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    what WWE need to do is keep the IC title on Rhodes, he is doing a great job, and really solidifying himself for a main event push in the near future. Dolph, i think is inbetween, I think is ready to drop the ic title and move on, but I can only see him jobbing to the stars and never quite making the wwe or WHC. Personally, when Punk left a MITB with the WWE title, they shouldnt have had a WWE title tournament, they should have had Dolph claim to be the only singles champ on RAW and pushed him that way, and the US title in the same respect. Maybe have a tournament for the number 1 contendership to the us title, then have cena win, then have Cena vs Dolph for the US title the next wee, and just as Cena is about to hit the AA, punk should have came out, this distracting cena, dolph hits the Zig Zag,1,2,3. Dolph beat the top dog, the us champ beat the former wwe champ, push dolph ziggler. But instead wwe done a lame 2 wwe titles that now 2 months later cena and punk have both lost to ADR.

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    I think eventually we'll see Swagger and Zigger fueding for the U.S. Title involving Vickie. I think this could be a great fued to not only help boost the prestige of the U.S. Title but allow Ziggler to turn face(tweener) and move on to bigger things! As with Rhodes, I hear rumours about programs with Orton and Booker. This can only help Rhodes but I would keep the belt on him for quite a while. Infact I'd like to see him hold the belt till Mania and put someone over then. Could be a great way to put DiBiase over. He fails to beat Cody at his first attempt (at NOC) goes away and works harder then when it comes to the big one he is able to beat Cody this time.

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    It's always better to have the face as the guy chasing the belt and the underdog.

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