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    Oh you wanted it as a pm
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    hey can you move my new post to where its supposed to be sorry
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    I did think the show peaked around season 4 but yeah, the quality of writing by Mathew Weiner is still at the highest standard.
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    Yes man! Soooo ready. Kenny Powers and Leon Black, can't wait. Behind The Candelabra aired on HBO over your way, but it's getting a cinema release here, which makes me wonder if Clear History will be the same. Either way it doesn't really matter, 'coz I'm all over this shit.
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    What do you think of Mad Men season 6 so far?
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    Ahoy hoy Metal Monkey! How goes it? Was this that Larry David film you told me about a while back? Looks like a decent cast, and LD in that wig and beard, lols.
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    Bodie seems like he's in a bit of tough spot, but at least he's still around, he's grown on me over the last two seasons. I was a bit sour on him at first, mostly because he was a flash fucker who needed bringing down a peg or two, but he's become one of my favourites since his character has developed throughout the series. But, yeah, he's in a tough spot--this Marlo fella is a bit heavy, and could be the end of the line for Bod'.

    Just saw that message about Mello actually being the real life Landsman and think I'll have a little read up on it. I haven't stopped watching it for long enough to read anything about the show at all. I certainly plan to, though, as I usually end up needing to find out as much as possible about things I like.

    Prez as a teacher has so far been eventful, with that girl getting her face slashed. Sheeet, that was nasty.
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    Just started season four. For a nasty little murdering scumbag, I must admit that Felicia kid cracks me up! What an opening scene to the season. In fact, I have to point out that the opening scene of pretty much every episode has been a winner. I'm telling you, Apes, after those opening two minutes and the first strands of the theme song ["when you walk through the garden" will be stuck in my head forever. Seriously, I've still got "Louie, Louie, Louie, Louie" stuck in my head] hits, I get proper amped up for a FULL hour of this shit. Then repeat ad nauseum lol.

    After about half hour into this first episode I'm surmising that it is very much a straight continuation of the spiders web of a storyline that was the straight up monster named season three. If so, that's a good thing.
  9. Prez's arc actually ends up being one of the show's best.

    I don't know if you're aware of this or not, but the characters on the show were all inspired by real life people. Some of the people that the characters are based on even appear on the show in other roles (for instance, the real Jay Landsman plays Lieutenant Mello).
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    My favourite characters are Herc and Carver--those two could have their own spin off. Quality pairing. But, the whole team has likeable qualities, McNulty is a very close second. Lester is quietly one of the strongest presence the show has. When he speaks, it's like everybody listens. Dude's never wrong either. Bunk is pretty fucking great as well, and when Kima got shot I genuinely felt bad for her, which says a lot about how the show just draws you in and makes you care about things.

    Even Prez has a few likeable things about him, but what a fuck up he is. From that time he gun bucked that kid in the eye to shooting an undercover cop, he pretty much qualifies for one of the worst choices to be allowed anywhere out of the office, not even to pick up Chinese food.

    D'Angello I liked, and was a little gutted when he got got, but Brother Mouzon has just come back to town, and Omar (FTW) is out for Stringers blood so it's only a matter of time before Stringer finally gets his.
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