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    Post Smackdown vs Raw 2011 - The 147th Official Thread

    I looked for a thread on this, I really did(but not very hard). Anyway, I want to discuss this game as it is set to be released soon.

    Firstly, the tv ads - while they feature the usual suspects - Cena; Mysterio; Orton - I also noticed that The Dudebusters feature - even if it is guys getting beat up!

    Secondly, the roster. You can view it here;
    I must say there's a few surprises! The least of these is that they have both Orton and Sheamus with the WWE belt, not sure why they've portrayed anyone holding titles actually. Surprising inclusions include -
    Vance Archer
    Paul Bearer (he's been back 5 minutes, WWE must have had this planned for ages)
    Shelton Benjamin
    Mike Knox. WTF?
    David Otunga
    Justin Gabriel
    Lex Luger
    There's 2 empty spots for Smackdown which I'm assuming will be filled by The Dudebusters (hopefully) but may be reserved for Kaval, Hennig or Rotundo and 2 empty Legend spots too. Lmao, I bet it's not Hogan or Flair!!! Only 3 members of Nexus?

    I am looking forward to playing this years version. Hopefully there won't be a continuation of the makers removing good features and replacing them with lame new ideas. Why can't they take all the good parts of each one and make a super kick ass version?

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    I am a huge fan of this game series and have had ever one of them since the original came out, and to be honest I'm getting a bit antsy now that were don't to two weeks.

    And for anyone who wants to see them on youtube, SVRGlobal's channel has almost every wrestler's entrance and finisher loaded up
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    Love the games, but not a real big fan on what it takes in those games to execute a move, and how they changed the controls drastically. I hope they removed the season mode (which always sucks) from the game an added General Manager mode back.

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    Like you said Paul Bearer has been back for what, maybe 2 weeks now and he's already on the roster, yet I don't see Daniel Bryan anywhere? You think they would have the current U.S. Champ on the Roster.

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    Because they will make money selling Daniel Bryan as DLC.

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    What is Shelton Benjamin doing there - he has been gone for ages.

    I'm going to bitch about this game but, just to let you know what a fool I am - I'm still buying a copy.

    Things I hope they get right this year:

    1) The damn camera angles, especially outside the ring. The past 2 editions sucked.

    2) I still spot CAW material from early PS2 games - and get better trunks and boots in there too!

    3) More backstage areas - and where did those special backstage interactive finishers go??

    4) More interactive submission moves - I think we had more 4 years ago.

    5) More alternative looks for superstars - it looks like we are not getting bald CM Punk.
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