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    according to jags, 4 of wwe's champions are eels?

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    Ziggler should have lost the US title months ago. He did the same thing with the IC title where he holds onto it way too long when he really doesn't need to. He needs to be elevated to the next level instead of holding a title that would be better off on somebody else.

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    I love strong Heel champions. The more heat a heel has the more of a pop the babyface can get chasing the belt. It can also help create new stars. The NWO was so over back in the day DDP actually finally got over as a face just by giving the outsiders diamond cutters when they asked him to join.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Rain Man View Post
    Nah dude, totally disagree because, well, nobody CARES anymore. Beth should have won in her hometown. She got beaten too many times, and also, when she finally won, it was only because of Natalya, are you kidding me?
    You see that's how WWE let's bad guys win now because of the whole anti-bully thing. they want to make it look like bullies and bad guys only win by cheat so the kiddies think that. You know it's for the kids. then then good guys "come back" and win and get justice

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    I think zack Ryder might be given the U.S title given the fact they've had him go over ziggler twice now.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jags View Post
    Which face midcarder can replace one of the great heel midcard champions at the moment?

    I think Dolph and Cody are bringing back prestige to both belts, but if I had to pick one to lose it first it would be Ziggler I think because of Cody got a shorter title reign and just brought back the classic IC title. On the other side a Booker vs. Rhodes feud was announced, but that will probably take the focus of the IC title if Rhodes still got it at that time.

    But which midcard face is able to take the US/IC belt? I expect it to be Mason Ryan or Alex Riley, even though they're not my favorite choices I will give them a shot.
    Alex Riley and Mason Ryan arent really ready for title reigns yet.

    It would be nice for a face to be given a go but Cody has just won his and on Smackdown apart from Bryan alot of them need building up for titles or if you look at Sheamus should be going for the main belt.

    With Dolph i thought they were doing a whole him and Zack Ryder angle which would give your face(or tweener) a title.

    The only other 2 that spring three that spring to mind are Sin Cara(who needs more promos before a title run), Justin Gabriel who needs a feud and Evan Bourne who is the tag champ

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    @Subject Zero

    I think also Alex Riley and Mason Ryan are a bit to green for a championship run, but still I expect it to be them because of the place where they're at right now. I can see both these guys pin the US/IC champ clean, will I agree with that decision? Probably not, but I can see it happen and I will give those guys a shot if it happens.

    Zack Ryder got a big fan base (also being in the Zack Pack myself), but it would be pretty weird to give him directly a huge push because of this. They are building him up bit by bit and I can see that, also the wins over Dolph Ziggler weren't clean 1 on 1 what a face should be doing.

    As for Sin Cara, Justin Gabriel and Evan Bourne they are 3 great talents in the ring, but champions aren't picked by their in-ring ability only. Sin Cara does barely know English, Justin Gabriel is still in the lower midcard so anytime soon I don't see him get a run although he rises relatively quick and Evan Bourne is now active in the Tag Division, if it weren't for that Kofi Kingston would of been a legit contender for the US/IC title to.
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    so essentially exactly what i said about the 3 lol.

    Zack Ryder is over though and i would give him the title so see what he can do with it. Maybe bring life back in to the Midcard titles.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jags View Post
    We have an heel WWE champion.

    We have an heel World Heavyweight champion.

    We have an heel Intercontinental champion.

    We have an heel US champion.

    In my opinion these are the most relevant championships. The Tag Team Division has been getting better and I think Air Boom is allright, but the titles are made of bronze which makes the belts look irrelevant. The Divas Division has been irrelevant as a whole, no offense but it has so the title isn't relevant either.

    So what do you think about this? Do you think one of the champions will lose their belt? If yes, which champion will lose it and to which superstar he/she will lose it? Or do you think this is part of a bigger storyline?

    So please share your thoughts :-).

    I'm glad that the heels have the titles right now. It seems to me that WWE are stacking the odds against the heels. The heels have to fight the system while it favors the faces. Usually it is suppose to be the other way around. Usually the system suppose to favor the heels while the faces have to fight the system. It worked well with Austin. How many times he had to fight the odds or fight Vinny Mac's plans to try to take out Stone Cold. He would be very interesting if everything was handed to him on a silver plater...cough Cena cough!

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    I don't care who the US/IC titles are on, as long as storylines are built around them. There have been no solid feuds over the titles, which is sad considering that there used to be angles over them all the time. It's almost as if the WWE is trying to make them irrelevant. Perhaps with what has been going on with Cody lately and the possible Ryder/Ziggler feud, that will change.

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