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    How I would book the WWE

    Backstory -

    - After the 2011 draft, Alex Riley was drafted to SmackDown. The Miz, desperate to keep Riley at his side, teamed up with his assistant and won the tag team titles from Big Show & Kane for the sole purpose of keeping Riley in his corner. With Riley as 1/2 of the Tag Team Champions, he was able to remain on RAW by The Miz's side and helped him retain the WWE Championship at Extreme Rules. The RAW prior to the I Quit Match at Over the Limit, Miz and Riley defended the tag team titles against New Nexus members David Otunga and Michael McGillicutty in a lumberjack match. The Lumberjacks were all face wrestlers who took their opportunities to get their free shots in on all four men. CM Punk interfered in the match with an army of heel Superstars. Cena and the other faces met Punk's group head on and a brawl erupted. In the ensuing chaos, Punk was able to sneak into the ring, hit the GTS on Riley, and sneak out like a ninja, allowing Otunga to score the pin. The brawl was broken up, and Miz realized that Riley was no longer one half of the tag champions and unable to be by his side anymore. Riley was forcibly removed from the arena by Cena, leaving Miz to face Cena on his own. Without Riley by his side, Miz was easily squashed by Cena, saying I Quit after Cena threatened to shock The Miz with a car battery.

    - On SmackDown, Cody Rhodes & Ted DiBiase attempted to bully Riley, making homophobic slurs in regards to his former relationship with The Miz. Riley turned face by attacking Ted, while Cody just stood there and watched, hoping that Ted would "man up" and "handle his business." Riley had a series of matches with Ted, which Riley won every encounter. Ted filed a complaint to Teddy Long and Riley was sent back to RAW. Cody turned on Ted, embarrassed and disgusted that Ted wouldn't "took the cowards way out" and didn't "handle his business like a man." turning Ted face as a result.

    Riley returned to RAW, and began feuding with The Miz, who was pissed at Riley for "abandoning" him. Riley & Miz are now mortal enemies. The Miz has also formed an alliance with R-Truth, as they feel they are held back by a con-spiracy. R-Truth has also helped Miz out in his never ending feud with Riley, as R-Truth, having had a similar break up with his own sidekick Johnny Curtis (Curtis helped R-Truth attack Morrison in the infamous Long Island episode of RAW, but walked out on Truth out of guilt), saw Miz as a kindred spirit.

    - CM Punk cut his epic shoot promo, won the WWE Championship and walked out on the WWE. Vince McMahon fired John Cena as a result. Triple H returned and was announced as the new COO, relieving Vince of his duties. Triple H rehired Cena, but suspended him indefinitely for failing to retain the WWE Championship.

    Alberto Del Rio cashed in the Money in the Bank, hoping that in doing so, he would automatically be awarded the new WWE Championship. However, Triple H instead forced him to face the winner of the WWE Title tournament. The finals of the tournament came down to The Miz vs. Alex Riley, having the blowoff match for their feud. Riley won the tournament, but lost the title match the following week after Miz interfered, saying that if he couldn't have the title, Riley wouldn't either.

    CM Punk made his return and at Summerslam, he and Del Rio fought to become the Undisputed WWE Champion. Also at Summerslam, Cena won a Fatal 4Way involving Miz, R-Truth and Riley, to become #1 contender for the title at Night of Champions. Del Rio retained, defeating Cena with the cross armbreaker. Cena did not submit, but he was unable to escape the hold after 4 minutes, even after dragging Del Rio across the ring with his freakish strength, and the referee saw no choice but to stop the match to protect Cena from injury.

    Christian retained the World Heavyweight Championship against Orton and never turned heel. He successfully defended the title against a then heel Sheamus at Over The Limit and lost the title to Orton at Summerslam. Christian and Mark Henry fought for the #1 contendership on the following SmackDown and Henry won. Henry went on to defeat Orton and Night of Champions, and Orton demanded a rematch the following SmackDown, which he lost due to interference by Cody Rhodes. Christian began his One More Match campaign, attempting to defeat Henry on multiple occasions but losing over and over again. Christian, despite being a face, joined David Otunga's new alliance, but has no real interest in the other superstars' demands.

    At Night of Champions, The Miz & R-Truth brutally attacked Air Boom before their scheduled Tag Title match could even get started, saying that they had bigger fish to fry than competing for the tag team Championship (interfering in the CM Punk/Triple H match). Vickie Guerrero chose this opportunity to bring Jack Swagger & Dolph Ziggler out and challenge the tag champions. Kofi and Evan, being the valiant fighters they were, accepted the challenge despite not being 100%. Although Dolph had competed earlier in the night, having successfully defended the U.S. title against Alex Riley, Swagger was still fresh which gave Vickie's team the advantage and Swagger won the match and the titles for their team after making Evan Bourne tap out to the ankle lock.

    Miz & R-Truth were fired at the beginning of the following RAW, but Triple H gave them the opportunity to fight for their jobs by taking on the entire RAW Roster (All of the faces + Alberto Del Rio & Ricardo Rodriguez) in an elimination handicap match. Miz & Truth managed to eliminate all of the undercard guys, but were completely dominated by Cena, Punk, Del Rio, & Ricardo. Del Rio & Ricardo chose to walk out of the match. This angered Cena who chased them down, getting himself counted out, leaving CM Punk against Miz & Truth on his own. Triple H then came out during the match with his sledgehammer, and nailed CM Punk with it, purposely getting Miz & Truth disqualified. Triple H sent out the entire roster out to throw Miz & Truth out of the arena.

    Here's how I would book the WWE

    WWE Champion: Alberto Del Rio
    World Heavyweight Champion: Mark Henry
    WWE Intercontinental Champion: Cody Rhodes
    WWE United States Champion: Dolph Ziggler
    WWE Tag Team Champions: The All American Perfection (Dolph Ziggler & Jack Swagger)
    WWE Diva's Champion: Beth Phoenix

    Alberto Del Rio
    Beth Phoenix
    The Bella Twins
    CM Punk
    Curt Hawkins
    Dolph Ziggler
    Drew McIntyre
    Evan Bourne
    Jack Swagger
    John Cena
    John Morrison
    Kelly Kelly
    Kofi Kingston
    Mason Ryan
    Rey Mysterio
    Ricardo Rodriguez
    Triple H
    Tyler Reks


    Alicia Fox
    Cody Rhodes
    Ezekiel Jackson
    The Great Khali
    Jimmy & Jey Uso
    Jinder Mahal
    Mark Henry
    Matt Striker
    Randy Orton
    Rosa Mendes
    Sin Cara
    Sin Cara
    Ted DiBiase
    Trent Baretta
    Tyson Kidd
    William Regal
    Yoshi Tatsu

    The NXT Roster consists of all NXT alumni with special appearances by former NXT pros. The NXT Superstars are allowed to appear on the main shows, but usually only the more over ones do so while the rest compete mostly on NXT.

    Alex Riley (makes regular appearances on RAW)
    A.J. (makes regular appearances on SmackDown and special episodes of RAW)
    Aksana (makes regular appearances on SmackDown)
    Brodus Clay (makes regular appearances on SmackDown)
    Byron Saxton (makes sporadic apperances)
    Conor O'Brian (makes sporadic apperances)
    Daniel Bryan (cross branded with SmackDown; appears on special episodes of RAW)
    Darren Young (makes sporadic appearances on both brands as enhancement talent)
    David Otunga (makes regular apperances on RAW)
    Derrick Bateman
    Heath Slater (cross branded with SmackDown)
    Johnny Curtis (makes regular appearances on Smackdown; sporadic apperances on RAW)
    Justin Gabriel (makes regular apperances on SmackDownl; appears on special episodes of RAW)
    Kaitlyn (makes regular apperances on SmackDownl; appears on special episodes of RAW)
    Michael McGillicutty (makes sporadic apperances on RAW)
    Percy Watson
    Titus O'Neil
    Wade Barrett (Makes regular appearances on SmackDown; appears on special episodes of RAW)

    Former Pros occasionally appear on NXT
    Alberto Del Rio (& Ricardo Rodriguez)
    Alicia Fox
    The Bella Twins
    CM Punk
    Cody Rhodes
    Daniel Bryan
    Dolph Ziggler (& Vickie Guerrero)
    John Morrison
    Kelly Kelly
    Kofi Kingston
    Mark Henry
    The Miz
    Ted DiBiase
    Tyson Kidd
    Yoshi Tatsu
    Zack Ryder

    Tag Teams

    - Awesome Truth (The Miz & R-Truth; occasionally appear on NXT due to both being former pros)
    - The All American Perfection (Dolph Ziggler & Jack Swagger)
    - Air Boom (Kofi Kingston & Evan Bourne)
    - The Major Broskis (Zack Ryder & Curt Hawkins)

    Jimmy & Jey Uso

    Derrick Bateman & Johnny Curtis (sometimes team up on SmackDown)
    South Beach Psrty Boys (Percy Watson & Darren Young)
    Heath Slater & Justin Gabriel (occasionally team up on SmackDown)
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    Week 1: RAW SuperShow

    RAW SuperShow opens with John Cena coming out to cut a "Is everybody having a good time tonight" esque promo. HE is interrupted by Vickie Guerrero coming out with Dolph Ziggler & Jack Swagger.

    Vickie cuts a promo about how her skills have led many superstars to success. She has the United States Title and the Tag Team Titles in her camp. She says that with her guidance, Ziggler & Swagger are unstoppable.

    Cena cuts her off and makes a few jokes about Vickie's appearance. Alex Riley's theme song hits, and he comes out in his ring gear, as he is scheduled to challenge Ziggler for the U.S. title. Riley has a mic, and he and Cena appear to be trying to out do each other in insulting Vickie and her boys.

    Match #1: Alex Riley def. Dolph Ziggler to win the United States Championship

    Riley goes for his A-Bomb elbow drop only for Swagger to trip him. Cena gets up from his chair and tackles Swagger. The referee ejects Vickie, Swagger, and Cena from ringside. While Swagger & Vickie argue with the referee, Cena simply waves goodbye to Ziggler, who turns around into a TKO from Riley. As Riley is celebrating winning his first title, the Miz (who is still fired along with R-Truth) runs in through the crowd and attacks Riley. Miz is in an emotional state, screaming at his former friend, "This is all your fault! You're not allowed to be happy while I'm miserable!"

    Riley is backstage being tended to by the trainers. Triple H comes in and apologizes to Riley over what the Miz did. Triple H assures Riley that he's taking actions to ensure that it doesn't happen again. Vickei and her crew come in and complain about how Cena ruined everything. Triple H books Jack Swagger vs. John Cena as the main event.

    Match #2. Alberto Del Rio & Ricardo Rodriguez def. The Major Broskis

    Ricardo comes out to the ring with a new entrance theme. Justin Roberts introduces Ricardo. Ricardo snatches the mic from Roberts and says, "Afuera pendejo. Let me show you how it's done." Ricardo then introduces himself, then Del Rio's theme song plays and Ricardo does his normal Del Rio introduction.

    Zack Ryder's theme song hits and The Major Broskis come out. Hawkins has a mic in his hand.

    Hawkins: You gave a great introduction Ricardo, but now let us show you how it's done. Ladies and Gentlemen. It is my honor and my privilege to introduce to you the two hottest things to ever come out of La Familia, sorry Vickie. The Party Starter Curt Hawkins! The Internet Champion, Zack Ryder! The Major Broskis.

    Ryder: And if you're not down with us, I just have one question. Are you serious bro?

    Ricardo works most of the match, with Del Rio only coming in when one of the faces is down. Del Rio makes a blind tag. Eventually Ryder hits the Rough Ryder on Ricardo, but Del Rio knocks Ryder out with the Enziguiri, knocks Hawkins off the apron, and then makes Ryder tap out with the cross armbreaker.

    Del Rio grabs the mic and then says, "I am the WWE Champion, and these two gringos are not even close to my level. How do you say, are you serious bro?"

    Del Rio & Ricardo then laugh, but then are attacked by John Morrison

    Match #3 Randy Orton vs. Drew McIntyre
    Orton wins a rather quick match with the RKO.

    Match #4. Mark Henry vs. Evan Bourne.
    Mark Henry wins the match in about 5 minutes. Bourne fights valiantly, but in the end gets squashed. After the match Henry continues the beatdown, but Kofi Kingston runs out to make the save

    Match #5. Jack Swagger def. John Cena.

    Swagger & Cena put on a 15 minute classic. Swagger actually manages to get Cena in the ankle lock, Cena crawls for the ropes, but Swagger pulls him back into the center of the ring. He does this multiple times for almost two and a half minutes before finally tapping out. Swagger does a victory lap and confetti begins raining down from the ceiling, while Michael Cole goes crazy over Swagger having made Cena submit. Vickie and Dolph come out and starts spraying Swagger with champagne and they make their way backstage. The music stops playing and Cena is in shock in the center of the ring. He slowly makes his way backstage in sadness and in shame over having tapped out.
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    Awesome start bro

    I am interested in where you take this Keep up the good work

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    Week 1: NXT Redemption

    Wade Barrett comes out and cuts a promo about how he's been forced to return to the cesspool that is NXT. HE says he is the only decent thing to come out of this abomination of a show, and the name "redemption" is appropriate for a show that has fallen so far ever since he left.

    Johnny Curtis comes out and says that he too is an NXT winner and Barrett laughs in his face.

    Barrett: I've been blazing a trail through the WWE and main eventing PPVs. What exactly have you been doing other than making bad puns.

    Curtis: You're right. I'm not as successful as you. Maybe I am nothing but bad puns. But I have a bad pun for you right now. Talk to the hand.

    Curtis slaps Barrett to a huge pop. The two begin fighting and Curtis gets the advantage, knocking Barrett from the ring. Curtis grabs the mic and challenges Barrett to an NXT winner vs. NXT winner match, right now!

    Match #1 Wade Barrett vs. Johnny Curtis
    Barrett beats Curtis with the Wasteland after a back and forth match

    David Otunga approaches Alex Riley backstage. He says that the Miz's attack on him was a result of Triple H's poor decisions as COO. He invites Riley to participate in the lawsuit with the other disgruntled Superstars. Riley turns his offer down and tells him where he can stick his lawsuit.

    World Heavyweight Champion and former NXT pro Mark Henry comes out and cuts a promo. He talks about how the World Title is the ultimate prize in this business. It's what all these young guns in NXT strive for. He says as long as he's Champion, a shot at the World Title isn't a dream, it's a nightmare. Henry stays outside to watch the next match

    Match #2 Brodus Clay vs. Yoshi Tatsu
    Clay wins, and then has a staredown with Henry.

    - Recap of Swagger making Cena tap out on RAW.

    Match #3. Tyson Kidd vs. Alex Riley
    Kidd has resumed his random manager gimmick, but he is oddly accompanied by The Miz. The commentators note that although Miz & R-Truth were fired, Miz is in the arena solely at Kidd's invitation. Riley & Kidd have a back and forth match, with Miz taking cheap shots at Riley and berating him whenever the referee isn't looking. When Riley gets the advantage, Miz trips him. Kidd takes advantage and gets Riley in the Sharpshooter. Riley crawls to the ropes, face to face with The Miz, who slaps him out of the ref's line of sight and yells at him. Riley then looks Miz dead in the eye, and says, "Your ass is mine." Miz gulps in horror as Riley gives him a sinister smirk and taps out, sacrificing the victory so that Kidd can break the hold, and then quick as a flash, goes after the Miz and chases him backstage.

    Riley is searching for the Miz, who attacks him from behind. The Miz & Riley brawl backstage and Riley has the advantage, ripping Miz's clothes. Miz picks up a steel pipe and wildly swings it at Riley dropping it. Riley ducks, hits Miz in the stomach and picks up the pipe.. Riley chases Miz to the parking lot where R-Truth is waiting for him in a getaway car. R-Truth yells "Stop playing with Little Jimmy and let's go!" Miz gets in the passenger's seat and yells, "Go! Go! Go!" Riley smashes one of the car's windows with the pipe before it can peel out. Riley is left in the parking lot groaning in frustration
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    Week 1: Superstars

    * Superstars oddly opens up with Triple H coming out to the ring in a suit.

    Triple H : "Don't adjust your sets. This isn't a dream. Triple H is on Superstars. I realized that we have a bunch of talented guys in the back, who put their blood sweat and tears into this show week after week, yet hardly anyone acknowledges their hard work because they can't be bothered to take one hour out of their time to watch this show. I used to watch Superstars in the 80s, I remember when Superstars used to have 'super stars' and I loved it! Guys like Mr. Perfect, guys like Demolition, guys like The Hart Foundation, guys like Razor Ramon, and even guys like Kevin Nash, bless his heart, used to come on this show week after week. This show has fallen so far ever since then. I have made it my mission to make this show actually mean something again!!!

    "That's why I've made a stellar main event tonight with two of the hottest young stars in the WWE. The Intercontinental Champion Cody Rhodes will go one on one with the United STates Champion Alex Riley in a Champion vs. Champion match."

    * Cody Rhodes comes out in a suit, (NOTE: He still has the Attitude Era IC belt) He gets in the ring

    Cody : "I refuse to compete against Alex Riley."

    Triple H : "Are you afraid of A-Ry? If you are you can...say it to my face. Don't be ashamed, we all are afraid of something. I'm afraid of heights, and I'm afraid of people with thick glasses. It makes their eyes look big like they're judging you."

    Cody : "I do not fear that common man Alex Riley. But Alecth Riley has a target on his back. The Miz...that tacky suit wearing....frog faced....glorified....reality television reject that used to work here has made Alecth Riley a target for reasons that I give an minimal amount of fudge about. I am the WWE Intercontinental Champion, and an innothent bysthander. I should not have to rithk being caught in the crothfire of a thychotic clown

    Triple H: Tell us how you really feel. The match is still on.

    Triple H leaves the ring while Cody stands there frustrated.


    Ted DiBiase is having one of his DiBiase Posse tailgate parties outside the arena. Fans and Superstars alike are having fun and generally having a good time.

    Suddenly we hear the voice of R-Truth...

    R-Truth : DIBIASE POSSE!!!! WHAT'S UP!!!!

    Miz: This tailgate party is about to get AWWWWEEEEESOOMMMMMEEEEE!!!!

    * There is an awkward silence as Miz & R-Truth, both wearing DiBiase Posse T-shirts (Miz is wearing it with a suit) walk through the tailgate party with smug looks on their faces. They both put their arms around Ted

    Ted : Nobody invited you here.

    R-Truth: Come on Ted. A year ago you was begging me to be your buddy!

    Ted: This is not quite what I had in mind.

    Miz : Why so serious Ted?

    R-Truth : We might not be part of the WWE anymore, but we still proud members of the DiBiase Posse, and we just came to enjoy a tailgate party.

    * Miz snatches a burger out of Zack Ryder's hand

    Ryder : Are you serious bro!

    Ryder then storms off to the ring as his match is next. Miz smiles and starts eating the burger.


    Match #1: Zack Ryder vs. Brodus Clay
    Zack Ryder comes out with his camera, while Clay gets a jobber entrance. Ryder grabs a microphone, gets in the ring, and points his camera at Clay.

    Ryder : Hey Brodus! You're on my show right now! You wanna be my Broski of the Week? I can call you Broski Clay!

    Ryder tries to pal around with Brodus, oblivious to the big man's obvious annoyance. The bell rings and Brodus dominates Ryder with various power holds. Ryder does manages to get Brodus down to one knee, and attempts the Rough Ryder only to be caught and slammed down hard. Brodus then hits a running cross body and pins him.
    Winner: Brodus Clay

    After the match, Brodus grabs Ryder and tosses him out of the ring. He then grabs a mic

    Brodus : "I told you I was gonna kill all your heroes! Starting with this one right here! AND YOU DO...KNOW...THAT!"

    * Brodus then walks over to Ryder as he is getting up, and tosses him into the steel steps. He then leaves the ring area and makes his way backstage.

    A recap of Swagger making John Cena tap out on RAW plays

    * Vickie Guerrero, Dolph Ziggler & Jack Swagger are watching the recap backstage on a monitor. Brodus Clay walks past them, and Vickie stops him.

    Vickie : Ahem, excuse me. I was watching your match, and I was pretty impressed. As you can see, Dolph Ziggler and Jack Swagger are the WWE Tag Team Champions. And most recently as a result of my guidance, Jack Swagger did the impossible when he made John Cena tap out on RAW. If you join me, I can guarantee that you'll have similar success,

    * Vickie hands Brodus a business card. HE looks at it, and then tears it up. Brodus grabs Ziggler by his tie. Swagger moves in to aid his partner, but backs off when Brodus glares at him.. Brodus smiles, then lets go of the smaller man and walks away.

    Ziggler then shamelessly quips in smartass fashion: "That shaved gorilla just made me soil myself!" and hurriedly heads off to the locker room to change


    - A video package featuring David Otunga and his interactions with the various Superstars plays.

    * All About The Power plays and David Otunga comes out along with his former Nexus stable mates Michael McGillicutty, Heath Slater & Justin Gabriel. All of them have their ring gear on as they are about to compete in an 8 man tag match. Otunga grabs a mic.

    Otunga: "My name is David Otunga...."

    The crowd starts to chant MISTER HUDSON * clap clap clap clap clap *

    Otunga : "You may recognize me as well as the men you see before you as former members of The Nexus. These men would like to air their own opinions regarding the COO Triple H."

    Gabriel : "While the group of individuals collectively suing Triple H have their own complaints, they at least have enjoyed the privilege of performing on RAW and SmackDown and competing for championship title, while we have gotten nothing but scraps."

    Slater : How many times is Triple H gonna give Christian 'one more match' over and over and over again while the rest of us sit back on the sidelines?

    McGillicutty : We are sick of the poor treatment that Triple H has given us. We are tired of being ignored. We will no longer be overlooked. No longer will we not be given the attention we rightfully deserve... *

    The crowd is actually cheering for McGillicutty as he has another "This moment starting now" moment. McGillicutty's rant is cut off by The Usos theme starting up. Jimmy and Jey come out dragging a reluctant Johnny Curtis & Derrick Bateman out by the arm. Curtis audibly yells "I don't wanna!" while Bateman shakes his head no. The Usos then start to do the Siva Tau dance and Curtis & Bateman reluctantly do it with them....awkwardly and badly.

    Match #2. Heath Slater, Justin Gabriel, David Otunga & Michael McGillicutty vs. Johnny Curtis, Derrick Bateman & The Usos.
    The match lasts about seven minutes. Otunga hits his spinebuster on Curtis and scores the pin.

    A recap of Miz's attacks on Alex Riley plays.

    Miz & R-Truth are still at the tailgate party, each have an arm around Ted's shoulder, as they are watching the recap on a TV. Ted (and everyone else) is no longer having fun due to Awesome Truth's presence. Cody Rhodes shows up in his ring gear, along with his baggers, about to head out for his match.

    Cody : Ted, Are you seriously cavorting with these outsiders?

    Ted : I don't owe you an explanation! But just to let you know I didn't invite them! They just showed up.

    Cody : If you have any sense of decency or brain cells, you will get rid of these interlopers now.

    R-Truth : My dad used to take me hunting for interlopers when I was a kid!

    Cody : As if a despicable worm like you could ever actually have a father....

    R-Truth picks up a bottle of mustard and squirts it on Cody. Cody retaliates by taking out a paper bag and putting it on R-Truth's head. A blinded R-Truth begins spraying the mustard around wildly on everyone. Cody reaches into a bowl of potato salad and slaps The Miz

    Miz then yells "Food fight!" and all of the superstars begin throwing food at each other and brawling. Cody takes the brunt of the punishment. Ted begins to grow increasingly angry as his tailgate party has officially been ruined. Ted grabs a toasting fork and tries to attack R-Truth and Miz with it, and they flee the scene. Ted turns his attention to Cody who is cowering behind his baggers. Ted tries to attack Cody but the baggers restrain Ted while Cody flees to the ring for his match.


    Match #3. Champion vs. Champion match: Alex Riley vs. Cody Rhodes
    This match lasts about 11 minutes, and goes back and forth. Riley hits a spinebuster on Rhodes, and then goes for his A-Bomb elbow drop, but Cody dodges it and then hits the Beautiful Disaster Kick. Cody hits the Cross-Rhodes on Riley for the win.
    Winner: Cody Rhodes

    Cody celebrates with the Intercontinental title, and Ted runs out and attacks Cody, pissed off that Cody provoked Miz & R-Truth and started the food fight. Cody tries to run, but trips on the fallen form of Riley Ted beats Cody a few more times and Cody retreats up the ramp. Ted stares down Cody to end the show
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    Whould u like me to review ur Shows? . I so i will give u feedback Etc
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    I would appreciate that, thanks.

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    Ill do ur first show now which was RAW

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    RAW Supershow Review

    The Opening segment was good and I'm glad you used Vickie as she is a brilliant Heel.

    Great to see a title change hand in your first match. I also don't think that Vickie Dolph and Swagger will take this lying. If this leads into a Cena-Vickie's Crew storyline that would be great. Great to see Miz and truth return as well.

    Good backstage segment with Riley-Swagger-Dolph and Vickie. Also a good set up for the main event.

    Good to see Del Rio and Rodriguez win. Also great that Ricardo wrestled most of the match because Del Rio is champ.

    Orton wins, Nice. I think if you made a storyline with those 2 it could turn out great. Only if u want to though.

    Great To see Henry Dominate at the end.

    Absolutely Brilliant Main Event. I have always wanted to see Cena tap out and he did. Also the celebration sounded great. Hopefully u continue on with this storyline for the time being.

    Great first show man. What makes it really good is that when reading it feels so realistic.

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    Will do NXT and Superstars reviews tommorow Morning (My Time)

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