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    Batista vs Goldberg:

    I would like to do some comparisions here. Please, answer the 2 questions below:
    1. Who was the greater WWE (and Raw) superstar- Batista or Goldberg?
    2. Who was the greater superstar (overall, if...
  2. Rate Stone Cold as an overall wrestling superstar/ wrestler (in a 1-10 scale)

    How would you rate Stone Cold Steve Austin, as an overall wrestling superstar? give him a mark between 1-10.
  3. here are some must be added options to the list...

    here are some must be added options to the list of perfect dream tag teams:

    1. Kurt angle and Brock Leasner

    2. Undertaker and Warrior

    3. Batista and Brock Leasner
  4. Post the all-time greatest dream tag teams!

    I would like you to put some of the greatest dream tag teams. your dream tag teams must be created from 2 wrestlers who haven't worked together as a team (but if they did for 2-3 times, it's...
  5. Ryback: I have a strong feeling he is gonn'a be the next invincible:

    Over the years we have seen some invincible characters, who just can't (almost) lose in a clean way and always end up with the victory, no metter who the opponent is. supermen like Hogan, Cena, Taker...
  6. Top 10 greatest wrestlers of all time (from all promotions):

    I would like everyone here to list the all-time greatest 10 wrestlers (from all promotions). there are some wrestlers who competed in more than one organization, so in this case put in brackets their...
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