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    Wass Up Bro? Hey, just wanna let you know that, Wario is now on the "Game" Lol
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    Hey, the links in your signature don't work.
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    I didnt make it bro! I found it out there
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    What's wrong with it being a GIF? I think it's cool either way..
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    I'll send you a PM as it is too long to post it here
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    Name: Shuriken
    Height: 5ft 10in
    Weight: 220 lbs
    From: Los Angeles,California

    Bio: Born in a tough place and neighborhood, a young boy was fascinated by Japanese culture. The young boy is from Central American decent but that didn't stop him from learning a few things from the Japanese culture. As the young boy grew up, he found wrestling. He was intrigued by certain moves that defies the laws of gravity and quick, painful moves. When he left high school, he went to college and went to a wrestling academy, where they taught him to be percise like a ninja in movies and helped him defy gravity with high flying moves. The young man also learned submission holds that makes him deadly as well. After college and wrestling, He went to Japan to learn on how to do wrestling the Japanese way. In that time....he wore a black mask and named himself the Shuriken.

    Attire: Black mask, Black pants with silver lightning outlines.
    Wrestling style: High flying, Submissions, Puroresu
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    Im a big guy, pretty agile for my size. Not so Much a brawler as much as technician. My charcater is based on me pretty much Love Hip Hop and always listening. Very Happy goes Lucky and shows respect for guys that deserve it but at the same time a take no shit guy
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    Name: Tommy Thunder;
    A Mr Kennedy/Anderson style self-announced wrestler who can cut a mean promo.

    Height: 6"1
    Weight: 225 lbs
    Entrance theme: 'Let's Ride' (Airbourne)
    Wrestling style: High flying/Submission specialist
    Finisher: Inverted facelock backbreaker followed into a eye of the hurricane
    Hammerlock Crossface

    Signature moves: Dragon Sleeper
    Key lock
    Anaconda Vice
    Figure 4
    Texas Cloverleaf
    Diving Leg drop (from top rope)
    Diving Elbow Drop (from top rope)
    Belly to Back Suplex
    Back Suplex
    DDT/inverted DDT
    Corner Clothesline
    Multiple kicks
    Knife edge chop
  9. ok well basically i dont have the job of talent relations anymore, i moved up so here's my info:

    Name: The Instant Classic Kevin Matthews
    Height: 6'2
    Weight: 260 lbs.
    Billled From: Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

    Finishers: Diamond Cutter, The Canadian Maple Leaf (Single Leg Boston Crab)
    Bio: I'm a cocky heel who thinks he's the best in the world at what he does, and usually lets others do the dirty work for him.
    Theme Song: All Nightmare Long by: Metallica
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    Sure man, I'll dig up my EWNCW bio for ya now. May i ask why?
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About johnnydropkicks
About Me::
less common than is common, usually. am canadian eh? a penchant for grumpyness that butts heads with general well-meaningness. don't like guns. don't like politicians. don't like obvious conformance to pop culture. bad seed of family. enjoy cooking mainly mexican and cajun and spicey-type food. believes Ricardo Rodriguez is controlling Del Rio and will eventually emerge as his true self as an evil mastermind.
somewhere in all any thing
Favorite Shows:
RAW and SD!, outside of wrestling, Bob Burgers, The Newsroom
games preferably with no graphic killing of people, attempts at humour, guitar, scifi
office lackey
Favorite Wrestler(s):
Del Rio, Sin Cara, Cody Rhoes, Ziggler, Daniel Bryan, Christian, Ricardo Rodriguez, JTG


super saturday mornings man wake watch
wrestling which is infinitely entertaining even
though there aren't any head hits but better
than the shitty shows on otherwise called
cartoons crap it is but believe wrestling wins
real ratings because brother everyone everywhere
loves loving

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"This is what happens when you cross Free Willy with LaToya Jackson."
Quote Originally Posted by JBL
"This is what happens if the Yeti were to mate with Britney Spears."
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"He got the Sea-Monster!"


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Bizarro SmackDown #1!!!

by johnnydropkicks on 04-07-2012 at 09:21 PM
You know I didn't know what to title this blog. I had a few come to mind. Originally, "A Story about Storytelling". Then "The Good, the Bad, and the Just Plain Ugly". But I've decided on a title as mixed up as SD! was this week. Which is partly what's given me the urge to blog all over everything again. And I just gotta. Had to.

But first, something that's irked

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Will the real Chris Jericho please stand up?

by johnnydropkicks on 09-26-2011 at 04:41 PM
You know I'm gonna fire off a quick rant because I'm sick of seeing this. Chris Jericho and Austin and others talking about people stealing their stuff.

Quote Originally Posted by Everything is Jericho
There seems to be a lack of respect for the forefathers who came in and did it first and it's not just [CM] Punk, it's a whole litany of guys from Miz to Cody Rhodes to Mason Ryan to Sin Cara to Kelly Kelly, everybody is stealing

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Vintage "Broadcast Journalism"

by johnnydropkicks on 09-15-2011 at 04:56 PM
Y'know I've had a tirade about commentary kicking around my head for a while. Well, here it is.

Imagine a sports commentator. Imagine him in your mind, hearing him speak. Chances are you're imagining someone with a unique voice narrating the action. You're imagining that because that in essence is what sports commentating is. It's a narration of what's going on by a guy who sounds good.

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I Believe the phrase was "Phony Punk"

by johnnydropkicks on 07-30-2011 at 06:48 AM
John Cena has sucked for a long time.

It's common knowledge that the only people still in Cenation are kids and women. Even the few guys who still rock fruity have one foot out the door and dreams of greener pastures in Chicagoland. You take a look at the biggest guys in WWE, the "go-home" guys, and that's John Cena and Randy Orton. And the difference there can be summed up

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When you beat Cristian/Orton, you know you're doing something right

by johnnydropkicks on 06-20-2011 at 06:37 PM
Decent ppv last night. I judge a ppv mainly on how well I remember it. And I remember practically everything regarding the matches of CM Punk vs. Rey Mysterio, Christian vs. Randy Orton, and R-Truth vs. John Cena.

CM Punk vs. Rey Mysterio. Now this is the CM Punk we expect. He and Rey put on the best match of the night with some unbelievable sequences. They had some pretty heavy competition

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