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    I dont think you are correct sir

    Well id would have to humbley disagree. Lets look at the history behind your claim. It would be resonable to say the height of the wwe pg era was the late 1980's, The Hulkster ran wild, ooow yeah the...
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    I cant believe what I have seen!!! Cm punk is a...

    I cant believe what I have seen!!! Cm punk is a real life B word. You can see the fans hands before punk attacks him. I guess cuz he was behind him? Cm punk has lost all my respect. He is a fake...
  3. The problem with a super hero

    Super hulk hogan, super cena are fun for the kids and they sell shirts. I can feel that, however, this kind of entertainment gets repetative, old and boring. The issue is corkyness. The champion...
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    What are you talking about nerds

    Complain complain and well, lets see, complain. What are u nerds talkin about? Summer slam was alright, I was entertained. Cm punk match was put together nicely, some things in that match including...
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    What Is Going On ???

    I have just recently read on the topic of low ratings for Monday Night Raw. It was said that WWE may blame Cm Punk, Daniel Brian, Del Rio and the Santino. What the H*ll Is Going On ??? I honestly...
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