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Thread: TNA Talent Pt 1

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    TNA Talent Pt 1

    First of all I would like to say that this is my first Thread because I just signed up. So if i do anything wrong or something please tell me. Thank you.

    Today I will be talking about the current Impact Wrestling Roster. I will discuss what there good at, What they could improve, Ect. (The current roster is every one on the Impact Wrestling site Roster) These are my opinions so please Respect them. (No Knockouts, To shorten the list)

    Abyss- I like these Abyss, He has an interesting character, But he is very limited in his moves (Because of his weight) Though he does do jumps from the top rope rarely. I don't think he is Title worthy anymore but can probably still can pull of some Hardcore matches! TNA should keep him a bit longer.

    AJ Styles- He is one of the best Originals TNA has and should use him more effectively. He should break of Fortune and worry about being in the Main event again because fighting Immortal over and over again isn't going to elevate him. He should also stay Face because his Heel run with the Title was interesting and exciting at first but after the first couple of months he got stale. TNA should keep him.

    Alex Shelly- Love these guy, His in ring ability is great. It's fun to watch what move he will come up with next and how he pulls it off. I think he should be holding the Television Title until Chris Sabin returns from his injury and they can reform MCMG. TNA should keep.

    Anarquia- He is Extremely annoying, His promos are hard to listen to and his high voice irritates my ears. His in ring ability is not good from the matches I have seen him in, It's pretty much Hernandez carries him through the tag Matches. He doesn't deserve to be Tag Champion, And TNA should get rid of him after they lose the Tag Titles.

    Anthony Nese- Haven't really seen him in the ring, So I won't make any judgments yet, But he looks like a rising star.

    Austin Aries- Very talented in the ring, I don't think he should of been X Division Champ so soon, But he might prove me wrong. His Promos are good but could improve on it. I can see him going on to be a short term Main Eventer sooner or later. TNA should keep him.

    Bobby Roode- This is the person every Impact Wrestling fan is talking about! Is he ready? Can he beat the impossible? He can, And he will. Its been 13 Years and Booby definitely deserves to be the champion. His Promos are Solid and his moves are smooth and ''Impactful'' I like how he has added the Crossface to his arsenal and can hit it out of anywhere. If he becomes World HeavyWeight Champion at BFG, He should be holding the title for a good 5-6 Months? But TNA has a huge Main Event Wrestler here and should keep him.

    Brian Kendrick- I like his crazy, Wacky, Wizard Of Odd character. I don't like what he wears now, He should go back to his White Pants, His moves are good, His Promos are on the Ok side. He is a nice addition to the TNA X Division Wrestler Roster and probably could have some nice Rivalries. TNA should keep a while longer.

    Bully Ray- Since the Team 3D Split up. He has Greatly improved all around, He was boring as a Tag Team Wrestlers but since he Transformed into Bully Ray, I like watching him now. His Promos are great, He looks fitter now and his moves seem to feel real now. I could see him winning the Title in the future, Even if it is for a Couple of days! TNA should keep.

    Chris Sabin- Currently injured with a torn ACL. He is absolutely great as a Tag Team with Alex Shelly but as a single competitor he doesn't do so well. His ring work is good his Promos could improve big time. If he does go back as a single Wrestler, I could see him winning the X Division Title 1 more time. TNA should keep until MCMG break up.

    Christopher Daniels- He is also one of the best in TNA right now, He deserves more then he has got. He should be in the Main Event Title picture or at least holding a title right now. His moves are Spot on and you can always feel the Emotion from his promos, Before he Retires I think he should have 1 last run with the WHC or X Division Title. TNA should keep.

    Crimson- He is talented in the ring, Promos lack emotion and needs improving on it. He shouldn't be unbeatable right now, I think that should of came on a bit later because he seems to big at him self. I can see him holding a smaller title, But i wouldn't like to see him hold the WHC. TNA should keep.

    D'Angelo Dinero- Very talented on the Mic, His character works extremely well, But the let down his is matches; They feel the same over again, He could vary his moves to improve that. I can see a Future TNA World HeavyWeight Champion. TNA should keep.

    Devon- Absolutely horrible. Since the Team 3D Split up, He has become a Pest. His matches are utter boring and his only good Promo was with Jeff Hardys Return. His only match I have liked since the split up; Is him teaming up with D'Angelo Dinero, And that's a Tag Match. TNA has to get rid of him.

    Doug Williams- Love his in ring work, Great as a Single Wrestler; Even better as a Tag Team. His Promos aren't the best but it will have to do. He might even be a Future WHC ? Who knows, TNA should keep.

    Eric Young- This guy is a joke (Literally) There should be no way in hell he should be holding the Television Championship right now. Since he captured it of Gunner, He has defended it about 1-2 Times. When a new uprising star could be holding it. But don't get me wrong, I love his crazed character and his matches are funny to watch it's just stupid how he's the champ. If he goes back to Heel Eric i can take him more serious and I could even smell a new WHC. Until he goes back to Heel Eric I don't want to see him in TNA. TNA should keep for about 1 more year.

    That's it for TNA Talent Part 1. Part 2 will come out tomorrow hopefully. If you have read the whole way through, Thank you. Oh & remember this is my first post so please not that much hateful comments thanks again.

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