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    Yeah, when Condit KO'd Dan Hardy at the O2, I saw something in Condit (and I already new how good he was). The entire arena gasped at once... It was like a collective "OH MY GOD!!!!". I'll have GSP, as he is like almost 10 accross the board (striking and 8), where I would only rate Condit in the 8's at the most.

    Wasn't Diaz at the centre of that big brawl in Strikeforce that the lord of MMA (Dana) shit all over in the press?

    Also, did some digging, and the fight with GSP would have earned Diaz around 1.5 mil. He blew it by missing two press conferences. Lol, he also went missing for a few days and switched his phone off. Bigger Lol. You should watch a few Diaz fights. He's kinda tough, and out boxed Paul Daley.

    Favourite shooter? Mines a B52, but, on occasion I take it up a level and hit the B55 (with the absinthe!)
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    Predictions for...


    Shogun-Henderson (Dan, right?)



    Edgar Maynard III?


    137? Answer: Us! That shit looks awesomely good... If we get a DARCE!! Then it'll be worth staying up late for

    PS: Visitor Message me whenever you want, as much as you want, but PM's? Man, I get over TWENTY a day regarding mod jobs and JBW. even with my SUPER MOD INBOX that holds 150 PM's I still always have to empty it twice a week.
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    Yeah, I saw UFC live, but there was nothing memorable, really. I was in chat all by myself. Lonely much? Lol, it was one of the first Saturdays I wasn't typing up JBW promos/segments, and no one wanted to come out to play. I'll be there Saturday... Your boy Aldo is fighting, and I have to be in chat to read your (posts? Not too sure what they are called in the chat room.) when Aldo destroys Kenny (he has to, right?)

    Munoz Vs Leben? Hahaha! We get all the quality fights! Leben is quality if you like your fighters rough and ready, but, I've always kinda disliked him, as I think he's a little flash. He's calmed down a lot (no roids?) but he's still a bit of a pleb.

    Second (which is really the third) episode of TuF was alright, and after last seasons borefest, Miller and Bisping are totally welcome.
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    Diaz turned up late for some sort of special training thing, or a contract signing (or something similar), and as Dana was there he got made to look a right mug, so he switched Diaz with Condit. Dana don't fuck about, and he was prolly thinking, "Man, this fucking Nick Diaz kid better not mess me about... One strike and he's gonna feel the wrath of... DANA WHITE!!"

    Diaz would have KO'd GSP IMHO. Georges blatantly got a lucky break, but I've seen live how dangerous Carlos is, so, he could shock a lot of people, and is definitely a more rounded opponent, than almost anyone he's faced I've the last three years or so. GSP 4 the win, though.

    I only read that Broc was facing Alistair in PowerSlam, and haven't really seen any official announcement, so it could be a rumour, but PS are usually spot on.
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    It's around mid day for me.

    Three years of working nights does that to a body.

    I'm wearing the complete opposite of a tux now, and one of my work boots is literally hanging off my right foot. They only cost me fifteen quid, and, lol, when I bought them I thought they were safety boots... One crushed big toe later made me realise my error. When I picked them up I was like "cor, they're nice and light, and cheap! I'll have me a bit of those. Three weeks later they are fucked!

    Lol, at the champagne... During my, um, naughty years, I used to go to this club in Fulham (my birth town) and I used to by this fizzy wine shit called Crystal. Obviously I used to tell the girls they were drinking Cristal, and, yeah, that shit worked every time... Man, I'm feeling old just thinking about those days. The fact that I can remember them tells me I'm either not really that old, or I wasn't as much of a drunk/addict as I thought I was.... Yeah, it's prolly the former.
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    What had me baffled was the fact that the referee allowed Ben "The King of Pies" Rothwell continue fighting. The fat bastard was actually dying in the cage, and all everyone wanted to see was for Mark Hunt to literally KILL HIM. Maybe I'm too nice, but I proper felt sorry for the big mug.

    Nate Diaz looked fantastic... Kash <3 Nick and Nate Diaz!

    Now, I'm completely out of sync when it comes to the UFC calendar, but I do know that Dos Santos vs Velasquez is on that channel in the US that doesn't allow the event to be broadcast on ESPN. I'm really hoping that this changes.

    Fights I'm looking forward to seeing.

    GSP Vs Condit (would have preferred Diaz, but Carlos is a sleeper to watch out for, for sure)

    Edgar Vs Maynard (Maynard for the win)

    Big Nog Vs Mir (Come on Nog!)

    Brock Vs Alistair Overeem (Nuff said)


    JBW isn't going anywhere, and will be waiting patiently for you. Would it help if I said Polly AND Panda are both members of the roster?
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    Massive hangover, but it was nothing a quick hair of the dog couldn't sort out (and some seriously burnt spare ribs... My grogginess made me forget about them until it was NEARLY too late.). The tux was out; the ladies were swooning, and I was just too drunk to give a shit

    Yeah, Jones is gonna dominate the light heavyweight scene until he decides to move up to heavyweight in about two or three years (dude is TWENTY FOUR!?!?). I think Rashad will test his take down defense more than anyone has ever done, but keeping him down will be impossible. In fact I have visions of Jones inflicting damage off of his back big time, while Rashad is caught in his guard.

    Loved how excited Rogan was for his advanced striking, too.

    "This stuff takes, like, TEN YEARS to master!!!"

    Kos showed far more class than he ever has as well, which was a welcome change, as his forced heel persona was getting on my nerves.
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    hi why did wwe stop called booker king booker
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    JBW.... JBW... JBW....

    It's, like, blatantly your destiny.

    A Scottish cage fighter turned pro wrestler would be the easiest character in the world for you to get creative with

    Pweeeaaaassseee. Say. Yes.

    His finisher could even be the DARCE CHOKE!!

    (plus, you would be able to interact with Kash a bit more. )
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    Bruva man.... I got nice and drunk last night.

    I had a work do, and was dressed in only the finest silks. XD

    I totally recorded UFC, though.... Here's hoping it was a good 'un.

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