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    The Governor has unfortunately been kinda miscast as well. He's definitely not terrible in the role by a long shot, but, he just hasn't got that rough and ready feel about him like his comic counterpart. Comic 'Guv' had an almost "pirate" feel about him, and Morrisey is playing him like he's a soft spoken gentleman who has a mean streak about him. Perhaps I'm not wording things right, but he certainly hasn't captured what made The Governor such a brilliant character that he became a firm favourite among comic neeks (nerd + geek = neek ) everywhere, despite the extremely awful behaviour he exhibited throughout his all too short time in the comic. Its a shame, because I was excited when I learned Morrissey was cast in the role when I first heard about it.
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    Regarding the actors playing Michonne and The Governor, respectively.

    Michonne has been very poorly cast. What makes comic Michonne so bad ass is that she actually looks a lot softer than she actually is. She is very much introverted, due to her experiences dealing with life after the plague, but she is still quite a civil person (sword swinging aside lol). This chick who's playing her on TV comes across as some kind of lost amazon who has almost reverted to an almost bestial state, what with all of the scowling. Lol, when she pulls those faces I almost expect her to start growling and snarling. I imagine the actress playing her said to herself "right, soooo, this Michonne woman has been living in the wild for the past year or so, OK, she'd deffo have lost touch with her humanity a little/lot."

    I wonder if she even read/heard of the comic beforehand.
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    No, I never heard that until just now, dude. Like, I didn't know that he was even involved with season three until I saw you point if out. What I did I notice however was that -from the first episode of this season- the show had finally captured the essence of what makes the comic so exciting. Each scene was carefully plotted out, and furthered things along remarkably well. Now, not really knowing why or how this betterment of the program had happened, I just thought to myself "yep, they've certainly pulled their finger out for this season--clearly they've just stuck it back in.

    Fingers crossed for s suitable replacement.
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    thanks man.
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    thank you! also could you change the title of my why aj lee and big e langston are bad for ziggler... I put a langston for some reason.
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    I did... I just wondered if you had a better source.
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    do you have the article that confirms season nine of himym?
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    No problem. Thanks for resolving the issue peacefully.
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    According to this, as long as I'm well versed in a user's history, I can stick up for them in case they get banned. I was wondering if that was okay with kingblingbla. He's not a bad dude. Trust me.
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    Just trying to help I guess.

    Thanks man, much appreciated
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