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  1. Even so, he still wouldn't have kept Show up for...

    Even so, he still wouldn't have kept Show up for as long as he did if Show didn't give some sort of assist with the lift of the Jackhammer.
  2. Ryback vs Goldberg Mini Rant

    They are both great wrestlers and they know how to wrestle in the ring. The argument of how Goldberg was able to lift Big Show is stupid due to the fact that that Jackhammer was mostly Big Show's...
  3. Replies

    Punk's Rumored Mania Push? And an Orton Heel Turn? This would explain my reaction to it. What is your guys' opinion on Punk getting a Main Event at Mania? Also what is your thoughts on Orton getting a heel turn in...
  4. How A Batista Return Could Work in the PG Era

    I have been thinking about that and I think I have a pretty interesting idea. Now note this is only an idea not a prediction.

    Okay so here is how the return would start, there would be promos of...
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