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    Wow just found this message. See you took what you wanted to read out of what I wrote. I did say that could have been a reason, but I also stated that he has given plenty of recognition to having his start in the WWE. I don't know where you heard other. And your thing of "why is he coming back now" do you honestly think he needs the WWE now? Between G.I Joe, Fast 5, and that Journey movie, he's in big movies. None of the movies he's putting out need advertising by the WWE and if you think they do, your thought process is flawed. And yes Creed members do put on concerts and when interviewed and asked questions about their new band's CD. The guitarist is putting out a solo CD and mentioning it through his band. Maybe YOU should READ before you THINK about what you want to write.
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    give it a try now... im not sure why its happening, all the permissions seems to be right.
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    Blog Wars 5 is up
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    hi why did the crippler chrris benoit quit wcw ecw
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    fix your photos in your latest blog, ill approve it
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    Abbreviations don't require periods if the abbreviation is for a proper term...
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    Join JBW man. Its fun and the #1 e-fed around. Check out our shows and you'll love it.
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    yea, im not to excited about this Capital Punishment, but MITB will be personally rather see R-Truth win the Raw one...i think sense he changed his character he should change his attire and complete the new attitude with a new look.
    as Far as the Smackdown one, im with you, id like to see Cody Rhodes win it, Cody vs Randy would be a good feud.
    I don't think Daniel Bryan is ready for the world title yet, i think he need he need's to dominate the mid card for a while first.
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In this edition of "In Defense Of" I will take a stab at defending one of the most Controversial figures in the IWC and wrestling and that is Eric Bischoff. These blogs usually reflect on in ring talent but in todays blog I will go to the management side of wrestling and take a look at and defend one of the most hated figures in wrestling Easy E, Eric Bischoff.

In 1994 Eric

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In Defense Of: The Ultimate Warrior

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I decided to start a blog on defending Wrestlers that the IWC to tear to shreds. The IWC are a weird bunch, We will completely overate some wrestlers and undeservingly bury another. So today I will be defending a man who has been a punching bag for Internet wrestling fans since the Internet was invented and that is the one and only Ultimate Warrior.

One of the complaints people have with

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Most Matches at a Wrestlemania PPV

Wrestlemania 4 has produced the most matches in Wrestlemania history with 16 matches. The One day Single

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