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    You video is the exactly reason I never pick up EA games anymore.
    1. They shut down servers. I fucking loved lord of the rings conquest and it lasted 7 months, 7 fucking months! I completed it but multiplayer was awesome!
    2. They really don't care about gamers, like Activision
    3. I got sick and tired of the bullshit. I bought Family Game Night for me and my girlfriend to play. We've had a lot of fun on it but I can't play scrabble because Hasbro don't have the license to it for Europe now. Seriously wtf! Madden 07 is another bullshit incident.

    EA = Electronic Assholes

    As for COD. I have a funny story.
    I've never really been a god junkie. COD 4 is good and has a great campaign but i'm not a multiplayer FPS junkie. Not my cup of tea. MW2 comes out. I eventually buy it 2 years later when the price goes down by £2 (DAT BARGIN!) So i'm playing with my friend who plays it religiously and my friend who plays it professionally, or did.
    Going well. I'm overall breaking even which is pretty decent for a complete begginer to COD multiplayer and my firends are dragging me. About 3 hours in. We join a match that finishes instantly after my friend dies. The guy who killed him goes to 70 instantly. We stay even though stupidly confused. Its domination. So I run towards the flagpoint. Once it captures I go instantly to level 70. Oh how I lol'd.

    So it took me 3 hours to get to 70 and 250,000th out of 14 million on the leaderboards.
    Don't worry, I then completely forgot about COD and enjoyed my social life again <3
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    Quote Originally Posted by KJ PUNK View Post
    everytime i suspect someone of cheating on COD (only game I actually play online, except sports against only my friends) I immediately report them.
    i didnt report anybody cus even i was flying and my console isnt even modded

    so i thought if i reported evrybody
    i would just ruin somebodys gaming life

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    It's kind of annoying. I don't understand why somebody would waste the time hacking a video game...they're not really accomplishing anything other then pissing people off, and in the end they're the ones who look like lowlifes.

    Thankfully with the games I play, I don't see it often, and when I do it's often reported.


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