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    Who do YOU think THEY are?

    How awesome would it be if it was Shane'o Mac. and Linda - Or HHH and Steph.

    Imagine TNA with them running the show. They could actually COMPETE against Vince. Instead of Vince just buying it out and killing it like WCW..

    Imagine today if WCW was still run by Shane like we were fist told. Remember when Shane told vince "The name on the company say McMahon -- But SHANE McMahon" What if Vince didnt shut down the company. Rather had WWE and WCW still running side by side.. Imagine the profits to be made from TWO wrestling companies.. Vince is all about the MOOO-NNEEEYYY $$...

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    This is utterly impossible but let me just spout off a wish... James mitchell and Raven
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    They call on me by name you see, for my special touch

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    I thought it was the nWo. :-/
    “There’s no drama like wrestling.” – Andy Kaufman


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