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    what do you think of hackers and modders in videogames

    i was playing cod mw1 last night when all of the sudden the game starts to go really fast and when i jump i go way up in the sky i got pisssed at this and searched for a new one again ame deal i tried once again
    and it was modded as well i got pissed and threw my controller to the ground and put in cod2
    where i have never experienced modding in cod2

    oh and by the way take a lok at this if you will buy fifa 12

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    Well I have encountered modding on COD MW2.
    I never throw my controller, I guess I'm a patient guy, and I don't want to spend money getting a new one. I just go find a new game.
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    Yeah hackers piss me off in games, I play online for fun, not for some douche to mod the game so they can cheat theirselves to victory lol

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    As soon as I suspect something malicious, I quit the game.

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    I can't imagine anyone is going to be happy to have their game modded. This will be a thread of everyone agreeing with each other. A more interesting topic would be how does everyone feel about hackers like Anon and Lulzsec?

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    I think someone hacked my internets because dozens of pauadrian threads keep popping up on my screen.

    *punches kitten*

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    Without Modding we would of never had Counterstrike so i like Modders. They are awesome they create some awesome stuff for games and some games such as Vampire Masquerade Bloodlines which was bugged to shit some of the mods patches make the game more playable and a more enjoyable experience.

    So modding in game content is very cool and also helps the gaming industry.

    Hackers on the other hand take the piss. Ive never encountered one but i rarely go online with gaming(although Dead Island has me very tempted to renew my Xbox Live). But i dont understand cheating at all especially with online games, just as i dont understand why people would buy a high level character for money when part of the fun is leveling the character up and customizing them to how you want them.

    But didnt that kid get arresting for hacking Call of Duty servers??

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    Quote Originally Posted by Iron Ape View Post
    I think someone hacked my internets because dozens of pauadrian threads keep popping up on my screen.

    *punches kitten*
    CONSPEERISEE! It keeps happening to me too.

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    Quote Originally Posted by IPOOPINTHEBATH View Post
    CONSPEERISEE! It keeps happening to me too.
    the mods must love me

    but i come up with ideas lol im a thread starter

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    everytime i suspect someone of cheating on COD (only game I actually play online, except sports against only my friends) I immediately report them.

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    You fucking legend.
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