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  1. Brother, I gotta ask you; Where the heck do you come up with the motivation to write so many blogs?! I enjoy your blogs more than most but I gotta say dude, I think I'd be tired after so many lol
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    Don't worry man, it's all good! I'm only 21 so that's before my time lol. So that makes you the bigger wrestling fan!
  3. I posted it. But it still isn't up. I guess they have to leave those three liner, forum-worthy blogs up there for another day or something. Ugh.
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    Looking forward to this weeks Sudden Impact bro!!!
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    I can't lie, last night did have its moments. I marked out when Taker made his way down the ramp. Had goosebumps and all. Last nights' Raw still came up short imo. The Punk twist at the end had me actually jump out of my seat! .... Was kind of nice seeing the DX reunion....Nothing special, but nice. Glad you actually enjoyed the 1000th episode. Don't delete it DAMN IT!!! It's one of those few monumental RAW nights where the E' ACTUALLY delivered LOL.
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    I agree with you that he's overrated by the IWC, I remember Reading the blog you referenced and did think that comparison was ridiculous. For now, im a fan of Ziggler, I want to see how he is with the belt though which I believe will happen sooner rather than later as I think he'll win MITB. I responded to more of your points on the actual blog
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    No offence taken , I responded to you btw
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    Say, you might not happen to be WrestlingSavior from Lords of Pain by any chance might you?
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    Finally....someone not bad mouthing TNA just for the sake of bad mouthing. I honestly believe TNA would have a bigger following right now if people gave it half a chance. It's starting to turn a corner though, and I like the direction it's heading. Thanks for your open and honest views of the brand.
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    Hi Dk,

    didnt get the chance to say great job on ur IC top 5. I really enjoyed reading it and ur other blogs and thanks 4 the comments about my 1st effort. Keep up the good work!
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Sudden Impact Special: Was Something Different This Week?

by DK Wrestling Savior on 10-24-2013 at 11:52 PM
Hey fans. DK Wrestling Savior here with a special edition of Sudden Impact. I haven't posted in a while and it would seem a lot has happened. We had their Wrestlemania equivalent PPV this past Sunday, as well as a lot of developments such as Hogan leaving, cancelling Impact on the road, and a return to Universal in Orlando. There's a lot to talk about, so I'll give my thoughts on their attempt to

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Coffee Talk: Why Hate TNA?

by DK Wrestling Savior on 08-27-2013 at 05:59 PM
Hey fans. Savior here with another edition of Coffee Talk. This time around, I'm making it simple and to the point. Why Hate TNA?

This is not a blog that is intended to bash fans who love WWE. Not at all. It is also not completely in defense of TNA or me trying to convince people that you should watch TNA. I'm approaching this topic from someone who grew up with wrestling. I'm in my

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Coffee Talk: Daniel Bryan and the Ties that Bind

by DK Wrestling Savior on 08-21-2013 at 11:03 PM
Hey everyone. Savior here with another edition of Coffee Talk. This one is going to be a little different than usual. This one will have one main focus, and that's Daniel Bryan and the main storyline in WWE right now. That main storyline being reminiscent of the main storyline of the Attitude Era where Stone Cold had a long lasting rivalry with Vince McMahon. But, I'm sure everyone has seen SummerSlam

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Coffee Talk: The Clean Put Over

by DK Wrestling Savior on 08-14-2013 at 09:45 PM
Hey fans, Savior here with another edition of Coffee Talk. As the title suggests, this post will be about the perception of the top stars of the industry throughout the years, and the backstage politics that helped...or hurt, their careers. What motivated this is a combination of two things; the overwhelming hatred for Hulk Hogan, and the consistent complaining about John Cena. That's a pretty wide

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Sudden Impact: Destination X: Best Episode of Wrestling This Year?

by DK Wrestling Savior on 07-18-2013 at 11:13 PM
Hey fans. Savior here with another edtion of Sudden Impact. I know the title of this blog is a bit of a stretch. I don't think I can say it's the best of the year. It was damn close though. TNA did not disappoint in Louisville Kentucky tonight. Will it lead to a bump in ratings? Probably not as I don't think anything on Spike TV is pulling anything in terms of viewership. But one thing I do know is,

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