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    Night night matey! Sleep well. Doubt i'll be in bed for another hour or so and then i'll have to be up at 8 >_< Dang it all!

    Sparkies is a good honest trade, as long as you like it go for it, keep music in the side too, maybe something will come up. i hope it does for you!
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    YAY! Me and the girls love Iron Man, Hubby doesn't though Poo! xD Playboy, sexy, smart and awesome, yeah totally living the dream! I think the punisher is very underrated, but then again he doesnt have super powers also!

    LOL! indeed he is, just an ass also xD But then when your that fast i guess your allowed to be!

    Wow thats amazing and such a shame you couldnt get a job in that field but then again you'll always need sparkies so its a good road to go down
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    Sorry I kinda phased out when you mentioned iron man [drools] xDD i love iron man! one of my all time fav characters!

    I would have powers like flash, but hopefully not be as much as a smart ass as him! lol!

    What are you studying at college?
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    xD Thank you!

    I saw the religion one and decided to steer well clear of that potential train wreck!

    Yup, But then again, Im gonna be able to have my life when they are 30 and just settling down with kids. I'll be off travelling with my little family!

    hahaha! I wonder, if you could choose a super power, what would it be and why?

    Awww so nothing too serious yet, but then again thats nice that you speak every day. My and my husband live in different countries, but if you love someone enough, it can work no matter the distance
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    So I stumbled upon this thing about your sig when I was checking where I sent you the "Well wishes" ,which you didn't answer back ....Then I looked at what it was...That Robstar...
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    My kids are much like me, They like wrestling and Cartoons so its all good in my eyes. They both like to read and draw also so im pretty proud!

    I know what you mean. Your a good lad, you can see that clearly. Luckily i never had many friends that clung to circles of drugs and drink, to be honest when i had my daughter they all kinda left. I was the boring one then you see. But what surprised me was one of the girls i know who takes coke got straight a*'s on her exams yet she seems like the stupidest now in my eyes.

    ^___^ He's awesome, i LOVE HIM Your too right. Some of the arguments and pictures people post truly make me smile or choke in some cases!

    You turned into the flash and bombed it didnt you! xD

    Awwww That's cool. Have fun, your young and free no need to settle down yet Do you see one another often?
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    He is on this site. Dameduse823. He was showing me all the funny pictures that people posted and it made me laugh then he suggested i join and im very glad that i did. You have a miss's?
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    ^___^ Indeed, And its a good thing that you did remind me, so i am very thankful!

    it was hard, especially being on my own, but I did it with the help of my parents and my family. They were a rock and i think it shows with how i brought up my kids. They are nuts just like me! xD

    I completely agree! I mean its a recreational drug, and its properties just chill most people out. Your a social smoker, it doesn't take a center stage in your life which is good. I used to know a few people who could go clubbing and do coke >_< Considering how bright they were edcational wise, I cant say they were very smart about taking coke >_< but each to their own i guess.

    You know i found the last time I got completely wasted i made it back quicker and better than if i was stone cold sober, which is very strange! lol!

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    haha! that's the spirit! I was the same, but ive gotta take medicines now or i would probably die! lol so its no contest for me, although i have to take them i dont mind as much. Actually you just reminded me to take my insulin so thanks xDD

    Thank you, It was bloody hard i wont lie, but i love my girls (i have two girls now, 11 and 6 , but shes coming 7 in november) [Fistbumps] ^___^ I went to college at night and completed all my exams so it wasnt so bad

    ahhh i wouldnt worry about it. It's not that bad on the whole scale of things. Heck its mostly for relaxation anyway. I don't smoke or anything but i know some that do and its not that big of a deal. Just have fun and make sure you get home safe k!? And Im 27 going on 60 >_< lol Got married a couple of weeks ago, I feel older since then xD But i love him so its cool. He was the one that showed me this site actually xD
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    LOL! Me too, But after a while i refused to take any medicine when i was a kid. I think that cause im on so many medications now its karma kicking me in the ass!

    Yup, 15 when i had my first daughter. Turned 16 a month later. Was hard as hell i wont lie, but i love her so its all good no matter what the age.

    Ahh That's cool So planning to get wasted?
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