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  1. Well, The Rock v. Orton wouldn't be nearly as good because their personalities and move sets aren't as similar as Cena and Rockie's. There's almost no way to legitimately build heat on the match over such a huge period of time either. Unfortunately, Orton fills a very special role that guys like Cena don't and because of that most of his Super Card match opponents are actually still around the company or have been injured out of the business. The only reason why you don't see him being a part of things like Cena's getting is because guys like Orton in the grand scheme rather than simply for an "era" of merchandising are more valuable to put other guys over. (IE: Hogan) Orton is essentially this era's Triple H.

    I do hope they follow through with the Punk/Austin concept for WM29. Of course, they'd need write Punk as a mixture of his current and SES personas to properly enflame the match.
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    Hello. Thank you for commenting on my blog. I appreciate it. And while I don't say that you're wrong in the fact that Orton doesn't play a big part in grand scheme of things, what I meant was, Cena is the dedicated star. Much like Hogan was. Much like Bret Hart was. Much like Stone Cold was. But think about it. Of the elite 7 that I listed, which match is more intriguing to the masses? Not just you or I, but everyone. The gap between eras. All the rest are done. All that's left is The Rock. Now, would it be as big a deal if The Rock came back to fight Randy Orton? It might be intriguing to you and I. But to the WWE fans as an overall entity, it wouldn't. It's Cena vs The Rock. Yesterday's biggest star vs today's biggest star. Regardless of who's better than Cena today. He's the dedicated star. Everything major will always revolve around him. Not Orton.

    Thanks for the comment and keep reading and commenting. I appreciate it.
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