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  1. Wrestling is Fake and Other Nonsense……..

    Almost everyday I hear someone on the internet or in person say to me, “Wrestling is soooo fake!” Usually when I hear this I want to punch that person in the face! But I don’t believe in violence, at...
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    Why HHH IS Best for Business

    Why HHH IS Best for Business For months and months everyone both inside the IWC and outside of it has hated this angle, but after last week and the kickback to the attitude era with the malicious...
  3. Andre the Giant Battle Royal : Does it really mean anything?

    Andre the Giant Battle Royal : Does it really mean anything? The immortal Hulk Hogan returns to host Wrestlemania and his first announcement is that they will be having an inaugural 30 man battle...
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    WWE (

    WWE Hall of Famer Jim Ross posted a new blog entry, here are the highlights…

    On Daniel Bryan: Daniel Bryan had another terrific night and WWE is booking DB expertly even though some critics will...
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    The Slow Build

    The Slow Push Once upon a time there was a grand event called Wrestlemania 4. A smaller , less popular wrestler , not built of the mcmahon “ you must be a hulk Hogan type” broke through the glass...
  6. With a Great Heel comes Great Responsibility!!!

    With a Great Heel comes Great Responsibility!!!! Daniel Bryan is without a doubt the greatest talent WWE has currently, he is by far the most “over” on the entire roster and don’t tell me that when...
  7. Let Me Powerbomb You , Tell Me if it Hurts.......

    Let Me Powerbomb You First, Tell Me if it Hurts…….. When I was a kid maybe 8 or 9 , I remember being at a friends house and on the television was Wrestlemania 4. Now I had never seen wrestling...
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    Does WWE care about your opinion?

    Does the WWE really care about your opinion? Do they care about the internet marks and how much people hate how their show is run? Does WWE monitor all the dirtsheets and cry about how they are not...
  9. So many people forget the history of WWE so...

    So many people forget the history of WWE so quickly, Undertaker's Ministry joined Vince's corporation. ECW joined WCW to form a mega-faction against Vince's WWE. It is fantasy within reality , but...
  10. The WWE Rebellion: What should happen after WM 30?

    It’s the night after Wrestlemania 30, Monday Night Raw , The Authority stands in the ring with their newly crowned , newly turned heel Batista. Brock Lesnar stands beside him with Paul Heyman after a...
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    Hi there, Megatron is here.

    Hi everybody, thanks for having me in this site. I have read articles here for a few years now but thought I might have something to contribute now. I look forward to posting some reads for all of...
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