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  1. SAVE 'Mania 29 from suckin' AND blowin'

    This is what id do right away to save WM29 doing a Billy Gunn (see above title) Firstly id solidify the show stealers that are The Shield role at The Show so this can build and peak perfectly. For...
  2. WWE Titles.. Hiow Many Do You Need?

    I think there should be 5 titles up for grabs in WWE and is what i feel they should be. Obviously the WWE, Tag titles and Woman's are no brainers but the two id propose would be a little more...
  3. Replies

    New WWE factions

    Ideas for awesome new factions that couldn't fail.

    Cody Rhodes
    Joe Hennig
    Bo Dallas
    The Usos

    British Invasion
    Wade Barratt
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