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    Anyone read the top 25 overrated wrestlers on Ugo?

    I was amazed at how little the jackass who wrote the article knew about the history of wrestling..For instance he said the only reason Verne Gagne was popular was because he booked the awa, if the damned fool knew his wrestling history he would know the only way Verne was able to make the AWA work was because he was one of the top 5 most popular wrestlers in the world do to his time on the Dumont network, he was one of the first wrestlers to do national commercials etc..
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    I discovered long ago, not to bother with any list Ugo produces! They are clueless asshats!

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    a guy named Aubrey Sitterson wrote it and I have to laugh at some of his picks - Daniels, Regal, Miss Elizabeth, Christian... yet Cena, Batista nowhere to be seen on the list
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