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    Hahahaha. Your new CBoT tag is the tag of the week. Kudos.
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    Have you checked out any of the American version of Shameless yet? I'm sort of shocked at how awesome that show has become since coming into its own. Its recently-ended second season was one of the most compelling and addictive pieces of idiot box that I've seen in some time. Great, great stuff.
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    Yeah, it pretty much just sucks all around, but especially so for the technical crew as they were informed that they wouldn't be getting any sort of severance pay and that they were out of jobs effectively immediately. And this is just as they had begun shooting the second season, so the crew were expecting for several months worth of work ahead of them.

    As a viewer, though, it was nice to see that they had at least wrapped up a bunch of story arcs, so the season finale actually worked as a series finale in many regards. Come to think of it, Hoffman's "Ace" Bernstein might have been the only character without any sort of closure. Sucks to see it go, but at least it doesn't feel as gaping open and unresolved as, say, Milch's Deadwood.
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    Yeah, Luck was well-received by critics, but there was just no way in hell they could survive the PR nightmare associated with killing 3 horses to make some television. Shame, too, as the show was quite excellent. But, yeah, once the story broke on TMZ, the show was pretty much doomed.
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    I love every bone in your body - especially mine
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    WWE question: Do you actually even give a shit about the fact that Rock makes the entire roster look weak?

    I know I don't. If anything I'm just happy that he's there... Like, apart from Punk, the entertaining wordsmiths are few and far between. Even Jericho has had me phasing out and thinking of other things recently, plus, his feud with Punk just makes him seem really old lol. Or should I say it makes me feel old.. 1996 I first heard of him.. That's sixteen years.. Fuck, I'm aging fast here!

    Have to point out that the fact that both Punk and Daniel Bryan won their respective Elimination Chamber matches made me mark. Its almost as if Gabe Sapolsky were secretly pulling the strings backstage.
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    Guess who's phone now works with the site?

    Androo's favorite moderator... Kashditalkalotofshit!!

    How's it going, you little midnight muncher? Yeah, I've missed the chat in the, uh, chat-room during UFC nights, but I've still been keeping up with it all.

    Bisping was robbed, Diaz kinda was too, but lol@him for failing a piss test after he "retired" just to nail home the fact that he probably won't be fighting until after the world ends.

    Frankie got out-everything'd. Rematch wont change a thing in my opinion, although I'm definitely looking forward to it as I think they make for an entertaining fight. Frankie could surprise me, though, as he is kinda bloody great in his own right.
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    Hey, just wanted to drop you a line and let you know that I thought you hit the nail on the head in that Mike Tyson thread. Shame Dr. Death couldn't muster anything more than a lazy dismissal, but I guess that's to be expected.

    Anyways, we don't see you nearly enough around these parts. I hope you don't let jerks like that deter you from coming around more.
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    Droopy!!! How are ya, man!?! I've been a little sporadic on this site recently because my iPhone isn't too compatible with the new EWN... my posts keep getting bunched up every time I paragraph the text, so, my posts are gonna be a little "blockish"... Yeah, I'm having hard times at the mo, and, lol, I haven't even got a TV or a comp that works properly... Send me a link to UFC tonight, and I'll hopefully be able to watch it with ya.
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    Yeah, my post in the CM Punk thread was a result of a combination of reading PS, and gauging my soon to be ex-wife's () reaction everytime she see's "CM GreasyBalls"

    PS' finger and the pulse are rarely far apart.

    The top fifty was spot on, and all the Randy Orton haters are blinkered if they think that ANYONE in WWE had a better year than him week in week out... The man is like wrestlings answer to a cold smooth pint of Guiness (soda drinkers need not apply )

    Haven't seen UFC yet, either, but, I'm guessing that by all of the Brock retires threads, Ubereem was ream in his offence and pounded the shit out of Brockalicious The Barbarian.
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