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  1. I wish most of the console RPGs being made these days were more like this joint. I'd rather shell out $60 for something like this than for another Final Fantasy XIII, any day of the week.
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    Im really glad you gave it the time of day.. I seen how you said you loved Chrono Trigger and there was no way I was gonna let this one slip by you haha.. Its got the multiple endings and all that other good stuff in there.. I really enjoyed my time with Radiant Historia and I felt like it was my duty to recommend it to people that could truly appreciate the game..
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    Believe me, if you ever give Radiant Historia the time of day, you will be thanking me.. Its the closest thing to a Chrono Trigger sequel that you can get (even more than Chrono Cross).. I was just reading an editorial on Game Informer about the dying RPG genre.. They said the consensus was that with the big big budgets these days its gonna be hard for RPGs to thrive but the editorial's debate was that it was alive and kicking stronger than ever through the handhelds.. The game they singled out for coming to get that SNES style RPG fix was Radiant Historia.. I really hope you do get the time to try it, because I would love to hear your early review on the game..
  4. Battle: Los Angeles leaves no macho, patriotic cliché unturned. The whole thing plays like a Marine recruitment video aimed at people who like playing Halo and eating fistfuls of their own excrement.
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    Whenever you get some hands on time with Radiant Historia, please let me know if you feel that familiarity to Chrono Trigger when playing the game..
  6. Apparently, somebody has taken it upon themselves to create an Iron Ape Facebook account to start making posts in the comment section of the main newsboard. While I guess I should be somewhat flattered, I just wanted to take a moment to express my utter disappointment in the quality of the job that they're doing. As far as impersonations go, it's fairly weak stuff. While I can appreciate the concept, I can't help but feel that execution is being horribly mishandled.

    You seriously need to go back to the drawing board, dude, and make some adjustments.
  7. Sometimes I wonder, though, if it's all for naught. I honestly don't have much faith in anything ever permeating the truly ignorant, so my little crusades might just be exercises in futility.

    *shrugs shoulders*
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    Well I can't wait, because I know you will put him back in his place man.

    Seriously though, I know you are one to stand their ground, but I really admire those who have the gutso to take down someone who is ignorant.

    To that, I salute you.
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    Ape, I just read the thread where you utterly destory the idiots that were the PERFECT couple.

    I salute you man, you are a legend.
  10. Yeah, I shouldn't have to silence myself, but it's kind of discouraging when I get unfairly maligned as unpatriotic and a disgrace as an American for holding the belief that violence just begets more violence.

    It breaks my heart that people like your brother have to be put in the position that they're in. Best of luck to him and your family, and I mean that sincerely.
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