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    JBW Magazine!

    Hello everybody and welcome to the JBW Magazine Thread.

    We would like to ask that nobody comment in this thread. Consider it like the JBW Show Thread. I would explain what to expect from the magazine but I think you all have waited long enough and I believe we should just let the magazine speak for itself.

    So, here is the first issue and we would like to thank Jman, K-Jammin, and Kashdinero for their contributions. Thank you for reading and we hope you enjoy it.

    JBW Magazine
    October 10, 2011

    (Just imagine Kashdinero, wearing a suit and a big smile on his face, on the cover.)

    Hello and thank you for purchasing the first issue of JBW Magazine.

    In this issue we are going to have profiles for JBW wrestlers HolyJose, The Alpha Dog, and Ma$$Dinero. We are also going to have a music break where HolyJose reviews the music you should be listening to and a shooter edition of Epic Games where our very own Chris Wardhick will review the New York destroying Crysis 2 and the game that will make you scratch your head more than once, Deus Ex: Human Revolution. We also have the Indy Spin where we will interview HWA Superstar Dave Sullivan and AWF Superstar Axxel Sonn. Our resident smartass Simon Cole will answer your fan mail and to top it all off we will have an exclusive, you heard it here first, shoot interview with the man on the cover, Mr. Kashdinero!! This is going to turn some heads and you can only read what he has to say right here on JBW Magazine. So without any further ado, let’s get started!
    Efed stuff...yeah...

    Luke Jameson


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