key to their muscle. I would say good for him, but now this means…he’s unleashed. I better make sure everybody’s insurance is on the up and up.

    Ryusuke and Jman segment

    I said no to their rematch because I had a different plan for them but obviously they had a little tension so I decided to give them a match. Not for the title anyway but it surly would be an interesting match adding two jobbers to the mix.

    Air bu and HolyJose

    Snair and Manabu have been awesome for our awesome new Tag Division. They have really shown what the new division is about. Awesome new tag teams with great chemistry together couldn’t be more obvious with these guys.

    And wow. TDA must have been one powerful presence to take away peoples ability to talk.

    I don’t remember giving Holy the green light to go after the Tag Titles but if Air Bu decided to accept it and Holy can find a partner that can tolerate him, I shouldn’t get in their way. I wonder who he’ll get.

    The Sleeper and BodomInvader

    Now this has been a great rivalry. This rivalry has really elevated both of these guys and it looks like it’s about to get ever crazier. A FLYING TABLES MATCH?!! Has JBW ever done this? It’s going to be crazy.

    I loved it when Kash came out and told BI to quit being a pussy. He said everything we we’re thinking.

    The Sandman and Daniel Truth segment

    I wanted to give Daniel a rematch because of what The Sandman has been doing to him. Sandy has really affected the guy. Daniel might be putting up a strong front but we have all seen it backstage. Maybe if he can get motivated to get his title back, we can see a little of the old Truth back.

    HolyJose, Ragnarok, and The Prophecy

    So HolyJose goes to The Prophecy and asks for Ragnarok. Wow, this could be bad for Air Bu. Take the multiple skills of Holy and the power of Ragnarok and that could be a pretty formidable team.

    I enjoyed the little back and forth between Proph and Holy. Prophecy truly believes that the only title he deserves is that world title. Ego is definitely one of his strong suits.

    Also I would like to mention that The Prophecy and Zeus’ feud was amazing. Almost as good as The Alpha Dog and Zeus. Notice I said “Almost”.

    Ma$$ and Siaki shoot promo

    That shoot was amazing! It’s just another reason why these two are going to be great for the tag division.

    Andy Amazing vs Dylan Cross

    JBW has really evolved. Focus has been put on all aspects of our shows. The womens division, tag team division, superfly division have been revitalized to not only make our show more impressive but to make every other company (including EWNCW haha) look like second rate knock offs in comparison.

    I’m excited to see what Andy Amazing is going to bring for the Superfly division. He kind of reminds me of The Alpha Dog, except for the whole third person thing and he seems to put a bit more emphasis on speed than Alpha does. Dylan Cross looks to be pretty good as well, just needs a little more personality.

    Jman and Serra Tag match

    I had a feeling this match wasn’t going to be able to finish. Reason why, well maybe I told Zeus and The Prophecy (separately of course…seeing as how they hate each other)…and maybe I told them that if they made a big enough of an impact that I would include them into the title scene and that they did. I knew after that little battle between the four that the title match for the Warfare World Championship at ETU had to be a four way and the writers agreed (bad me for taking the credit for an outstanding match).

    It was interesting to see that Proph had to have the help of his little group to get over the other guys. He’s not going to be able to get the title that way, I guarantee it.

    K-Jammin vs the prankster for the Mayhem World Title

    Unfortunate about your ride K-Jam. We’ll make sure you get paid back for your ride. The look on your face is worth every penny.

    So who was in the room when Ma$$ and Siaki came in and whooped a bunch of asses? I don’t think it was confirmed who was in their. I hope it wasn’t the children we brought from the make a wish foundation…that would be terrible PR.

    A little message to RomanFlare from a movie I like quite a bit…”YOU JUST GOT KNOCKED THE FUCK OUT!!!!”

    So it was St. George? I had no ide…Almost finished that without laughing. I was more than happy to have St. George. The way he was treated by my predecessor and K-Jam was insulting. The only reason Iron Ape fired him was because he knew George would take the title away from K-Jam. So to make things right I gave him a title shot and he did exactly what I thought he would. HE BECAME THE MAYHEM WORLD CHAMPION!!! Talk about marking the fuck out. I also enjoyed seeing Ma$$ and Siaki coming down and celebrating with the new Champion. Awesome moment indeed (Funaki style bitches!!)

    Well, that’s it for this installment of views from Zap. At the moment of this writing, Expect the Unexpected is still in production. Be on the look out for the next issue to read my thoughts on what might be the best PPV in efed history!

    Well, that’s it for the second issue of JBW Magazine! Thank you for reading and keep an eye out for our third issue!

    Special Thanks go out to: Kashdinero, Tommy Thunder, 68wPayne, Shining Light, and Sleepy Loco! You guys rock!!

    Publishers: HolyJose, Broc, Straight Edge Zero, HeelTurn, and Jman!

    Editor in Chief: zapphoman
    Efed stuff...yeah...

    Luke Jameson


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