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    I too was sorry to see Glen go. When Negan was doing the eneey meeny miny mo thing I was thinking it was going to be him because he and Maggie were going to be moving to the Hilltop, and Kirkman loves being mean to his characters. Four months or so later, that scene still haunts me in a way that no other has. I'm sure I've seen more graphic shit in comics, but the emotion that that beating brought to the table just made the whole thing seem even worse.

    I don't know if you have heard or read any of Kirkmans reasoning behind offing such a popular character, but he wrote in his letters page that he felt "his" Glen had been upstaged by the TV shows Glen, and had become a pale imitation. Don't know if I agree with that really, but the TV show Glen is definitely one of its better members of the cast--here's hoping he doesn't suffer the same fate as his comic counterpart any time soon.
  2. I can say that I enjoyed Dredd a hell of a lot more than Spider-Man. Shame so many people slept on that movie; it's a friggin' hardcore blast of awesomeness from start to finish. It does a much better job of accomplishing what it set out to do than most other comic book flicks that people love to geek-splooge over.
  3. I generally enjoyed the Spider-Man reboot, but it was way too flawed for me to really fall in love with.

    I love both The Dark Knight Rises and The Avengers, but they each worked for entirely different reasons. I can't say as that I liked one more than the other, and I really don't see a point in choosing. Movies aren't a chili cook-off, so I don't see much use in declaring a winner. Honestly, I really don't understand everyone's on-going fascination with being so reductive in regards to art. Lists and such always strike me as the crutch of those with nothing of real substance or value to say about the media they supposedly love.
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    sorry, The amazing spiderman, The dark knight rises, and The avengers.
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    out of curiosity what was your favorite of the three super hero movies?
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    Yeah, man. Wow, right?

    Lucille took no prisoners, right there. Like, that totally shocked the living shit out of me. That has to be the most brutal death of the entire series.

    Negan and his army kinda make The Governor and his town of misled followers seem like small fries in comparison. In other words, Mr Negan be the real Big Mac in TWD.

    Still, what a way to go, eh? I literally felt that first blow to the skull. Ouch.
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    Those are my exact thoughts to a tee. But since we both agree the Spider-Man 2's the best of them, would you go even further and say it's the best superhero movie of all time?
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    I noticed that you reviewed TASM. What's your opinion on the Raimi trilogy. Personally, I think Spider-Man 2's the best out of all four movies.
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    In real life, my friends tend to lean towards talking about those issues... so I always forget it's weird for others.
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    sorry about turning cbot into a religious discussion for a couple of pages... I was just pointing out that is a reason to get married... if you think you can't have sex before you get married... I didn't think it would compile like that lol.
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